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    Updated, condensed, consolidated. (Also shorter and all in one post.)

    1. What goes in this forum

    This forum is intended as a place for discussion of the J.J. Abrams/Bad Robot/Alternate-reality Star Trek movies (currently consisting of Star Trek (2009) and the as yet-untitled 2013 follow-up.) That's not to say you can't refer to any of the other movies or any episodes from the various series, if those should be relevant to the topic at hand, but the focus should be on these movies, generally. If you want to talk more about the movies from TMP to Nemesis, then Star Trek Movies I-X is the place for that; if you want to talk about hypothetical future Trek TV shows or about potential storylines which fall outside the scope of the Abrams/Alt-verse, then Future of Trek is where you'll want to be. For topics covering all movies and all series, General Trek Discussion is the place for you.

    2. Spoilers

    It's still early in the production timeline for the next movie, so spoilers haven't really been an issue thus far. That'll be changing, though, the farther we go along, and it's important that we be respectful of those wishing to remain spoiler-free by not casually giving away any details. One of the best ways to stay unspoiled, of course, would be to start avoiding this forum, but not everyone is going to want to take so drastic a step, or at least not right away.

    As a general rule, if you post a thread which contains a spoiler—or which might later contain spoilers—be sure to indicate it clearly in the thread title, like so:
    Title of thread about latest movie development [SPOILERS]
    You can also make use of Spoiler tags to mask spoilers contained within a single post, and there are two ways to do this:
    • In the "Reply to Thread" screen, just click the Spoiler button, and you'll be prompted when to input the description and spoiler details.
    • Type the tags manually, using this format:
      [SPOILER="Neutral description of spoiler here"]This is where you put the actual spoiler info which will be masked[/SPOILER] 

    Additionally, you'll want to be sure—outside this forum—that you don't casually let slip plot details, post images depicting plot details or wear avatars which depict plot details. All of this really amounts to nothing more than having a little common courtesy for your fellow posters; if they want to watch the movie knowing nothing in advance, then they ought to be allowed to do that.

    3. Joke/parody threads

    While we expect that the majority of threads in the forum are going to be aimed at serious discussion, we're not averse to having a little fun while we talk about Star Trek; we're not monsters, after all (well, PKTrekGirl isn't - we're not so sure about that M'Sharak character.) There have, however, been a few occasions in the past where joke, parody or other humor threads threatened to get out of hand, so we found it necessary to lay down some ground rules about that. If you're going to do a funny thread:
    • First and foremost: put some thought into it. Threads which show some creativity and imagination stand a far better chance of staying open than those which don't.
    • Don't just imitate what's already being done in other threads. If we see too many riffs on the same idea, they'll probably all be closed.
    • Don't make a lame one-joke thread. If it's all over and done in the first post, it will be closed.
    Just use some discretion, is all we're saying.

    4. Conduct

    Yes, people do have opinions about stuff, but just because we don't all think exactly alike doesn't mean we can't get along. At the bottom of it, we're all Star Trek fans, so be decent to each other.


    We'll see you out there. :)
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    Now that the movie is out, it's gonna be crazy in here. I have temporarily added mods to make sure things will stay civil. They include: Locutus of Bored, Count Zero, and Mutai Sho-Rin. They're functioning as full mods in there, so listen to 'em.

    Timby and I will also be moderating in here, and any other orange admins as see fit to do so.

    Poster can help by having fun, but not engaging in bad behaviors.

    -DON'T get personal. If you're angry at what you read, log off and go and cool down.

    -DON'T troll. If I suspect you're there to have "fun" and drive us (me!) crazy, I'll toss you quicker than normal.

    -Negative positions on the movie are allowed. Again, if you're angry about a thread/post, go find another thread or take a walk 'til you cool down. If you're posting "I hate this $*#@!," one way to avoid trouble is to back up your position and say what bothers you about x,y, or z.

    -Spoilers. DON'T spoil the new movie, especially in the title. Spoiler threads should be so marked and if by chance you're posting a spoiler in a thread that has been non-spoilerish thus far, make sure you use spoiler code.

    Enjoy the movie and have fun!

    [EDIT: 24 Nov. - This announcement merged with Updated Forum Guidelines thread. Until otherwise announced, moderators for the Trek XI+ forum will be M'Sharak, Locutus of Bored, and Mutai Sho-Rin. (Links to moderator profiles are found at the bottom of the Trek XI+ forum index.)]
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