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    Nov 5, 2009
    true, voyager is the culmination, and completion of star trek. four franchises about exploration, one about politics and war that felt a lot like stargate. three of the exploration storylines with the always same aliens and adversaries, klingons, romulans, etc, and about the expansion of the federation. voyagers story arch was the most ambitious, the aliens truly alien, and it's crew the best. after the completion, the prequel just couldn't work, so they had a go with a star trek parody, star trek 11.
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    Agreed! This is why Janeway was such a great captain. She could kick ass but the writers still allowed her to be and act like a woman. :bolian:

    - Klingons were cooler in Voy than in the other series.

    - Seven of Nine

    - Engineering
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    Well, you don't need a mind-meld to guess I'll go down on record saying the series was a worthy successor whch carried the ideals of exploration as seen in TOS-and, as stated previous here, in a whole new arena, fresh to examine, the Delta Quadrant. Some have labelled it 'Trek light' or somesuch, but I disagree. And Kate ROCKED ,to use a younger folk's vernacular, as Kathryn Janeway, my second fave female ST character in all of Trek. She carried the show, as her alterego did...I can think of no better actress to play her. They also did so well in displaying the Family they soon became-and endearing them to me from the getgo....
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    Like every other Trek show there were some well-written stories along with some not so well-written ones. You're also forgetting Voyager was followed by Enterprise.

    Reboots are a fashion in Hollywood now thanks in part to the success of nuBSG. The idea that Voyager contributed one way or another to a Trek reboot just doesn't hold water, imo.
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    Go ahead, caller. I'm listening...
    No, I'm not. The first three seasons of Enterprise may as well have just been a continuation of the shoddy writing of Voyager - and by the time Coto started turning the show around, into something a Trek fan could really enjoy and be proud of, it was too late.

    Reboots are a trend, you're right - but generally only when the source material can't be worked with anymore. Hollywood loves sequels, too. But the TOS crew that is still alive is too old, the TNG crew is done (in more than one way), it would be hard to make a movie - with all of the stars - pick up from the way DS9 ended, and Enterprise ended with its stupid "valentine to the fans". So that would leave Voyager to make movies from, and I just can't see that happening. Can you? I don't mean, "can you imagine a plot?" I mean, can you see people going to see it?
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    It's just too bad he shares a name with a far more badass British time-traveler...

    Kang, Kor, Koloth, and General Martok are not amused. :klingon:
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    That right there is the reason for the TOS reboot. The writing on Voyager, shoddy or otherwise doesn't enter into it.

    As for comparing Voyager's writing with Enterprise I can't really say. Once I realized Porthos was my favorite character a few episodes in I gave up on it. As for Voyager, again like any other Trek incarnation some of it was bad but most of it was good.

    As long as the title contains "Star Trek" someone is going to see it. Add to that the number of Voyager fans and you could do worse. However, I can't see a movie since the story of returning home is basically done. I can see Voyager characters popping up in future movies though.
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    Nov 17, 2005
    stationed at NCIS post Voyager.
    Let's see..positive contributions to Voyager:

    1) Casting a female to play the lead role of Janeway..RIGHT ON!
    2) And exciting cast-that's what made the show what it was!!!
    3) A starship that can actually land with landing struts! Who'd thunk it?!
    4) The Vadwar..loved that race!
    5) the Kazon-although they only stayed for about three seasons of the show..they were still very entertaining to watch! Good Trek villians-wished they had been kept longer!
    6) The Vidiians
    Things I could have done without:
    1) Leola Root-good lord talk about major yuck fest!
    2) The Borg-I know I know..the fans will slap me here..but didn't particularly care for their assimilation techiniques, thank you very much!
    3) Fairhaven=good lord pass me a bucket!
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    Casting Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway, and Roxann Dawson as B'Elanna Torres, Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, and Susanna Thompson as the BORG Queen. Oh, and finding a race which scares the you know what out of the BORG!;)
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    An interesting question! I'm going to assume that you mean positive contributions, as Voyager's negative contributions would be a list a mile long.

    1. Departing from the Saucer/Nacelle Enterprise style while remaining distictively starfleet.

    2. Technical improvements in special effects and on screen displays, notably in astrometrics.

    3. Starship planetary landing

    4. the Midas Array

    5. Further reinforcing the awesome "all good things" future uniform. (too bad Star Trek Online ignored it)