The unnecessary reboot/remake of the week thread

JAWS is the best shark attack film, probably forever. It wasn't the first any stretch. Still, having Hooper in it----and Quint---to some degree-------may make it the funniest as well, in a good, earned, way. I'm very leery about anybody taking over the role of Hooper now. Or Dreyfuss reprising Hooper..

They could always do a soft-reboot keeping some of the continuity. Shark attack happens, after local sheriff does some research, finds out about shark attacks that happened decades ago, and there's someone who might know more and it's Hooper who's long been retired and living on a different continent, but when contacted ends up getting them in contact with his grandson who's also gone into the same career path. This gives Dreyfuss a cameo opportunity while passing the torch down to an actor playing his relative.
I want a reunion My So Called Life movie or show. I want Angella and Brian to be married. Jason
Some things are done badly and need to be rebooted. Some are done wonderfully and never should be touched. Some stories are better when targeted to the current generation. That is why A Star Is Born has been done 4 times (they keep saying three, but they keep forgetting the original). If it was done well and can stand the test of time, don't reboot. Otherwise you need to bring something new to it.
That didn't help the last two.
I know but with the passage of time they will mostly start over with a new story. Plus like with the first one they can just make a good movie and not worry about doing a trilogy. Jason
The CW has picked up Jared Padalecki's Walker, Texas (British Columbia) Ranger.

Actually they didn't. It's being developed at CW, so they will make a pilot and see where it goes. But It doesn't have an official series order yet.
Clueless Reboot in the Works at CBS TV Studios

The hour-long project will center on Dionne Davenport, the best friend of Cher Horowitz who was played by Stacey Dash in the film. In this potential series — described as “Mean Girls meets Riverdale meets a Lizzo music video” — Cher has disappeared, and Dionne goes from lifelong right-hand woman to high school queen bee. But how does she deal with the pressures of being the most popular girl in school, while also solving the mystery of what happened to her friend?