TOS TREK TRIBUTE ...with fellow fans!

Chris PikE

Red Shirt
A couple things...apologies for pulling the first version I posted a couple days ago, I wanted to include footage of John Whitt and Theresa Jensen in their incredible Original series Klingon uniforms as well as Glen Loughboro and David J Harvey. This was done for fun. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s meant to have a vintage feel. No CGI Ships. Practical models. A collaboration of Star Trek fans. Also, I edited this together on me time. Not on Model building time. Me time. Thanks to James Cawley who encouraged us to play Star Trek on his Beautiful Star Trek Original Series Set Tour. Thanks to Erich Linder and Glen Loughboro for their help on compositing. Thanks to John Whitt who directed us on how to “act”. Thanks to James Gaunt and Brown P Tommy who took turns taking videos and photos during our amazing visit. All the model / Miniature work is my own from my various scale build ups, filmed in front of a blue screen. Thanks and enjoy!

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