TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Discussion in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' started by Gold Grizzly, Oct 31, 2005.

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    A lot of people (including the original cast) had those feelings. I was just at the right age to welcome more Trek with open arms at the time. I was still a huge TOS fan, though.

    I will say, though, that my friend told his dad that I was a Star Trek and his dad said, "You mean The Next Generation, right?" quite accusingly, suggesting that no "cool" person would like TOS. Yes, according to much of the general public, TNG became "cool" to mention in the open. Just think about how many people touch their chest when they see a TOS delta patch.
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    Hello im JuvinileBard

    im excited to meet fellow TNG fans. I dont really have a whole lotta cool stories, but i gotta wesley crusher sweater..... and an undying love for the Soong type androids. I don't know what it is, but gosh...

    i honestly think Spiner is a awesome musician- if you haven't heard him sing it's amazing- and actor. Hes kinda inspired me to try and tame my singing voice- i play with instruments more than i use vocals so it's not pretty- and pop back into acting. I personally love his sense of humor and ide have to say that my own sense of humor kind of mimics Spiner's unintentionally.

    ill stop raving about Brent Spiner and Data for now.... I guess i'm just a newbie Trekky, my dad kinda roped me into Star Trek, but i've always been a big ol' nerd i guess (''^-^). At the time i'm posting this, I'm 17, and will be starting my senior year of high school in the fall. I'm in my school's Jazz band- playing Trumpet, Concert band- playing flute, and marching band- on trumpet as well. I aspire to play Harp and learn more about the stars.

    I find astrophysics hella interesting but i'm abysmal at math- like im going to be in a algebra 2 concepts class next semester im awful- welp..... ill stop rambling,,, but im new to the forum and want sum friends. :)
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    Hi. I just found this site, even though I've been on the internet since it Ye Olde Usenet Days. I'm old enough to have watched TOS when it was on, and then again in syndication. Then watched TNG and loved it, and Deep Space 9. Voyager is where they lost me, though, although I go and cherry-pick the Doctor episodes on Amazon Prime now.

    Of course, in addition to Star Trek, I'm an all-around science fiction fan, with special likings for Asimov's Foundation and Robots stories.
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    Hey guys/gals, just joined this week.

    I'm 33, but I've only recently been sucked into the ST universe. I've always been a sci-fi fan, but I only started watching ST after looking for stuff to watch on Netflix.

    My dad grew up a Trekker and was a fan of TOS during it's original run. He still has a bunch of these collector plates that he bought during TMP era (or some time around there), but I don't think they're worth much unfortunately.

    Anyway I love ALL of the series, including Enterprise. I especially love TNG and the Borg, so I was psyched to find that this user name was available. Look forward to posting here!
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    Welcome Mr. Borg. Note that once you begin, resistance is futile.
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    Handsomeyoungensign - loved the episode the names from like most trekkies. Was looking up "chain of command" as per my previous posts which is how I found this site. Looking forward to it!!
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    I've always considered TNG to be "my Trek", although I love almost all of the other series.
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    Hello all! I'm 45 and a huge fan of TNG from the very first episode.

    Notable TNG memory: in "Where Silence Has Lease", the conversation about death between Picard and "Data" was literally an eye-opener, and the first time I realized that there could be a concept of the afterlife that did not fit a conventional mold.

    "Have you ever tried Star Trek....on weeeeeed?"
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    The saucer sep scene hooked me :)
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    TNG is definitely "that Star Trek" for me. I am too young to have watched the original series and TNG was the first I saw and hence it has that special place for me. The original series feels slightly too "camp" for me, TNG has the best balance. Also the characters - Picard, Data, Q are my absolute favourites. It is rare to see such a high quality acting in sci-fi series. While some of the episodes are a bit silly, the best of the best are gorgeous.
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    Hi all. Newbie here. I'm an all-Trek fan but sounding off as TNG is near the top of my list. My absolute favorite has to be DS9. Usually I just watch one from each when I'm binging. Live long and prosper!