The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

i'm a sucker for Marvel Legends Iron Man figures so i'll get this newest one. not sure if i like the movie Black Panther design or not.
I'm just trying to figure out how that treadmill would actually work. :confused::shrug:
You push the button and start running?
I was referring to the fact that if this were a real treadmill, the treads themselves wouldn't be able to move, as it looks like the "feet" for it go through the treads themselves. But hey, comic book physics and all. :lol:
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Two of my mini dolls are dressed up and ready to play in the snow. They'll have to wait until the winds die down! :p Freaking blizzards. I hate them.
My little city block arrangment is coming along nicely with the addition of the Gotham city bank entrance playset hiding the alley. (I felt another building would add to the busyness of the city. So here's the whole setup.

Someone's car is in the shop.

Finally, my Edith Keeler figure being put to use. And she's petting some cute cats.

Oh great, Wario and Waluigi are robbing the Bank. Somebody call Batman!

Well that's about it for now. Until next time. Toodles. :P
Oooooooh such a lovely street! Edith Keeler fits perfectly in there. And I see there is a roof party going on! And what is the blue thing at the right side, a TARDIS? ;)
Love the bank robbery!

I am reminded that I also have a scene set on a street, but very different than this one. It was done together with a friend at her house, she bought the Mini especially for this.

So, SG-1 went on vacation with a Mini. And in the middle of nowhere they had a flat tire.

So they had to change it in the dark. As a team, they worked together very well. Teal'c lifted the car.

Daniel held the new tire ready.

Sam repaired it, and Jack gave her the tools she requested.

When they were finished, Teal'c put the baggage back into the car, and Sam got into the driver's seat.

But Daniel and the Colonel are missing. What is holding them up?

And just a few behind-the-scenes shots as well - the background is actually for a terrarium. I think it worked very well and would buy myself something similar, but then it's huge and I wonder where I shall store it.

And that's me:

That's a really great scene. Very realistic. Excellent work. :)

And to answer your question the Blue thing on the right is not the Tardis but a mini US Mail Box piggy bank I got at a yard sale some years ago.
I was able to take the mini dolls out for a bit- they found a nice little "hill" to sled on!



They look like they have dandruff! :p
I was able to take the mini dolls out for a bit- they found a nice little "hill" to sled on!

I also went to the snow today - to a different kind of dog-sledding:

And to answer your question the Blue thing on the right is not the Tardis but a mini US Mail Box piggy bank I got at a yard sale some years ago.
Ah, nice! I have two UK mail boxes, one is a pencil sharpener, the other also a piggy bank. I think one is too small, the other too large.

And a piggy bank phone booth - I bought a lot of stuff at my first London visit ;)

Great mailbox and telephone booth. I think I may have the same UK style phone booth piggy bank as you do. I just don't know where mine is at the moment. :P

Since everyone is doing some snowy theme pictures I decided to do something simple. Though I don't think my speeder is adapted to the cold.

Is that the Snowspeeder vehicle they released for the Galactic Heroes mini-figures? It has that look to it.
Yes it is. I also have the AT AT but I can't find it at the moment as I was going to take a picture with it too. Maybe tomorrow if the snow hasn't melted. :P
Yes the Galactic Heroes line was the last line of Star Wars toys I collected before I pretty much stopped collecting Star Wars stuff altogether. I have the X-Wing, Naboo Starfighter, and The original Millennium Falcon before it was officially called the Galactic Heroes line. I need to get Darth Vader's Tie fighter sometime soon. I really liked that line. :)
They also did a gift set with a Tauntaun and Hoth Luke if I'm not mistaken, unless the Snowspeeder was the only Hoth-related vehicle or creature that they released.
Yes they had the Tauntaun, I own that set. It came with Hoth Luke, Han, Tauntaun and a Wampa that's eyes would change if you put Luke's magnet hand on it's chest.