The Opening Of Star Trek 3

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    Rather depends on the theme of the film. For example...

    If the story dealt with the idea of mortality and death, seeing Kirk as the only survivor of an Away Team that went terribly wrong--maybe as he sees the last of the team die, then his own rescue and recovery in Sickbay--might work great!

    But if the story dealt with Kirk's failure to make a human connection to others, a sequence at some diplomatic mission where it becomes obvious not only are Spock and Uhura happy, but Bones is getting quite close to Carol Marcus, while the Alien Ambassador's daughter clearly finds Sulu adorable, resulting in Kirk telling him a lie that these females eat their mates a la black widow spiders--that could play out in a funny/sad way.

    Or, just to set things up, let us slowly get closer to a starship in a lot of trouble. Approaching something mysterious in deep space, then attacked in some bizarre way we've never seen before. The ship looks like the Enterprise, but only on much closer shots do we see it is USS Reliant falling prey to...something. A few escape pods manage to survive, with Lt. Cmdr. Finnegan and Ensign Rand knowing a distress signal did get out. They're pretty sure Enterprise is only a day or so distance...
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    I'm a starship geek, so seeing the nuTrek version of Reliant would be very cool.
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    Not sure what exactly I'd like it to be, but I think if the main plot is going to be a reimagining of a classic Trek episode/movie, the opener should be something completely new, not at all routed in preexisting continuity. If the main plot is completely new, I'd be very happy to see Sulu shirtless fencing or something.
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    I'd like to see it open with the Enterprise furiously chasing after the freighter shuttle they confiscated from Mudds daughter...

    After a throughly exhilarating chase (think TESB asteroid scene), they finally manage to catch up to it and just as they are about to slam a tractor beam on it, somehow it escapes...

    Just before it warps away, the pilots face pops up on the Enterprise view screen and it turns out to be Shatner as a somewhat older Harcourt Fenton Mudd (very gray mustache), telling them "Thanks for returning his ship to him".

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    To be honest, I really loved the opening of the USS Kelvin. That was really good. Same as Generations (with the enterprise B). STID didn't had a bad intro but it was less piew piew :p
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    Ya know, you're right. I certainly do miss the days of Star Trek With Zombies (First Contact) Sub Warfare and Torture (Wrath of Khan) and Time Travel (fucking pick one out of ANY series and movie).

    So...bring on Kirk vs Borg! We can have the Queen torture Kirk because she's kinda built like a sick dominatrix kinda thing! And have the Enterprise and the fleet fight the Cube in a final, epic battle!

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    Kirk walking on the Borg Queen unaware who she is and greeting her with "Hi there!" (wink, wink)?

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    I've stolen this from the last Sherlock Holmes film but what the heck.

    Kirk is handcuffed (futurey handcuffs) to a bed. He's wearing skimpy blue underwear (just like Carol Marcus in STID).
    Uhura and Marcus burst into this bedroom and basically laugh at Kirk as he tells them to free him. McCoy then comes in and exams him with the medical tricorder while ignoring Kirks orders to free him.
    Eventually Uhura and Marcus try some dangerous type phaser thingy on the cuffs while Spock enters the room while phaser fire echoes behind him. He leans over and snapps the cuffs effortlessly and asks Kirk if he got the information. Kirk says Yes and Spock hands Kirks a phaser and they all make their escape.

    OK its not perfect. I admit it.
    I need to find a 'real' reason to have McCoy get naked but havent thought of one yet.