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    Oct 23, 2014
    Hi everyone!

    I caught onto TNG around 1988-89, it was my first introduction to the Star Trek world. It clicked with me immediately. I remember sitting in front of the TV on school nights just waiting for the opening scene. The episodes to this day still give you a moment to stop and think about your own moral struggles and choices. My favorite characters growing up were Picard and Worf, I still enjoy their roles but find myself leaning towards Riker at this point in my life.

    I look forward to talking with everyone!
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    Hello all. I'm fairly new to the site and forum. My love of all things sci-fi began on a deployment in 2007 when I came across the Firefly DVDs from a bootleg Iraqi vendor. Imagine my disappointment when I looked for season 3....

    but I digress. I never grew up on shows like Trek or anything, but I've always enjoyed science fiction. Last year I was sidelined from an injury and got into Stargate. I devoured that, followed by Farscape, Battlestar Galactica (reboot), and - finally - Star Trek. I watched everything in somewhat production order and recently began my adventures into the Lit-Verse (still on ENT lit).

    With TNG I really embraced the character-driven stories and the relationships between the crew. As a military guy I found myself gravitating toward the away-team driven missions and liked Riker's leadership style.

    It's gonna be a hot minute before I get to any TNG literature since I'm going through the LitVerse in a someone chronological order (NOTE: about to start some Christopher Pike TOS stories), but I look forward to the new adventures brought to life. It's all new to me so Here. We. Go.
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    I started watching TNG less than a year ago. I had seen one or two TOS episodes with my dad, and the concept fascinated me. However, I had always been told that star trek fans were outcasts from society (lol) and never gave it much thought. Then I started chatting to my parents about literature/television and TNG came up. This "Picard" chap fascinated me. So I gave it a try.
    The first episode I saw was "Pegasus", which will always be one of favourites. It really defines and shows so much that is trek for me. I haven't yet seen all of TNG, and I'm enjoying going through season one. Not all of it is up to scratch though . Unlike most young people, action bores me, since it's just colourful lights and a more or less predictable outcome. I love the philosophical concepts (remembering, of course that not all of it is necessarily correct), the fascinating alien behaviour; and that euphoric feel of watching the NCC-1701-D sail boldly past the stars.
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    Mar 10, 2017
    Hi there!
    I've already introduced myself in here, so I don't want to repeat myself, I'd rather add more information to it C:
    Lately I've been watching and re-watching all TNG series and enjoying every bit of it. Loving all the philosophic plots and, of course! Data's my favorite!
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    Nov 15, 2014
    Hello There. I am Kane and I started watching TNG sometime in the early 90s - I think 92 or 93. One of my two older sisters was keen to watch the show on TV. We were at the time easily impressed with the pilot episode - Encounter at Farpoint. My sister especially made a connection with both Troi and Tasha and their skirt uniform. There was some confusion later on about Riker's beard but we watched pretty much every episode we could over the course of three years or so.
    I am not certain what drew me to TNG in those days. I enjoyed the conflict, and resolution inherent in every episode. My favorite character has always been Captain Picard.
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    Apr 20, 2017
    In the sad land of Malloy :(
    I remember watching Encounter at Farpoint when it aired and being completely unimpressed. I think I watched a couple more episodes and gave up. However, I did return at some point and TNG has become my second favorite Trek show. Although, I've seen most of the episodes so many times I'm not sure I need to watch them again
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    Hi brother an I were children of the initial TOS reruns in the '70s...I am not joking when I say that even though he would never admit it, we bonded hardcore watching TOS. In fact, it became an ongoing family joke that my brother was exactly like Spock. However, being that my parents commandeered the television for most of my teen years so we both did not get to see much of TNG until it had started reruns...we saw some, but not all. It wasn't until the late 90's when my then bf/roommate/drummer and I had a daily routine of watching re-runs that I got super familiar....and for's Cappy Picard and Data and Worf...I actually found the Crushers to be rather annoying...when it would come up at Thanksgiving convo my brother used to eye roll at Picard...but oddly enough, as he gets to be mid 40's...he still makes me think of Spock....but, sometimes, when he talks about the cultures he's experienced traveling the world, he sounds a wee bit like Picard. And that makes me a proud sister. So, for me, the Trek experience is also about the people I have experienced it with. And I am a pretty lucky person.
  8. Geordi Picard

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    May 13, 2017
    Hello! Started watching TNG in elementary school and was a college grad when Nemesis was out. Absolutely my favorite TV series. Also a huge fan of DS9 and Voyager.
  9. CutieMcWhiskers

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    May 18, 2017

    I'm new here. Long-time TOS fan, was around in 1987 when TNG premiered and - back then - I wasn't much of a fan of "the beige hotel in space as commanded by Captain Picknose"... I remember the book covers handed out in school, somehow it was weird putting a cover with the photo of the 1701-D onto a history book...

