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Discussion in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' started by Gold Grizzly, Oct 31, 2005.

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    I think that Ohappydagger and I would have gotten along very well sixteen years ago. :D

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    I'm 27 years old. I adored TOS when I was little (it was on BBC2 when I was at primary school in the 1980's). When TNG first came out, I didn't want to watch it. I swore it would never be the same as Kirk. But sure enough I did start watching it and I got hooked. TNG remains my favourite show of all time.

    I live in London, I have a Philosophy degree, a post graduate LLB law degree and the LPC (legal practice course) which trains you to practice as a solcitor. BUT am still strugglnig to find a training post that you need to become a solicitor :mad:

    I'm more interested in individual character development in TNG than big exciting stories. My favourites are Picard, Dr Crusher (yes I wanted them to get together!) and I love episodes that explore their friendship.

    I also have a very big soft spot for Reginald Barclay. Because he reminds me of me. When I was a child and thru the teenage years, I was timid, shy and scared of people. I would prefer to hide away and bury my head in a book (holodeck not invented yet!) rather than be with people. I grew out of that but I still have a big tendency to annoy people and screw up. I also think he desreved more credit than he got and was judged too harshly by people. He never actually screwed up that badly but still got mistrusted all the time. Would like to see more discussion of him, but alot of people seem to dislike him and I guess he was only in 5 episodes much to my disappointment :(
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    Dwight Shultz showed up in -

    TNG 'Hollow Pursuits' (introductory episode)
    TNG 'The Nth Degree'
    TNG 'Realm of Fear'
    TNG 'Ship in a Bottle'
    TNG 'Genesis'

    Star Trek: First Contact

    VOY 'Projections'
    VOY 'Pathfinder'
    VOY 'Life Line'
    VOY 'Inside Man'
    VOY 'Author, Author'
    VOY 'Endgame'

    And he got name-dropped in TNG 'A Fistful of Datas'. :thumbsup:
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    I don't happen to post on this board at all frequently, yet here we are. :) I consider myself a Picard fan. I like the 24th century Renaissance Man aspect, on top of Stewart's performance. I find that I usually tend to post on minutia of the setting more than anything, because that's where my interests tend to lie--in cultures, species, and the like.

    TNG is probably the Trek series that I was most invested in, having come into my own as a Trek fan only a year or so before it premiered. I was exciting to see the expansion of the universe I was enjoying up to that point.

    I was open to the idea of series based around characters other than the original series', and perhaps more "utopian" in my outlook, which probably helped in the early stages of the show. At the time most of my friends who were also Trek fans were into the military hardware/protocol aspect, and TNG tended to disappoint there at first. For me though, I was immersing myself in the Diane Duane novels, and TNG jibed well with their style.

    That said, in retrospect it's occurred to me that I enjoyed TNG in spite of formula creep in the details (Does every planet have a Roman numeral? Why are so many of the aliens' names built on the "T---ians" model? Why do all the aliens fly around in the same three ships? ;) ) because I came to like the characters and characterization, and found myself sticking with them out of sheer familiarity.
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    Name: DragonLady
    Rank: Captain
    Serial Number: oh, the hell with it :lol:

    I grew up in Japan watching Star Trek (in the original Japanese :lol:) and loved it. I came to America at 14 and as I was about to graduate high school, TNG began. After a slow start in which I wondered whether a) they were going to remake all the original series shows or b) Wesley was going to save the ship every week, I grew to love it as well, perhaps just as much as the original now.

    While I enjoy Patrick Stewart's performances most of all, I like all of the characters. I liked the ensemble cast and all of them getting their place in the sun, even the lower deck officers.
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    Jan 4, 2004
    I hated TNG when I watched the first episode. I had been hearing that it was coming for a couple of years and didn't see how they could do as well as TOS.

    I couldn’t believe that first episode with the effeminate looking Captain. ARGH! And I had seen Frakes shortly before and did not like him one bit.

    I continued to watch hoping it would get better. And it did! It is actually my favorite series with the The Inner Light being my fav episode.

    I have watched the show so much in re-runs that I am burnt. I probably wont watch it again until I get the DVDs mainly because of the continuous cutting of the show. AGT has some great stuff cut out and I just can't watch it anymore.
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    Jul 12, 2004
    Hey everyone, I'm SmoothieX. I'm 25, male, and live in Vermont. I have a Master's degree in environmental engineering, and mainly work on public works and land development projects at a local firm.

