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    the thing about the 'forget' scene scene from RFM which makes it work, is the exchange between Spock and McCoy beforehand, with McCoy explaining why he feels sorry for Spock, not Kirk. The little speech with Bones explaining WHY humans treasure love so much. I wish I could remember the whole thing exactly (time to stream it off of Amazon tonight!), but Bones talking about the 'glorious triumphs...and the glorious failures also....these things you will never know, Mr. Spock...all because the word 'love' is not in your dictionary.", and then, almost to himself, "I still wish he could forget her....good night Mr. Spock." Its played, as always, perfectly by Kelley, and then, when McCoy leaves, Spock kind of puts his hand up towards the door, as if he is locking mentally, THEN turning to Kirk.....all very well written...very underplayed by all. And extremely moving.

    Considering the episode itself is kinda eh, and that the show was limping towards its conclusion, a pretty amazing piece of film.
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    Well stated. I'm glad more are agreeing with my choice.

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    found the speech:

    "You see, I feel sorrier for you than I do for him because you'll never know the things that love can drive a man to. The ecstasies, the miseries, the broken rules, the desperate chances, the glorious failures, the glorious victories. All of these things you'll never know simply because the word love isn't written into your book." :)
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    ''TOS is brimming with great lines and moments that still resonate.'' (----Warped, ibid, pp. 7.....)

    Not to mention the longest 30-second countdown in history. 23 seconds after the 20-second mark, Sulu clearly said ''Fourteen. Thirteen.''

    I still love it, but jeez, it's beyond belief.:cool:
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    Re. RFM forget scene:

    McCoy says love's not in Spock's vocab. ( Then says goodnight, a nice touch.) Then Spock clearly shows us that at least love for a friend is in his vocabulary as he erases the pain. What a nice, humane touch. Yeah, maybe it's the wrong ethical thing for Spock to do, or creepy. He makes mistakes too. But I think it's a fine choice, as he can't be erasing all memory of the events - someone upstream mentioned Kirk reading his logs. He's helping ease a friend's pain. One example why Kirk could declare Spock's soul the most human, in TWOK.

    Peace to all.
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    "Mr Spock, I order you to assume command on my personal authority as captain of the Enterprise!"

    "Commodore, you are relieved."
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    "Let's get the hell out of here."

    God what a pompous, adolescent ass he was in that scene. [TV's Frank]"I am my pain, my failures..."[/TV's Frank]
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    Amok Time fight scene when Spock has won, and drags Kirk by the neck along the ground.

    Seeing it for the first time many, many years ago, you didnt know that McCoy had actually sedated him, and that he wasnt dead.

    The ending of COTEOF when Kirk says "Lets get the hell out of here"

    There are so many others.
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    So many great moments. I agree with most of the choices already put out.

    I don’t know that I can say it’s the “single greatest”, but there’s one brief moment from Space Seed that I’ve always loved: in the seconds after he just barely manages to beat Kahn off, and avert the destruction of the Enterprise, Kirk is nearly doubled-over the console, trying to catch his breath. Then he suddenly looks over his shoulder in panic, half-raising the pin he used as a club, as if Kahn might be back on his feet – ‘cause he certainly might’ve been!

    What I love about this moment is that, even though Kirk won, we can see that he is aware of just how narrow an escape it was. He only just barely managed to knock Kahn out, and he did it by being more brutal than we usually see him. There’s no self-satisfaction, just a lot of adrenaline pumping. Kirk only matched his genetically superior foe by digging into a deeper reserve of desperation and will, and in that one moment we can see that the entire encounter with Kahn has taken a heavy toll on his nerves.
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    Stage 9 forever


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    Many fine references to great TOS moments... I'd repeat most of them. Here's a couple more:

    A great scene from "The Empath":
    KIRK: If death is all you understand, here are four lives for you.
    (Kirk returns the two devices.)
    KIRK: We will not leave our friend. You've lost the capacity to feel the emotions you brought Gem here to experience. You don't understand what it is to live. Love and compassion are dead in you. You're nothing but intellect!
    (Lal goes over to McCoy and heals him, then picks up the unconscious Gem.)

    I love the timing of the music starting when Kirk emphasizes "We will not leave our friend."

    "Spectre of the Gun" is not one of my favorites, but has some fine moments.

