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    Oct 28, 2011
    In the days he wasn't content to simply lift music from whatever film he composed 12 months before. There are some similarities in his GLORY score, though both are excellent compositions and over years apart.
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    Nov 4, 2001
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    "Jesus Christ, they've done it."

    Yeah same, I remember seeing it about 5 years ago, and being depressed for days after thinking about it. Especially the last 10 minutes or so; Ruth goes through all that utter hell, and for what?

    Even the sound of the air raid siren still scars the shit out of me, even in something like The Time Machine 1960, just a horrible noise and what it means.

    When The Wind Blows is a nice mid 80s companion piece to it I always think. Well, not nice, but you know what I mean
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    Dec 27, 2002
    It was broadcast while I was living in Sheffield, which certainly added to its impact. And it was written by Barry Hines, one of our writers in residence while I was studying for my English degree at Sheffield. For me the iconic image (and I recall for a lot of people at the time) was the window of Woolies being shattered.
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    When that movie played on PBS I thought my 15 year-old mind would be up to it, but it was not. As the bombing became imminent, one of the text information screens said one of the top priority targets was the steel industry. There was a steel plant just a few miles from my home. After the city was directly hit, I couldn't watch any more. I forced myself to turn back a couple of times, but what was going on was too disturbing and I had to stop. I have thought of watching it again over the years but never have.
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    The scene that takes place in the hospital being the worst of them all. I can't even look or listen to it, it's so horrific.