    I was 7 when TNG came out, and watched from the beginning. My parents were big TOS fans, so I saw reruns of that, and TVH in the theater to prime me for TNG. TNG was on Saturday nights for most of the run where I lived, so it was a family viewing event most weeks.

    I liked S1, but at the time wish they killed off Troi instead of Yar. I liked episodes like Conspiracy and Aresenal of Freedom, that showed the new crew working together and becoming a team.

    S2 is definitely my least favorite. I thought Pulaski was a McCoy clone and much preferred Crusher. The episode quality suffered I feel from the writer's strike, but didn't realize that at the time.

    S3-S6 is very solid. BOBW is to this day my favorite Trek and favorite cliffhanger of any series. It was also my first run-in with a cliffhanger. I remember Riker ordering to fire like it was yesterday. My mom had to explain to me that to be continued meant next fall and not next week. And in those days, there was no internet to spoil everything.

    Also, The Inner Light gets me blubbering and choked up every time. It's the only episode that really hits me like that.

    I don't rip S7 as much as some. It was real hit or miss. You have solid episodes like The Pegasus and Parallels, but real stinkers like Sub Rosa.

    My favorite character was Riker. He was bold and confident as an officer, friendly, good with the ladies, etc.

    Picard is my favorite of any of the Captains. He could kick ass when needed, but could do at least as much damage dressing you down verbally.

    My favorite interpersonal relationship was Geordi/Data. A blind man teaching an android how to paint, that pretty much sums it up. I always root for the engineer for obvious reasons, and the way the show emphasized the human element of the equation through an emotionless being is wonderful.

    I don't think the show has lost much with age. Yes, the effects and such are dated, but that's just the way things go. Character and moral dilemma episodes are always relevant. And the social issues they tackled, for example that episode where warp drive damages space as an allegory for today's impact by transportation/fossil fuel on the environment is still valid.

    The other nice thing about catching on to the series so young is that I can appreciate it differently now as an adult as I did then. A 7 year old boy wants to see aliens and stuff blowing up, but now I can appreciate the subtler aspects much more.
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    As would I. Picard fits my ideals of a good leader and I could easily follow him. Which is odd, when I think about it, because I have a streak of problems with authority. But this streak never really pops up with good, fair leaders. Only with bad ones.

    Good thing I was only in ROTC for six months. ;)
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    Aug 10, 2005
    Hm... I'm MrsPicard, I'm 22 years old and I'm madly in love with Jean-Luc Picard (that's why I chose this nickname for every Star Trek message board I am a member of). He's my all-time-fave character, of course ;)

    I adore TNG, I think it's the best Star Trek series ever. I can't really get myself to like the other series (except for TOS, that is).

    I can't tell which TNG episodes are my favorites because there are too many (except for the ones in which a random female shows up and touches MY Jean-Luc, or the ones in which Beverly behaves even *more* annoying than usual ;) )

    I'm not exactly a shipper, but if I had to name a fave pairing, I'd say P/Q (that's why I decided to use this as my current avatar) or P/R.

    I also can't really tell which is my fave TNG season, I think all of them have great episodes, but I'd perhaps name season 2 as my favorite because of Dr. Pulaski. :thumbsup:

    Hmm... what else... oh, right, I'm somewhat obsessed with Mr. Stewart (look at my signature :angel: ), I'm a huge fan of his work (and a fan of the man himself, too, of course :angel: ).

    I guess that's all... :)
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    Jul 14, 2004
    Yeah Pulaski rocked. She got a bad rap because she wasn't as seemingly flawless like the rest and came off as crusty, perhaps even biased against Data.

    My name is Robert, and I'm a Pulaski fan.

    There, much better.
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    Mar 25, 2005
    Well, I'm 31 which still felt pretty young until I read this thread ;)

    I got into TNG once they've finished making it while researching a university project (about Cult TV). One of the first episodes I watched was "Attached" and I became a P/Cer that day and still am. I then went back to the start of the series and watched all the eps in the space of a few months and started going to conventions. Favourite character: Picard. As well as being sex on legs he's also the sort of person you aspire to be like. I certainly think getting into TNG made me a more tolerant person. Closely followed by Crusher. Whilst I have enjoyed all the Treks to some extent TNG for me has that chemistry and feeling of family which has yet to be replicated.

