Spoilers Starship Design in Star Trek: Picard

Just looking at the stuff Blass put out on Twitter today. The more I see it the more I love the unique look of the Intrepid.

The Stargazer type nacelle design is really growing on me too.
My point was that those ships showed up on screens across 100 years of Trek. Just like to see the ships from the TNG era some more.

Oh, so would I. I would have loved to see full-fledged models of the BoBW ships, or variants of the Ambassador class, ships that would have been used during the 'lost era' between TUC and TNG. But alas, all we saw in TNG and DS9 were either TMP movie-era ships, or the Galaxy and Nebula classes. Which was fine, but I would have preferred more variation. Unfortunately by DS9's later seasons, they didn't even have access to other filming models besides their own Defiant and the Greg Jein Excelsior he built for VOY "Flashback."
TNG Technical Manual said 100 years with refits.

Major refits every 20 years and minor refits every 5 years, if memory serves. It's interesting that the production team seem to be actively ignoring that starships can last decades, not just years. As a real-world example the USS Enterprise CVN-65 served in the US Navy for almost 51 years. We also know that the USS Galaxy herself survived the Dominion War – she's namechecked onscreen in Nemesis as being one of the ships scheduled to rendezvous with the Enterprise-E ahead of her being ambushed by the Scimitar in the Bassen Rift – and if she's still around at the time of PIC's third season she'd be in her early 40s, still less than halfway through her designed lifespan.
It does have a bridge window!

This is actually pretty in line with pretty much all the ships we've seen since Discovery, with the exception of the Discovery herself. The DSC/SNW Enterprise had some form of blast shield in both Bridge designs.
Mmmm... Yeah, not buying it. All due respect to Mr. Blass, the current T-A model, as rendered, doesn't have such a pronounced blast shield, if any at all. Looks more like solid hull paneling to me.
Someone clearly made some significant changes to the mesh and my guess is he wasn't aware of them.
TNG Technical Manual said 100 years with refits.
Onscreen, though, individual ships seem to rarely last more than 20 to 25 years. Sure, there are exceptions of older ships sticking around, but it seems more common a practice for Starfleet to introduce a bunch of new designs every decade or so.
Why a viewscreen/window versus either?
Think about how useful a window would have been during Wrath of Khan. Yes, in reality, seeing anything at the distances stated in Trek would be virtually impossible.... but this is Star Trek! Since when have they cared about reality? Shaw even had crewmen acting as lookouts using the windows to watch for the Shrike. So windows are clearly useful.
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