What does everyone know about Spock Prime? [probably spoilers]

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    I'm fine with the cameo and here's why:

    1. Calling Spock prime is research. At this point in the film, Spock is interested in Khan's character. Is he a decent but misguided person, or an untrustworthy SOB?!? Spock prime personally knows Khan so he would be considered a primary source. He probably knows more about the person of Khan than a secondary-source such as the Encyclopedia of Starfleet.

    2. It's more fun watching a conversation with Nimoy than having someone stare at the ship's database.

    3. (SPOILER) It serves a very distinct purpose of tying this film to Wrath of Khan. Everything that happens between this point and the point where Khan flies his ship into San Francisco parallels WoK with Kirk and Spock doing "what you would have done for me."

    The above said, I'd hope (and imagine) that Spock prime will not become a crutch for the Enterprise crew in future films.
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    ^No reason he should, he's now made it clear he won't divulge future events.

    He is essentially speaking for TPTB saying; we are going to continue mining the original canon for whatever we want so don't go expecting complete originality anytime soon.

    Okay, fine. It is theirs to do with as they please. So long as it remains fun I am on-board.
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    No, but it erased memory of canon from the writers.
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    I don't know - as I said, I think Spock Prime will have a bigger part in the next film - showing his work on New Vulcan and completing his character arc. If so, this was a simple 'Hey, I'm still around' for the character - it established that he was still on New Vulcan and is just a stepping stone to the next film.
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    teacake just invented Spock/Spock/Uhura slash fiction. OR would they have to fight each other to the death first? Either way, it's very creative.

    ONESPOCK "It's only logical for all of us to have a freaky-deekie threesome."
    TWOSPOCK "I am forced to concur. Uhura, do you also concur?"

    Bonus: Which SpockVoice do you hear for the above exchange?

    Interesting topic, BTW. I guess JJSpock would have mentioned PrimeSpock in the report to Starfleet after Trek09. Then Starfleet would have decided whether or not to distribute it to the news services. Probably not.

    Ultimately (and perhaps this is a separate issue) why should PrimeSpock care about contaminating the timeline as he claims to want to avoid? Why isn't he more focused on correcting the timeline? Instead he is the founder of the New Vulcan colony, is he not?

    So what's PrimeSpock's ultimate angle, protecting the Prime timeline or allowing the current timeline to unfold as is?

    The truth is this: From what I could gather from Into Darkness, PrimeSpock is as interested to what happens in this timeline as the rest of us, the audience. PrimeSpock is the audience. He just sits back and watches. It seems implied to me that PrimeSpock dishes all the goods on Khan and co. as the scene changes mid conversation.
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    At a rate of 4 years per movie, I'm not sure Nimoy will be alive when the next Trek comes out. He's getting up to to the Christopher Lee "You better haul out the greenscreen and film me while I'm still around, guys" bracket.
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    Let's hope that's not the case. 82 might be pretty old but there are many Hollywood actors and other celebs who've lived noticeably longer and with worse personal lifestyles and habits. That said: take no chances. The second you have the script for the next film ready, get Nimoy in a studio or in front of a greenscreen and get as many shots as you can (if he's in sufficient physical health to make the trip and endure the filming).
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    We need a whole new thread just on these calls!
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    Nimoy WAS a pretty heavy smoker in his day. I always pick him when Howie Carr does Celebrity Death Pool (no offense, Leonard)