    I enjoyed the movies but don't consider them TNG in the same way as the series. For me AGT was the finale to Next Gen and about as good as you could wish for.

    Living in the UK I've had the opportunity to see Patrick Stewart on stage 5 times over the last few years and am looking forward to seeing him do Shakespeare next year - something I've wanted to see since I first got into TNG.
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    Jan 4, 2004
    When I became tech support manager for my old job, I realized one day that I was using Captain Picards command style. To this day it was run most efficently during my two years running it. My people would do anything I asked and in return they got respect and recognition.

    A few years after that I heard there is actually a book out about Picards command style. Never looked for it though.
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    Oct 8, 2005
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    I'm 18 years old, which means I was born about the time Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered on television. My mom is/was a big Star Trek fan, and watched it faithfully every night. I was aware of the series very early on-- I remember reading of Gene Rodenberry's passing in the newspaper to this day. Re-visiting the series on DVD was a great joy, and I loved almost every minute of it (Shades of Grey was pretty bad, IMHO).

    In real life I'm a cinema major just starting this year at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. I too like posting disturbing photos, but that one of Picard and Q makes anything I've got pale in comparison. :D
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    TNG was my real introduction to Trek. My father had introduced me to the original but I never seriously watched Trek until TNG. I was born in '76 so really, TNG is the first new Trek that appealed to me. It is still my absolute favorite. I've seen every hour of Trek ever produced but I've watched every episode of TNG AT LEAST 10 times each.
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    Back it up. What?
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    Oct 16, 2002
    Watched TNG first run. In my 30s. I'll always be a TNG fan. Great writing. Great characters. You felt like one of the crew and you felt the characters cared about each other. Many classic episodes. Quality stuff.
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    Mar 3, 2005
    I'm 24, currently two and a half quarters away from a BS in accounting, and grew up watching TNG vociferously. My Dad is a trekkie, and starting with The Big Goodbye he taped all the episodes (mostly first-run), so whenever I went to visit him all we'd do is watch hour after hour of Star Trek together. Or by myself until the wee hours of the night ;).

    My favorite characters during TNG's run were Tasha Yar and Ensign Ro, but about ten years ago I was looking back at my favorite episodes, and I realized that Riker has a strong presence in each and every episode I love, so I realized that Riker has been my subconcious favorite all along! I also had a little girl crush on Wesley, and then I got a little older and hated him, and now I'm 24 and have a little girl crush on him again, but I'm old enough now to not take it seriously. I loved Beverly's red hair, and was disappointed that it has gotten blonder and blonder but oh well, she still looks good! I never realized what an impression Picard left on me until watching post-TNG Star Trek. I enjoy a lot of DS9, VOY, ENT, and the movies but I really miss the efforts to solve problems without violence.

    I haven't gotten to watch much TNG in quite a while, the last time I visited my Dad and had enough time to watch his Star Trek tapes was in 1998, and I used that time to catch up on DS9 and Voyager. So I think the last time I saw a lot of the episodes was in 1996, but I feel like I know the episodes well, having seen them so much. I miss them, and I'm trying (and failing) to save up to get the DVDs and a DVD player. I have seasons 4 and 5, but I can't decide which season to get next because I love them all so much.
    No syndication available for me; I don't have cable, don't get reception, and only use it for tapes, dvds, and videogames.
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    Thanks for all of the responses guys! This is a quite a lot more than I was expecting as an initial response. :)
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    Holy crap that makes me feel old, and I'n only 25.

    The thing I notice reading this thread is that most of the people here are in the early to mid twenties and grew up on TNG. I wonder if we did a similar DS9 thread if everyone would be 5 years younger?

    The other thing I didn't mention in my thread was I liked how the shippiness was handled best in TNG. There was the R/T backstory, and P/C tension that mostly flew under the radar. The P/C and Worf/Troi stuff came along in S7, but mostly this element was understated. As opposed to the later series, where you had regulars pawing each other all over the place.
  20. Gold Grizzly

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    Apr 1, 2004
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    I agree with that, I like that the relationships can be either addressed or ignored, depending on the episode.

    I'm 27, by the way.