Turnabout Intruder...then what?

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  1. Ricky Spanish

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    Jan 30, 2001
    You're right, it's a speculation. :techman:

    So here's my speculation: If it was highly rated, Nimoy would've campaigned to get back in. If it was low-rated, Paramount would've settled and tried to bring him back to jump-start the ratings.

    They would've promoted the Hell out of Spock returning either way. :lol:
  2. Maurice

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    Oct 17, 2005
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    Of course it would have been low rated. Paramount couldn't get enough stations signed on board to make it work as a serious competitor to the other networks.
  3. Warped9

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    I wonder. Maybe. As "Once Upon A Planet" played it there were a number of things that would have been a challenge for TOS to do. They couldn't have done a dragon. The talking/attacking playing cards couldn't have been done as seen, but maybe something else could have been worked out. They would have had to work around the hovering mechanical nursemaids as seen.