The Dark Crystal Prequel Series Coming To Netflix

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    Barnaby Dixon, creator of a puppet bird character (a kind of alter ego) he calls "Dab-Chick". I learned of him via an Adam Savage "Tested" clip. Barnaby is insanely talented, developing all sorts of novel puppeteering techniques. Shortly after playing a string of his videos, I thought to myself, "If Jim Henson were still alive and running the Henson Creature Shop, or if Dixon had been born a generation earlier, I strongly suspect Henson, learning of the young innovator, would have hired him on the spot." Sadly, though Jim himself has been gone nearly 30 years, his son was at least smart enough to recognize talent when he saw it and seized the opportunity!

    Barnaby also has a fantastic singing voice and often demonstrates that skill in his clips.
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    The sets and puppets were almost destroyed by a fire if it hadn't been for director Louis Leterrier's quick action:

    On one of the hottest days of the year, Leterrier caught a whiff of smoke while editing the series, only to find one of the soundstages Dark Crystal was shot on had caught fire. Alerting authorities, Leterrier whipped up a quick map of the studio’s layout so firefighters could quickly navigate to the blaze before it consumed the sets entirely.

    “He drew it from memory,” [co-creator WIll] Matthews told Syfy. “These are two football-field-sized warehouses, full of stages. And he’s doing all this in a panic moment.” Slight problem: he didn’t tell the firefighters said sets were also littered with Gelflings, Skeksis, Podlings, and countless other puppet citizens of Thra.

    So when the firefighters promptly freaked the hell out, Leterrier stepped in alongside them and studio security to rescue over 40 puppets from fire and smoke damage, including multiple Skeksis—contraptions so heavy that they have multiple puppeteers inside to manipulate, and can weigh roughly 200lbs.
    Wow, what a stroke of luck. That would've been a terrible disaster! :eek:
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