What happens between TMP and WOK?

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    Every other month? That's commitment. To be fair I rank it very close to my favourite Trek movie, it's either this or TWOK. Both brilliant and flawed movies for totally different reasons. I love watching them back to back.
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    Yorkshire, huh? Both my grandparents were born in Leeds (although I haven't been there since 1986).

    It would never occur to me to watch TMP and TWoK back-to-back, which is perhaps no surprise given the opinions I've aired here. For me that would be like listening to "Jean" (the theme from The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie starring Maggie Smith) followed by the Sex Pistols' "God Save the Queen."
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    Very interesting take on things. I've always wondered what happened. I would like that there was a second five-year mission, though I didn't know how justified it would be to have an admiral out on a starship when they're supposed to be administrators, at least as far as I know. Then again, Kirk's never been an administrator-type
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    Strictly in response to the thread title.

    Iranian hostage crisis
    Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
    Ronald Reag.an elected president
    Redskins won their first SuperBowl
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    Short answer to the OP: nothing that would worth a new movie :nyah:
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    I always felt that a great way to revisit the TOS cast without it being too dated would be an animated series a la Clone Wars set in the post- TMP period. Too bad we are losing the original casts voice talent now. (Had this idea years ago when they were all still around)
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    And they left precious little to the imagination! :eek:

    It was 1979, land of bland beige and pale puke blue were the norm... and TMP's admittedly were preferable to these:


    (really, the dude on the left has his necktie being about six inches too short... hmm...)

    This too, which was from 1979 despite being associated with the 1980s for shoulder pads but it's easy to see how this one had a possible influence for TWOK's uniforms :D :
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    It's not too short. It's tucked into his shirt.
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    I would have loved this if it was full of two or more part stories with some political intrigue thrown in and featuring some guest crew, including the TMP aliens.
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    Since when was puke ever blue, unless you barfed up your Boo Berry Cereal? Use the appropriate adjectives, please. :D
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    I love this idea. Keep the same design aesthetics and really highlight that unique TMP world with bad uniforms, the talking ships computer, Acturians and Zaranites as aliens, awesome warp effect, etc. Have Christopher L. Bennett as an Executive Producer / head writer.

    Sign me up for that!
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    Now I want Boo Berry cereal.
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    I once had a teacher who would describe nasty looking shades of brown and green as "duck poop [color]."

    One day he extended this to "duck poop blue" for a color similar to the picture above.

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    Back to the topic, the book The Autobiography of James T Kirk gives the following explanation of what happened between TMP & TWOK:

    Christopher Pike is promoted to Fleet Captain - a rank he considers to be given to officers that Starfleet want to promote out of the way of any real decision making.
    Kirk takes command of the Enterprise
    5 Year Mission commences
    Enterprise is recalled to Earth prior to the end of the 5YM, Kirk is offered promotion and a job on Nogura's staff
    Spock requests a leave of absence to pursue Kholinar
    Kirk offers XO to Decker with a view to taking over captaincy
    Enterprise returns home after the 5YM
    Enterprise is refit, Kirk is very involved, including crew selection
    Kirk also notices some irregular and illegal build up of munitions against the treaty with the Klingons, and traces this back to Nogura
    V'ger rocks up
    Kirk asks for command of the newly refitted Enterprise
    Nogura says No
    Kirk mentions the munitions
    Nogura gives him the Enterprise
    Kirk sorts out V'ger
    Kirk takes the Enterprise on a second 5YM
    Nogura carefully removes any evidence left by his wrongdoing during Kirk's absence
    Checkov transfers to the Reliant as XO due to lack of the availability to advance under Kirk (All command crew in place an not going anywhere anytime soon)
    Enterprise returns home after its second 5YM
    Nogura promotes Kirk to Fleet Captain, promotes Spock to captain, and insists that any officer who served under Kirk can only leave the ship by resigning from Starfleet. This is Nogura's revenge for Kirks blackmail 5 years earlier - Kirk immediately resigns from Starfleet
    Spock takes the Enterprise on a 3rd 5YM
    Kirk meets and shacks up with Antonia
    Nogura is drummed out of Starfleet. Adm.Morrow is promoted to CinC
    Morrow asks Kirk to come back to Starfleet as an Adm.
    Kirk assigned to the academy

    What do you think? I quite liked how Kirks gung ho actions to get the Enterprise back had serious long term consequences
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    Sorry, to be a party pooper but I'm going with a later dating of TMP and saying that not much happened between them. Though the Star Trek II series did happen between Star Trek and TMP.
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    Oh jeeze, Nogura is a crook too? Hasn't that well dried up yet?
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    TMP could well take place as late as 2277 (allowing plenty of time for a brief refit, a 3-4 year mission under Capt Decker and the mega-refit itself), just at the tail end of the "pyjamas" uniform period. We know that the "monster maroons" were in place by 2278 thanks to the USS Bozeman from Cause And Effect.
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    No. EVERY admiral must be a crook.

    No exceptions.
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    I think it stinks.
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    TMP happens in early 2273. The five-year mission seen in TOS is canonically established as having ended in 2270 ("Q2(VOY)") and Kirk hasn't logged a single star hour aboard a vessel in two and a half years as the first movie opens.

    A second five-year mission for the Enterprise under Kirk would likely happen right after the successful resolution of the V'Ger crisis and Spock's decision to remain aboard the ship. That would put Kirk and his crew out in deep space on another extended mission of exploration until 2278, which just happens to be when Starfleet is already using the red maroon wraparounds and even some touchscreen interfaces on starship bridges as seen aboard the Bozeman. My theory is that Starfleet begins phasing out the TMP-era uniforms during 2277 and the following year sees the formal introduction of the red maroon wraparounds which will remain the primary Starfleet service uniform design for the next 71 years.
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