    SPOCK: Captain. May I ask a question? You needn't answer if it seems too personal.
    KIRK: I'm sure I'll be able to give you an answer, Mister Spock.
    SPOCK: This afternoon, you wanted to kill, didn't you?
    MCCOY: But he didn't kill, Mister Spock.
    SPOCK: But he wanted to, Doctor.
    KIRK: Is that the way it seemed to you, Mister Spock?
    SPOCK: Yes, Captain.
    KIRK: Mister Spock, you're absolutely right. That's exactly the way it was.
    SPOCK: Mankind, ready to kill.
    KIRK: That's the way it was in 1881.
    SPOCK: I wonder how humanity managed to survive.
    KIRK: We overcame our instinct for violence.

    Overcame our instinct for violence. When he says that, it's in a rather 'matter of fact' tempo and yet... so poignant, especially when looking at our world today. We are still so saturated in violence, it makes one wonder how we really will survive (point to Spock).
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    Me too.

    I'll offer up these two for consideration. Both are "Kirk Moments".

    The first is when he orders Spock to relieve Decker "on my personal authority as Captain of the Enterprise..." Shatner simply sells that He's The Captian, in that scene.

    My other contender would be his "In every revolution..." speech in Mirror, Mirror.

    Too bad that the PTB years later would waste that moment with the BS that was DS9's Mirror episodes.

    ETA: I see JSC beat me to the Personal Authority scene...
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    I haven't gone back to see if anyone has mentioned this, but the single greatest moment:
    "Space: the final frontier..."
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    I didn't find that scene creepy at all, near the end of RFM with Spock touching Kirk's forehead and saying "forget." I honestly don't think Spock would be so invasive as to completely erase his memory of Rayna. As I saw it, Spock was easing Kirk's pain by forgetting how he felt about her. It was a direct play on McCoy's remark about love not being in the Vulcan book... because Spock really does love Jim Kirk, as he has said himself that he's not just his captain but also his friend.
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    My personal favorite is the final talk between the Romulan Commander and Kirk in the "Balance of Terror' It was the finale to a wonderful battle of wills and strategy. The final nod of respect the commander gives to Kirk :

    Romulan Commander: I regret that we meet in this way. You and I are of a kind. In a different reality, I could have called you friend.

    added with the final sad note concerning the death of Lt. Tomlinson and the woman he almost married Ens. Angela Martine...concerning the price of such war that might have occured on a grander scale had the Bird of Prey reach its home port, as the Romulan Commander feared.

    I would say the look on the miner's face and the reversal of their fear and hatred as they learn they had been innocently killing baby hortas and that they were the monsters was a close second for me. What started out as the scariest TOS episode for me as a kid, actually had a bright hopeful end...
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    I don't think this would count as "single greatest," but a moment that resonated with me was the end of The Man Trap - largely regarded as a not so great episode - when Kirk coments, "I was just thinking about the buffalo." I think that elevated that mediocre episode into an episode of substance.
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    In threads like these I like to see if anyone named my favorite. I'm sorry to see that in six pages, no one has.

    So I now name the true greatest single moment in TOS. It's the scene in "The Cage" where Pike is imprisoned with Number One, Yeoman Colt and Vina and he manages to overpower a Talosian. After he tests a phaser on the prison wall, he brings it over to the Talosian and says:

    "I'm willing to bet you're too intelligent to kill for no reason." Points weapon in talosian's face. "On the other hand, I've got a reason. I think I blasted a hole in that wall. Want me to test my theory on your head?"

    And the Talosian reveals the hole in the wall, proving that Pike would have been the equal of Kirk in awesomeness if it hadn't been for that stupid training accident (And stupid Jeffrey Hunter turning down the stupid series and then dying!).
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    Okay, since most of you have taken my choice for Edith Keeler's death for sheer emotional dramatic impact, I'm gonna go with Kirk's most Bad-Ass moment, and narrowest escape...

    "Now! Energize and detonate!"


    When I was a kid, "Obsession" bored me stiff (and the cloud creature effect looked really lame), but that last few minutes, where Spock & Scotty are desperately trying to retrieve Kirk's & Garrovick's scattered molecules while the ship is being buffeted by shock waves from a planet that has just had its atmosphere stripped away... well, it was quite the nail-biter.

    Now, watching as an adult, this is one of my favorite episodes, largely due to the evolution of the question, "Is this a creature, or just a random gas cloud?" to "Is this an intelligent creature?", then finally, "Does this intelligent creature pose a threat to the rest of the galaxy?"

    Like "Devil in the Dark", this was one of the best examples of the "seek out new life" tagline of the show.
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    It's interesting to compare and contrast the "Requiem For Methuselah" moment of Spock saying "Forget..." with his pivotal moment in STAR TREK II (and III) by saying "Remember..."