Tons of New Kelvin Info! (Including crew pics)

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    Did Tahir say so? I remember his comments to the effect that his character had a heroic part in an exciting sequence, but I don't remember any remarks about his nationality. I sometimes miss stuff, though.


    Here are the results of a quick search for "Faran Tahir" at!

    Edit again:

    There is one quoted passage in one of the early articles (second-oldest in the link above) which could be read as talking about a captain who's of Middle-Eastern descent, but most of the rest of what I see is him talking about how ethnicity isn't a factor in the part.
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    Unless he is a Pakistani man who simply comes from Cuba, after all Faran Tahirso was born in Los Angeles so why couldnt it be the same for Robau except he was born in Cuba.

    There we go problem solved
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    They are of course in the correct locations in the screencaps, by definition. But the three hatches supposedly hiding the pop-uppers on each side seem oddly placed in the rotatable model itself - too far back, much as in the artwork where the ship flies nose up against a red nebula background, with a planet to the left. Or then I'm seeing things for squinting too hard, as the rotatable model is so damn dark and not zoomable.

    And the "phasers" inset seems to identify both the six pop-ups and the two twin-ball banks as weapons of phaser type, but it sounds to me as if the writer is assuming a bit too much here...

    Rather than Memory Alpha, this reminds me of the good old Fact Files, which had little in the way of actual facts to work with, but had to provide a certain amount of text nevertheless. Does the ship "really" have "four fusion reactors"?

    Timo Saloniemi
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    ENT's jumpsuits were blue too, except for the division color stripes.
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    I guess he wasn't too sure of his part!:lol: Anyways, this won't affect my enjoyment of the movie, so who cares! Just as long as he's not wimp, I'm ok.

    EDIT: Just read your edit. Yeah, I guess that was early in production. Like you said, the ethnicity isn't a factor, but the fact that people from all over the world can come together and work towards a common goal.
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    Yes, but the division stripes for command were yellow. In this case, Robau's and Kirk's entire uniforms are blue.
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    Nov 28, 2008
    Oh noes!!!!11 The Kelvin crew isn't wearing Cage-era uniforms! Let teh Internets explode into flame now!!!!! Seriously, this looks great. Thanks for posting the pics. And if STXI succeeds, I'd love a series set on a ship in the Kelvin's timeframe. Looks like a beaut. -Dan
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    Wow! Thanks for the heads up, and the downloadable screen caps!


    I really get a Arex the Triexian vibe from the Alien. Not exactly the same but close.
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    To be sure, these uniforms would be from the 2230s, while "The Cage" was from the 2250s. Since when has Starfleet managed to cling on to a uniform style for two decades straight?

    I wonder... Is the shirt on Robau and Kirk dark blue, or perhaps some sort of green? And what (if anything) is Alnie here wearing?

    Timo Saloniemi
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    they clung on to the damn red jackets for over 80 years!
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    Jan 9, 2008
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    Dinner to bug.
    That is one fine-looking ALIEN!
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    He doesn't look like a guy with a chicken Nugget stuck on his forehead! :techman:
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    Then we should hire black, brown, or yellow actors to appear in "whiteface" for all of the English, German ,Irish, etc. characters that dominate film. Makeup can do wonders these days.

    Of course, being from Cuba doesn't prohibit one from having Pakistani heritage -- certainly there are Pakastani Americans. Why not Pakistani Cubans?

    One thing about the Kelvin makes the divergent time line thing muddled -- if Nero disrupts the timeline by attacking the Kelvin, resulting in a 23rd century that is no longer quite the same as the one we know, then the Kelvin design itself seems improper, looking and lit rather more like a TOS movie ship than anything from the original series. I do like that the Kelvin crew uniforms -- what can be seen of them -- adopt the mono color scheme of the shirts from the Pike era, though ribbed collars would have been a nice touch.
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    I am conflicted. I like it better then the new E, but not as much as MadMan's interpretation... Seems that the proportions are off a little. The flat hull works, but the nacelle is too close to the ship. The nacelle forward cap is a little odd, but I am okay with it.

    The engineering or shuttle bay hull (or what ever it's supposed to be) is also too close to the hull, and too thin. From the aft shot with the shuttles departing, it looks all shuttle bay...

    I am ashamed that I like the bridge window (that I assume closes). The phaser turrents are okay, though not my taste. No reason not to have them on a ship.

    All in all, to me, it fits in nicely as an older ship in the Star Trek universe. (Despite my dislike for single nacelle designs). I really do like it better then the new E. I think this ship fits in better with the original series Enterprise then the new movie.

    Just my 2 bucks.
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    Reading this, my first thought was: What about Captain Beverly Crusher from All Good Things (strictly speaking not from "our" timeline, but I was going to bring her up anyway ;))?

    Then I realized she actually didn't wear a blue uniform commanding the Pasteur. (Okay, now I'm digressing even further, but actually, why? It was a hospital ship, and she was still a doctor.)

    Exactly the way I feel about the Kelvin.
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    That is one cool ship! :)
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    Also, in the Starfleet of the 29th century (Voyager's "Relativity"), blue is the command division color.
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    Looks like the Kelvin is JJ's nod to more traditional trekship styles with the new E being the reboot follow-on he's replacing the original look with.

    Those shuttles look like the offspring of a TOS shuttlecraft and a TNG Type 6.
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    I don't know, having now seen the Kelvin in 3-D I don't much care for it. It looks kinda blah; That and upside down. Besides, isn't a Kelvin an alien that turns people into little white pentahexacubical thingies?