    It took a while but I did grow to love TNG, even more than TOS for a number of episodes (more than 0 and far more than just "The Best of Both Worlds").

    The 1701-D ship design being my third favorite (1701-E and a tie of the 1701 from the first three motion pictures and the Defiant being, in that order, the best IMHO and it didn't stop me from buying the 1701-D's 36x24" blueprints set because the 1701D's overall look, saucer separation, along with all the exterior windows and other deft little features, are very cool. And after seeing the "D", it's almost hard to look at older designs, even if said older designs were groundbreaking, iconic, and ultimately timeless at the time they were created. The Jeffries original is magnificent, so anything that one-ups on the original is no small feat.)

    But those early days were rough at times, as for every episode with some ideas behind it they would rip off a TOS episode and ruin the TOS original in the process. "The Naked Now" was as atrocious as it was brainless, and yet "Home Soil" was pretty decent sci-fi as well as being solid Trek. And both came from the first season!

    My favorite Trek franchise is still DS9, though. DS9 shows a lot more to show the nitty gritty and deeper nuances that TNG, etc, can't begin to touch. Seasons 1-3 are usually good, but 4-6 set the bar far higher and, indeed, outdo every Trek before and even after. "In The Pale Moonlight" being the culmination and epitome of the richness that DS9 brings to the table but also requires knowing enough backstory to fully appreciate said richness.

    But TNG, as early as season 2, found its way. Eps like "The Outrageous Okona" became the exception and not the norm, having "Maury in Space" does not make for good sci-fi and they make for not-so-good Trek. "Time Squared", "Contagion", "Peak Performance", "Where Silence Has Lease", "The Emissary", "Q Who", "Elementary Dear Data", "The Schizoid Man", and - yes - "Unnatural Selection" are all decent or fantastic episodes in my book. Along with others, but those come to mind first. Season 2 is almost like DS9 in terms of being dark and menacing, though season 3 would refine and excel and take TNG along the rest of its run (though I also feel season 7 is an improvement rather than a letdown.)

    Dr Pulaski was desperately needed and the backlash of "McCoy ripoff" was undeserved, since Trek since then has a habit of making the doctor trope have McCoyisms at times. Whatever else went on behind the scenes, Dr Crusher just felt too bland as a character. Though "Attached" is one of the few episodes where she's used better.

    "Unnatural Selection" clearly is influenced by TOS' "The Deadly Years" and tries to improve on the formula. Maybe it helps to be a fan of Pulaski, but I could feel for her regarding the premature aging (and in a situation that is set up better than TOS' original comet radiation stuff, IMHO) far better than for Kirk, McCoy, et al. The transporter trick was a neat solution as well, which added to the tension because she pretty much never used the thing.

    Q is easily my favorite character. For such a villain, he's saved humanity plenty of times despite doing nothing to put them in danger (or obeying the Continuum with the judgment against humanity!). Forget "All Good Things" and his pointing out Picard's self-made whoopsie that would have temporally annihilated all of humanity. With no Borg introduction = no defense or hope prior to their big invasion since the Borg were hiding in the shadows as far back as season 1. Captain Janeway snides at Q for the introduction as if that started that all, but she wasn't there for the events of "Q Who?", so as refreshing as it was (it was!) for another command figure to now get to be eyewitness to such an entity, she still went by inference and without 100% of the facts - Picard may or may not have logged both Q's discussion to him, Guinan's, and Shelby and co's discussion about the previous Borg encounter. Much less her having enough time to find every detail. A very human thing :) but she still wrongly blamed him, believing he introduced them when "The Neutral Zone" described what would later be confirmed in TNG as Borg methodology, and "Dark Frontier" (or was it "The Raven") had as well. So Janeway, who I usually like as Captain, didn't have all the facts.

    Check that, maybe Data and LaForge are since I can relate the most to them. They're, in my humble opinion, one of the sci-fi genre's best double-acts.

    And Guinan. Her double-act with Data is also solid, and she added a lot more to the show. Pity she was unused later in TNG's run and utterly misused in "Generations".

    LOL, context is key :D
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