Spoilers "Superman & Lois" Season 1 spoiler discussion!

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    Tulloch has (generally) been on the thin side for some time.
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    She is a Hollywood actress. Many of them are to thin I think due to social and career pressure. It's not a new notion. It's just one people don't talk about much anymore.
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    In the lap of squalor I assure you.
    Alien pregnancy.

    Unforeseeable complications.

    Kelex delivered the baby.

    If it got that far.

    The robot would have taken the babies out of her when they were smaller than rice grains, and put them in a birthing matrix where they'd be safe.

    No eating for three.
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    Oh wow, I had no idea Bitsy and David Giuntoli actually got married! Nick and Juliette foreva! :D
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    Apparently Giuntoli was on the list to play Superman in Man of Steel.
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    This show is coming to BBC iPlayer December 4 in the UK. I'm excited!

    But holy shit, between this and Discovery I'm really missing the days these shows were available everywhere within a day or two. I remember the good old 00's when the UK got Stargate SG-1 first!
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    I remember Sky promoting SG1 and Atlantis as world premieres which I had to correct them as Canada got Atlantis months before anyone else
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    Enjoy! You’re in for a real treat. The show’s fantastic. :techman: