News ThinkGeek Offers Spock Mego Figure Set At SDCC

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    A new news article has been published at TrekToday:

    Another Star Trek exclusive item to be offered at San Diego Comic Con has been announced. ThinkGeek will have the Mr. Spock...

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    Really good likeness of the real universe's Spock's facial alignment.

    Nice packaging layout.

    Good blue hues for the regular outfits but the WNMHGB gold is a tad bright, not the dull mustard look.

    Detachable heads are not a good omen for characters, unless one wants to do an axe murder diorama - at which point it's easier to pose and still have the option of more seamlessly reattaching it afterward.

    The delta's a bit too rounded, but if nothing else owners have the option of posing him in different clothes.

    And Mirror Spock's head looks like an amalgamation of Nimoy and Quinto, but it's the Mirror Universe version so that's okay. Rub off the goatee and I suspect the delta no longer becomes an issue as the Kelvin era delta was a bit more rounded, if memory serves...

    The mirror universe emblazon looks like a bottle of a popular carbonated fizzy drink complete with logo.

    TBH, I'd buy it. I did struggle to find any nitpicks and there's more to commend with its look and presentation, and flexibility to appease anyone's sartorial taste.