Terminus Timeline - Ships and Interiors

I like the unbroken (except for where the door alcoves are) black double ring around the walls - I'm guessing the displays/monitors/screens and seldom used switches/interfaces will go on there?
I like the unbroken (except for where the door alcoves are) black double ring around the walls - I'm guessing the displays/monitors/screens and seldom used switches/interfaces will go on there?

Thank you!

Yup. Displays and and controls that were located up by the displays are going in those rings. They're kind of taking the place of the 'hoods' on the Refit bridge.

I know this update doesn't look like much, but it's taken about 5 or 6 tries to get it either right or so that it didn't completely obliterate the bridge hull. The big grey cutouts you see are the TMP outline versions of the consoles that lined the walls. I'm almost sure they were just painted in the film and lined with some stripping, but I decided to actually model the cut-outs/outlines. I haven't gotten the stripping around it yet because I needed to get the cutouts completed as it follows them in an unbroken pattern around the bridge.

The security station has gone through about 4 or 5 different iterations and isn't pictured here because I deleted it again in frustration.

Built in Truespace

Tiny Trek is delayed until Friday. Playing with a different toon look for Challenger while I work on a few other things.

Uniform is V4 Courageous
Set built in Truespace
Character is a mix of morphs on Genesis 8 from DAZ
Rendered in DAZ Studio
Aside from work sucking my soul, some automated set-ups and other problems made my work on the refit version of the bridge ground to a halt.

I've decided to do this part MANUALLY instead.

Yes, I'm manually 'applying' all the plastic/rubber stripping that lines the stations around the refit bridge... and I thought greebles were bad...

Finally getting that PITA stripping wrapped around the console cut-outs. Been a bit of a time getting back into my modeling groove what with work and not feeling the greatest, but getting this part done is putting a smile on my face.

Got the wall cut-outs in place along with the ribbing and fixed up the consoles. I need to cut into the walls for the displays and display hoods yet, but she is coming along. I'm probably going to work on the monitor cutting along with the weapons console, then probably the viewscreen. At some point I need to build chairs and the turbolift too.

Thank you! Hoping to get back to it once old job has wound down and new job starts up

Lieutenant Boma, Lieutenant Uhura and Lieutenant Masters meet up during one of Uhura's shifts to discuss an ongoing assignment the three of them are involved in.


Decided to try my hand at crafting some of the TOS characters in the Tiny Trek toon style for the challenge.

Rendered in DAZ Studio with iRay
Figures are Genesis 3 with Guy and Girl 7 base morphs
Custom head morphs by myself
Uniforms are V4 Courageous and M4 Valiant
Uniform textures by JamesJAB
23rd Century Bridge by Ptrope
23rd Century Earpiece by Nelsie
Uhura hair by Mylochka
Where's Doctor M'Benga? It must have been a Season One assignment. :)

I did think about including him, but I wanted this on the bridge and I didn't want to have too many people in on it so I could keep it a bit closer. But yeah, being a season one assignment totally works. ;)

Wow, that really does look like Uhura. You nailed it!

Thank you! She's the one I'm happiest with
I had a massive Windows issue. I haven't lost anything, but Truespace no longer loads, at least not my old version. So... Blender...

I know she doesn't look like much yet, but my toe-dipping into Blender has started with the fantastic youtube tutorial @scifieric put together.

Took me a bit to get used to it since the tutorial is for Blender and I'm using Blender for Artists so my options are hidden in different places and the keyboard shortcuts aren't the same, but I think it's a good start.
It looks to me like you are doing VERY well, indeed! Keep going!

It's a great tutorial and it's teaching me all about how Blender works at the same time, so bonus! ;)

After figuring out Layers are Collections in Blender for Artists, and a few other things, I finally finished part 2 of the tutorial...

Step two of the tutorial teaches mirroring the windows and doing cut-outs, etc. This covers the side and front windows on the saucer and the 4 lighted squares on the top of the saucer. As the lower saucer windows aren't mirrored, that's up next. To light the windows I just threw 5 point lights inside the saucer hull behind the glass panes there mainly so they'd show up. You can KIND of see the lighted panels on top but they're being washed out from the other lights I had to add so the saucer was at least visible in the black.

Again, this is the tutorial that @scifieric put together and while I'm using Blender for Artists, it all still works just a little different in a few spots.
Nicely, very nicely done!

Thank you! Getting there! ;)

There's some kind of weird subdivision error when I'm building my B-C decks creating this weird bulge in the mid point. I'm guessing it's just the way Bforartists handles it vs Blender 2.7 and after trying to rebuild it four times, I'm calling it Good Enough For Now. Jumped a lil bit ahead on the bridge and added the turbolift cover thingie. I'm kind of curious if the tutorial builds it the same way I did ;)