What do Star Trek fans think of Stargate?

Discussion in 'Stargate' started by Civ001, Jul 19, 2011.

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    Re: Star Trek vs Stargate

    Actually, good point. While the Taur'i didn't invent their space flight tech, it's still far more advanced than Starfleet's. In the end, it doesn't matter how the Taur'i got the tech, just the fact that they're in possession of it.

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    Stargate would win.... the Replicators would eat everyone, Borg included.
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    Megas would win.

    Doesn't matter if it wasn't included.

    Megas > everything.
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    I would have to say stargate. I am not sure how starfleeet's starships shields would be against drones. I would live to put those drones against a Borg cube.
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    Borg Vs. the Replicators ...

    There's a fight I pay good money to see.
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    May 25, 2007
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    loved SG-1 and Atlantis, Universe had it's moments but lacked direction imho
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    Beyond the fact that this has turned from a do you watch thread to a versus thread, I would rather get back to the topic.

    I have watched all the episodes of SG1, SGA and SGU. I liked all of SG1 and I liked the movies too. I don't mind the way SGA ended the way it did. Sure I wouldn't have minded if the show had gone on for 50 more seasons, but hey, some shows only get 5. I am not a super fan of SGU, but I would have liked if TPTB would have told the writers that they were canceling before hand so the writers could tie up loose strings.
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    I registered because I wanted to share my opinion on this subject. First and foremost I want to state that Stargate is better than 99 percent of anything on television. However, Star Trek in any incarnation is still superior to Stargate IMHO.

    Stargate seriously lacks the romanticism exploration that Star Trek encompasses. Stargate has too many militaristic elements and I am not too fond of the setting being in the current present in time on Earth. It is just not escapist enough in a sense.

    I agree with others that every planet SG-1 seems to visit looks like Canada and I agree that it sort of detracts from the element of exploration. Trek a least offers a cornucopia of planetary settings. Trek is the ultimate in science fiction because it is the perfect mixture of science, space battles and drama, exploration and an escapism setting. Even Star Wars is better than Stargate because Star Wars offers a sense of escapism.

    With everything stated Stargate is superb and I have watched every episode of every season of every series except the last year of SGU. Stargate has some gem episodes but I think that on average as others have stated that it seems to have a large proportion of bad episodes when compared to Trek.
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    I'm not sure I would agree that escapism is so fundamental to good sci-fi. In fact I'd go so far as to say that it's more of an unavoidable, necessary evil at times.
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    When I watched Stargate sporadically and week to week from about S8 on, I thought there were very poor episodes and very few awesome episodes, that it was a Series you could usually count on get a reasonably good episode most weeks.

    I did a marathon all the way through of SG1 and Atlantis a few months back and I found my opinion of few poor episodes hadn't changed, but, there were more awesome episodes than I remembered, and I really enjoyed the overall arcs of the Series, and I am definitely interested in taking that trip again some time in the future
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    Oct 4, 2003
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    Jan 7, 2013
    I'm watching Stargate SG1 for the second time, together with my wife. I think it's a great show.
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    It's fun but not thoughtful; prosaic and unimaginative. SG-1 is better than the movie in some respects. The characters in SG-1 are terribly entertaining.
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    i enjoy it very much,because in my opinion i think its one the few sci fi shows that can mix individual episodes and arcs with great sucess
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    I've liked a few SG-1 episodes. There are some things about the show that I don't care for, such as O'Neill's attitude, but I can overlook that.
  17. Blamo

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    Jun 4, 2005
    It's an enjoyable franchise for the most part, I've got the first two shows on DVD.

    It's not a great show though and just about reaches okay status.

    Strangely I give this show more leeway then Voyager, which in my opinion is of the same low writing quality. Certainly when watching both they feel a part of a tired franchise that needs a rest. Difference being the Stargate franchise felt like that from the outset.

    The main cast was nearly always bland and uninteresting. The only character I grew attached to was Rodney McKay, which is strange since I normally can't stand his type of character.
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    I wasn't a fan of the movie, but I love the series. I'd say its #4 or 5 in my favorite Sci fi series list (it used to be #3, then Firefly beat it and it looks like B5 will either tie with it or beat it) but I really enjoy it. It had great stories with bad guys that were usually big threats. It also had amazing characters. O'Neil, Jackson, Carter, Teal'c, Mitchell and Vaala are all great characters, as were the actors who played them. Anderson/Shanks were much better than the movie versions of their characters, and Bowder and black were much better in this than in Farscape (and they played two of the characters in farscape that I liked). I'd say Jackson and Vaala are my favorite characters, but the whole main cast was great. I wasn't a huge fan of the guy who replaced Jackson for a little while, but he wasn't bad. I could put in Stargate SG-1 any time and still enjoy it a lot. I haven't seen much of Atlantis, but I mean to, eventually. I don't like Universe. What I've seen wasn't horrible, but it didn't feel like a Stargate show and the characters just annoyed me.
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    I liked the idea that it was set in seemingly modern times. I'm sure the budge affected how they could play it out, but I was entertained by it. I loved Teal'c, and I loved O'Neill being an ass all the time.
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    Haven't read the entire thread, but here's my opinion:

    I thought SG-1 was OK. I appreciated it for being set "now", and trying to deal with how we would interact with incredibly advanced technology. But, if it wanted to be realistic, then it needed to be realistic. Humans kidnapped as slave labor thousands of years ago - OK. Those same humans speaking modern English, not OK. Speaking something akin to their original language? - OK. Speaking the language of their masters - that'd be the ticket.

    There were no "universal translators" to get around the language barrier in SG-1, so they added a character to deal with it, but then dropped that convention anyway. I disliked it for that reason alone. I won't mention the other problems I had with the show, since I'm not into bashing it. It was enjoyable, but I had hoped it would be a little more on the hard sci-fi side. Perhaps that was a bit unrealistic of me, but I did find it disappointing in that regard. Oh well.