The Nasat's infamous "road game", second edition, is complete!

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    Note: This thread is really here for us to share the odd creative endeavours we waste time on - nothing serious, or amazingly sophisticated, but things we're oddly proud of or strangely invested in, which are really too silly to be taken seriously. ;)

    There are more important things going on at the moment, of course; the pope is resigning, the food industry can't tell the difference between horses and cows, North Korea is North Korea-ing to an alarming extent. However, I'm instead wasting time on the completed addition of my infamous "road game".

    I've finally printed off all the cards (used a professional print shop so they'll keep), and cut them to size, ready to play. The game, which is the sort of surreal nonsense one might expect from me if they know me, is essentially a combination of trumps, imaginative RPG, and a board game. It may seem stupid of me to bring it up here, but it's been very popular with my friends, etc, so I'm rather proud of it. We're eager to get started with the new, improved edition.

    So, I thought I'd share a few of the cards to give a sense of how colourful (in more ways than one) the game can be. Observe, the extent of the Nasat's derangement:

    A selection of Item Cards



    A few Event Cards



    And finally, a selection of Character Cards

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  2. Tora Ziyal

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    Feb 27, 2010
    Weird. Very, very weird. But in a good way.
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    Mar 8, 2011
    Interesting. How do you exactly play it though?
  4. Deranged Nasat

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    Funnily enough it does indeed have established rules, and for the player there's little need to concern yourself with them, because I (or whoever else is hosting) will direct events accordingly. Basically, the object of the game is to successfully cross the surreal, post-apocalyptic landscape of the map to reach the Tower of Babel and climb up to heaven (yeah, it's that sort of game :lol:). The player randomly selects five item cards, and has three aspects of the soul to play with. They start at a particular point on the map and choose between several destinations, and at each destination a dilemma is placed before them which they have to imaginatively suggest solutions to, perhaps making use of their items. Items can be lost, left behind, traded and new ones acquired, each answer to a dilemma that satisfies the host leads to new choices of destination, different random events pop up; basically, each game is different and depends on the choices made by the player, and the solutions they come up with. Sometimes random cards change the rules, or the player negotiates their acquisition of something unusual based on the circumstances they find themselves in.

    Character cards are basically trumps, which come into play and affect decisions at certain points (usually random events), event cards can be random or else correspond to certain environments that the player moves through (Desert, Tomb, Wild West, Polar Ice, etc), some cards have hidden effects that only come into play at later points...

    The soul is something that can be lost or regained based on the host's judgement of the player's actions, and plays its own role in determining what happens at certain points in the game. Basically, the player has to constantly convince the host that their actions and answers are good ones (for a given value of "good"). ;)

    Only about 20% of games actually involve someone reaching heaven and "winning". There are various points where the player can die.

    The game began years ago as a time-waster for my classmates, who liked it so much they encouraged me to expand it.
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    The way that shot from "Night Of The Lepus" is laid out makes it look like an acid-trip version of the dwarves' dinner at Bag End. :lol:

    I'd be interested in playing this game, except nearly all my friends with the right sense of humor for it have moved away in the last couple of years.
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    Looks good but I don't have anyone to play games with :(