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    My idea for this series was originally inspired by memories & thoughts of the 4-issue Marvel Comics series Transformers Universe from the Fall of 1986. Each issue of TU contained biographies for nearly every TF character there was.


    Star Trek:UNIVERSE(s),UNIVERSE, or UNIVERSEs, would work like this:

    *It would be reminiscent, have elements of: Biography,City Confidential,Fields of Honor,Behind the Music, American Justice etc etc & other like TV shows et al.

    *Each episode would be biographies about characters in the Trekverse(s), as well as episodes about histories of planets,civilizations,technologies,alternate/parallel universes, other timelines, etc,etc,etc,etc & similar-like documentaries.

    *The length of the show:confused:, could vary from a half-hour to 2-hours. More likely 1 or 2 hours. Could vary:confused:

    *Some episodes would contain multiple bios or histories. An hour show may have 2 bios, or 1 bio & 1 history IE: Dr.Phlox's bio followed by history of Denobula.
    A 2 hour show may sometimes have 3-4 bios &/or histories.

    *The show would include episodes dealing with ST's EU(s) in the same way as with the standard continuity.

    *ST:U(s) would also have episodes about ST's actors, actresses, writers et al etc.

    There would be episodes about the EU's (novels,comic books,video games) makers as well, the same way.

    *Some, very few, rare episodes would feature an acted out story following a bio or history. IE: First half-hour or hour bio of Sarek. 2nd hour & a half or hour a ST episode with someone as Sarek, about Sarek's life.

    Even rarer would be episodes entirely in traditional Trekisode format about some character or era.

    *Who should the unseen host/narrator be? Most of the best choices are dead.

    *Airing format: 8-10 1-hour shows a year, like Sopranos? Or 6-7 2-hour TV films, like COLUMBO? Or varying length, half-hour sometimes to the uber-rare 3-hour show? But episodes usually averaging 90-minutes, ?

    *Which TV network?Syndication? HBO?SHOWTIME?Sci-Fi Channel?TNT?The information superhighway?

    I hope I explained my idea here successfully. I tried to. If not, let me know in your replies. If somethings unclear, incomplete or other issue/problem, put it in your replies.
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    Star Trek may not have been created as an Anthology show, but nor was it created to be a behind the scenes series either. I actually like your idea, but it too, as the Anthology show would, falls outside of what GR may have thought STAR TREK should be...

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