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Discussion in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' started by Gold Grizzly, Oct 31, 2005.

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    Hey I'm a huge fan of TNG, there's nothing like it! It was a Picard movie which got me into ST all together and made me start to collect the TNG series first of all. I agree with the guy (quite a few pages back lol) that Picard and Data are indeed very well written characters.

    Though my personal views but everything the uniform, ship, characters just can't be beaten!!! Also being a Brit makes it a bit more special for me lol :techman:.

    I've also got a TNG era sim, feel free to join the USS Clinton - don't worry I won't plug it too much in this spot.
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    In a world which very few others see
    TNG is definately the best, although I am leaning towards DS9. Like most fans, Picard and Data are my favourites. Oh and Deanna Troi.
    The only question is why, in such a state of the art starship, does O'Brien and Co have to crawl around in small corridors to fix things?
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    Jul 17, 2008
    In a world which very few others see
    3 of 11 "Finally, how can you talk about TNG with out talking about Picard, IMO the best role model in all of trek. The character represents the height of integrity and morality in my view, while at the same time, hes never perfect, and has made many mistakes in life"
    I totally agree, he is the most moral of captains. Which he struggles with sometimes making him human.
    I also adore Data and his expression of confusion most of the time! :)
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    Apr 28, 2005
    In the park

    My name is Jenee and I'm a TNG fan.
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    Dec 2, 2001
    Hi guys. I'm 25, currently finishing up the last semester of my Masters Degree, and I am a big ST and TNG fan (This sounds rather like an AA meeting, doesn't it?)

    I first saw TNG when I was 7 years old, and I've been an obsessive fan ever since. All through my teens, when others were listening to whatever was on the radio at the time (Oasis, Spice Girls, etc) I was hooked on all things Trek. I gobbled up books, episodes, and magazines on the subject like it was going out of style (which I suppose it was!).

    I love DS9 and TOS (and I find VOY entertaining, though it isnt my favourite). ENT was very weak in its first two seasons, IMO, but it improved a lot in its last two years. TNG was my first Trek, and for nostalgic reasons, it remains my favourite.

    My favoured season is probably 3. It contains such a strong collection of episodes (The Offspring, The Defector, Yesterday's Enterprise, Best of Both Worlds) with barely a stinker amongst the bunch.
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    Aug 9, 2008
    Hey, I'm Danielle. I grew up with TNG on account of my Godmother. It's my favourite series. :)
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    Jan 30, 2008
    Hey everyone. Please excuse my ridiculous handle, I really don't know what possessed me. I've actually been on Trek BBS for a while, but down the street at the DS9 forum.

    Like a lot of people here I've grown up on trek. I'm ashamed to say that as a child I actually preferred TOS (please don't hurt me) but I'm glad to say that changed quite some time ago.

    I live in Australia, and the impression I get is that Star Trek is significanlty less 'mainstream' here than in the states. I was initially shocked when I heard people talking about 8pm timeslots, because I struggled to stay awake until 12am every week (this was DS9 and Voyager). Why didn't I just set the timer and tape it? Because channel 9 would always screen the episodes either 15 minutes earlier or later than the scheduled time. Plus I couldn't wait a whole day to find out what happened...

    As for TNG, the first episode I ever saw was "Who Watches the Watchers." Good episode. For a long time I was limited to watching what my dad had taped during the years that I was too young to like it, but this was probably less than half of the whole series. I only saw the rest several years ago when we got everything on DVD.

    Despite the fact I prefer DS9 at the moment, Picard is definately my favourite captain and character. I also love the Data episodes, and Q and Barclay are legends.

    Favourite eps:
    Q Who
    The Ensigns of Command
    The Defector
    Deja Q
    Hollow Pursuits
    Data's Day
    Galaxy's Child
    The Next Phase
    Inner Light
    Chain of Command Pt1
    Ship in a Bottle
    The Chase
    Frame of Mind
    Rightful Heir
    The Pegasus
    Lower Decks
    Thine Own Self
    All Good Things

    Just SOME of my favourites LOL
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    Oct 2, 2005
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    Hello all,

    I'm a Star Trek fan in general.. that means I like every series. As my heart goes out for the most part to Deep Space Nine I like TNG also a lot.

    Before I was a fan I saw Star Trek on television so now and than. It wasn't always aired. Because I saw a episode so now and than I like TNG more than DS9, because I didn't understand it.

    In 2001 when I really became a Star Trek fan ( A lot of DS9 and Voyager on tv) Everynight I taped it on my VHS because I worked and when I came home I watched the two episodes (two VHS recorders came in handy). Well, I didn't take long for all star trek came on DVD and than I bought at first TNG. I watched every episode and came to the conclusion that I knew most of them. I've watched TNG all ready 2 or 3 times now completely and I'm busy with the 4th time. Yes it's not much, but hey I've watched DS9 all ready 10 times ;)

    I like Every character on TNG except the little crusher ;) but who does like him :P. The first two season you can see that TNG is just TOS in a new jacket, but later on the show TNG grow and became just great. The sixth season is really the best.
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    I'm a TNG fan, but more importantly, where the hell is Gold Grizzly?
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    Jul 2, 2008
    Hey there. I am a very new TNG fan! Just started watching the episodes in order a few months ago... I am already up to season four! I'd post more if I ever did anything in my spare time other than watch this great show :)
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    Feb 15, 2008
    I agree with you on that one.

