Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

How excited are you that I'm here?

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  • I'm ok with it, I'll live.

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  • Meh.

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LOL. The series.

I'm happy for its success because Star Trek's success means that i will get more Star Trek, but that series is the first show in the franchise that I actively hate.
I would be curious to learn the whys behind it, though I think it might have to go in the "Controversial Opinion Thread." :techman:
Hi all, my name is Tupperfan, I'm a "refugee" from another board that is about to shut down. It's my second such move as I was a regular on Trekweb back in the late nineties/naughties.

I've been posting less and less these last few years. Aside from life being a bit in the way, my interest in Trek has been fading, but the fire remains. Despite all this, I do lurk daily.

I'm a Niner first, my first memories of Trek were the 80s movies dubbed in French, especially TVH, which played quite frequently on TV in Quebec.

Regarding modern Trek, I've watched the first three seasons of Discovery but didn't finish the fourth. I do not hate it, I just find it extremely boring. I really enjoyed SNW but ST: Picard has been very disappointing. I'll still give Season 3 a try. Not into the animated shows: I tried the first season of Lower Decks and it's not for me. I remain curious about Prodigy, which I might watch.

Looking forward to read more on Trek from all of you in the future.
Hello everyone! I'm 'Sehlat Vie' (get it? C'set la vie? :lol:).
Former moderator at Trekcore's Omega Sector BBS. Looking for a new place to talk Trek and sci-fi. I also have my own sci-fi themed blog you may or may not have seen, called "Musings of a Middle-Aged Geek" at Wordpress (https://musingsofamiddleagedgeek.blog/).

I was on Omega Sector for a good decade or so, and I'm saddened by its imminent passing, so I just want a pleasant place to chat Trek with like-minded folks.
Greetings. I'm also a refugee from 'The Omega Sector.' I am, however, a total nobody and was never a moderator over there. I have no jokes, no blog, no website, indeed, no corporeal body as such. I'm just a voice, an entity blown in from the darkness, grappling with the idea that I now must reside here, a conceptual being brought to life only as opinions and a rusty set of ideas candidly expressed with humor and (occasionally) hope.

You'll get used to me. Or not.

PS I really, really love Star Trek. That seems self-evident and inevitable, but it occurred to me that it might be worth stating.
Welcome all Omega Sector refugees.

I hope you have a positive experience here.

Don't piss me off.