The Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer is here!

Discussion in 'Star Trek Movies: Kelvin Universe' started by SalvorHardin, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Darth Vader was the Cylon leader. When he said "Make it so!" the TARDIS made a whooshy noise.
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    Cumberbatch is the offspring of alien abduction. Here's his mum to prove it:

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    Either Quark's, or a bar on St. Mark's Place
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    I tried to stay away from the teaser, but a friend sucked me in with one statement. "I am pretty sure that is what God sounds like." Then I could not stay away. :rommie:

    It seems a little generic. But, I was glad to see shots of the crew.

    She was pumped about the film, and she is not a Trek fan. She has watched some TNG, but that is all.
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    So Abrams has yet again succeeded in attracting his target audience.
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    Well...that's good.

    Isn't it?
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    If you mean the 99.9% of the world that aren't Trek fans then yes, the audience that matter.
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    I'm leaning toward Gary Mitchell (the blonde looks a little too much like Elizabeth Dehner for it to be a coincidence), but would love for it to be Garth of Izar.
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    Back with my IDW comics. In february they're releasing a four issue prequel to the upcoming movie. I found the four issue prequel to ST09 were complementing nicely and I hope (and am fairly sure) we'll get nice hints....
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    Although my daughter has followed me into becoming a fan of Trek anyway, this teaser has her wanting to go to a midnight opening for this movie! She really got pumped for the movie! So much so that it was a contest for who could watch the teaser the most last night!
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    Will someone please think of the children!??


    As my son used to say when he 5 years of age those unbelievably 15 years ago, "I like engage".
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    Anyone else notice this guy?
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    OMG! That guy was clearly on his way to a con nearby, in his homemade Geordi LaForge costume.
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    I'm going to spend the entire movie wishing the Cumberbatch had been playing Spock. I'm not a fan of Sylar at all.
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    Apparently we're in uproar according to the Daily Fail :cool:
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    I've watched the teaser several times now.

    Honestly? My feeling is that the teaser is leading us down a different path from what the film is even about. Many scenes could even be out of order and things will look different when presented out of context.

    The teaser doesn't seem to match the synopsis at all.

    Here is another thought.

    Yes, Cumber-Villain is having vengeance, but who says its on Kirk or Earth? If we are going along with the synopsis, it follows that he's a Starfleet officer who is engaging in his own personal war against a third party and has gone too far.

    And the trouble with interpreting the voiceover is that it could have been pulled out of context. For all you know, he's just returned from the bathroom. ;)

    Xposting this thought on's comment thread.