    TNG has great depth. Picard is definitely one of the best actors, I think. Mr Data would probably get second place.
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    Though TNG stopped being my favorite TREK series spinoff when the Dominion arc on DS9 got underway back in the mid-90s, it is still a very beloved and cherished part of my childhood and adolescence. Been watching it since I was about thirteen in 1987 and have seen each episode umpteen thousand times apiece over the past twenty years. Grew up with it like my mom and dad did the original TREK.
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    Aug 7, 2007
    Hello to all. I've been visiting this forum for a while and thought this would be the perfect post to say hello.

    I consider myself to be very fortunate in that I got to view TNG on its first run at what I consider to be within the perfect age range [ 7-16]. I say this because this is such a impressionable age. I have a lot of good memories tied into the time when TNG first aired when I was 16.

    I'm 37 now, married and father of 3 boys, and feel kind of old with all of the other 20 year geners in this thread. I still remember when it was first announced that Star Trek would be returning. Some my friends who were TOS fans, said how there would be so many obsticles for the new series and how it would never live up to "Classic Trek", and here we are - all these years later still talking and remembering the TNG.
    IMHO,TNG had a chemistry among the cast that no other Trek series has had. [To any other fans of the other Trek shows please be aware that I'm not trying to anger anyone or say that TNG was definatively better than the rest. TNG was just my favorite. - Meer opinion]. I have to admit that the first couple of episodes of the first season were very shaky in that it seemed that TNG was trying to duplicate episodes of TOS. That being said, I think that the series quickly found its own and did so very well.

    Some of my most memorable episodes are for sentimental and theatical reasons are:

    Encounter at Far Point
    The Best of Both Worlds I and II
    The Measure of a Man
    The Inner Light
    All Good Things

    There are many more that I liked but I just can't think of all of them at this moment. I don't know if I'm alone in this, but I think that TNG has not dated that badly. When I watch reruns now, I don't sit and think to myself how old or outdated the sets are.
    .....Maybe its just because some of the stories are so well written that they distract me for the age of the sets.... I don't know...?

    Anyway, hello to all of you - my friends of the world of TNG.
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    Hello all,

    This is DJ Carlos from darn sarf in the UK.

    I loved TNG when I was a kid, but I have to admit I have neglected it for a long time....until now.

    I'm getting the wife interested, we've just watched all the Original series movies and now we're starting on TNG...we're only on Season 1 so far, watched "Datalore" last night.

    I'd truly forgotten how great this series is, and I know I've got a lot more fun to come (six more seasons! All the TNG movies! DS9! Voyager! Enterprise!)

    Just thought I'd say hello.
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    Hello everyone. I'm a 46 year old guy working in education in the UK.

    I've been posting in the 'doctorwhoforum' for a while and was delighted when someone there referred me here. TNG is my fave of all the shows. Don't ask me episode titles - I always forget. But I know the ones I like. One of the best was when the crew witnessed the 'development' of a new life, where the alien changed into a being of light on the bridge. (Transfigurations??) I tend to go more for the episodes with references like this. And yes, I will admit it here, I am one of those fans who get a bit emotional on occasion at some of the things depicted. TNG is a truly wonderful series.

    Looking forward to chatting here. The 'look' of the site is a little different to DWF so bare with me while I find my way around.
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    Sep 6, 2008
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    Hi everyone my name is Mike, I'm 28 and live in Liverpool in the UK. You may know it as the birthplace of the Beatles, the mecca of football (soccer) etc etc, but there's alot more to us than that!

    Anyway, I first got into Trek as a child when TNG aired for the first time on the BBC. I was taken in by the optimistic outlook on the future, and all the amazing technology etc. Through TNG I discovered TOS on reruns, and I became hooked on the two shows (and movies).

    As a teenager and young man I kind of lost touch with Trek for about eight years, only to "rediscover it" (I say "rediscover", but it had never really left me). I had been off work with a broken foot and was able to watch the entire series of DS9 in just a few weeks. I actually started to like this show a little more than TNG, as it was more gritty and "real", with some really thought-provoking ideas and interesting parrallels with the present.

    I have since watched VOY from season 4 onwards and, like ENT, I think it has its moments and a few good episodes, but nothing compared to TOS, TNG and DS9. Maybe they'd ran out of ideas by then, it also seemed as though they were straying from Genes vision slightly.

    It's interesting watching reruns, because as a child I liked special effects and battle scenes, my favourite episodes being the ones that had lots of these. Now I've matured a little, I'm able to appreciate the story and underlying morallity more, and my favourite episodes have shifted to the ones I liked least.

    To sum up, I suppose that what Trek has given me is a code for living my life; To explore the unknown (within and without), to appreciate and learn about new cultures and respect people for their differences.
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    Sep 8, 2008
    TOS and TNG fan here. I like how TNG developed engaging alien cultures, more than the TOS did. TOS did grace us with the Gorn though. :cool:
  18. Cali

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    probably in a theatre somewhere
    Welcome to all you new folk! I hope you stick around. :)

    Ghrakh - I've only seen a little TOS but I can see what you mean here. TOS also has that wonderful nostalgia feeling when you watching it back now.
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    Where did Sci-Fi move TNG now that its going through its premiere marathons of LOST?
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    Oct 2, 2008
    Hi, it's great to find this forum. I'm from the UK

    I watched Star Trek TNG on it's first run, and thought it was amazing. I watched it through until season 4, then life got in the way and I missed the rest...caught up again with Voyager and DS9, but then stopped watching. (I'll start a thread related to this later)

    In the last couple months I have had renewed interest in ST:TNG, and have been rewatching them, due to a severe lack of decent programming on TV. WOW! Watching them anew is absolutely thrilling, and the effects were pretty mindblowing considering the series started in '89.

    My favourite characters from the series are Picard and Data. Brent Spiner's and Patrick Stewart's acting skills are exceptional and the two in my opinion, create a very strong identity for the program.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi.