Thoughts about Eli, Ginn, Rush, and Amanda Perry

Discussion in 'Stargate' started by TiberiusMaximus, Apr 25, 2011.

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    I've been thinking about what happened to Ginn and Amanda Perry and a lot of it just doesn't sit right with me.

    First of all, was Amanda 'suppressing' Ginn on purpose? Or was it just a side-effect of her using the super-realistic simulation, perhaps using up too much memory for Ginn's 'program' to run? If it's the former, it makes Perry seem very selfish and almost evil, in my opinion. If it's the latter, it makes her seem rather incompetent. What do you guys think?

    Second, am I the only one who find Eli's promise to 'find her a body' a little creepy? What are they going to do, find two women who just happen to be brain-dead?

    Also, since the girls appear to others via Destiny's manipulation of their brainwaves, shouldn't Destiny be able to make them believe they can 'feel' them? When Ginn tried to touch Eli's face, her hand went right through him like she was a hologram, when according to what happened to TJ she's really more like an artificial hallucination. I suppose that when Rush turned off Young's dream test, he could have limited Destiny's ability to manipulate brainwaves in such a way as to imitate physical contact.
  2. AJ86

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    Nov 9, 2010
    I think she was suppressing Ginn on purpose until she solved the problem.

    Earth has the technology to both clone a body, or create a replicator version of one. Presumably he was talking about those options.

    I think the mental projections Destiny can manifest and the immersive virtual reality are two different things. The former can appear to someone while they're conscious, while the latter seems to require the subject to be unconscious. Young was asleep during the battle situation, TJ was unconscious from her bullet wound, and Rush was in the chair.
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    Well Perry was acting unknowingly when she was blocking gin. Gin only appeared becuase she created a problem that distracted Perry(shutdown of FTL drive).
    I want to know why Rush and Scott didn't switch back bodies? Someone had to of noticed.
    I think that Rush turned back on the thing that gave Young dreams, but since Perry and Gin were in control, the ship didn't take control.
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    I don't think it's creepy and I don't think they were thinking of anything specific as far as getting bodies are concerned. I figured that they were just keeping an open mind and hoping that a solution of some sort would pop up someday. They discover new things all the time through the stargate program. I'm sure they're confident that something will present itself.

    I had an idea after the episode... What if the virtual Ginn and Perry stepped through the gate, causing it to recognize them as real people, thereby reconstituting flesh and blood bodies on the other end? Why would the gate recognize them as real people? Maybe the Destiny's computer created virtual avatars complex enough to trick the gate. Just a thought.
  5. KJbushway

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    Sep 20, 2010
    ^ right now they are a data stream. The gate would transfer them as that. Its like a radio signal traveling through the gate.