Star Trek: The Untold Era - U.S.S. Ranger

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    Thank you @gazomg for this awesome title logo!

    In 2325, the Tzenkethi Coalition is reportedly rattling its sabres with their sights set on the lawless and volatile Outland Expanse. The Border Service reactivates a number of reserve ships to bolster the Second Cutter Squadron, in order to better reconnoiter and patrol this dangerous sector of the Alpha Quadrant. One of these ships is the Altair-Class U.S.S. Ranger NCC-2254, a ship with a mysterious past.

    1. Picking Up The Pieces
    A disastrous diplomatic mission leaves the U.S.S. Polaris heavily damaged and mourning substantial losses. Lieutenant Commander Xanthe Palmer, Second Officer cum Acting Captain, has to deal with all the fallout of the mission and make an important choice about her future.

    2. Setting Up Shop
    Lieutenant Commander Palmer must pull together a new crew and get herself and her new ship ready for the dangerous mission that awaits them in the Outland Expanse.

    3. Flotsam/Jetsam
    On their first routine patrol, the U.S.S. Ranger must go to the aid of a crippled freighter and discover what damaged the civilian ship in the middle of nowhere and doesn't show up on sensors.

    4. Awkward Bedfellows
    With the departure of Lieutenant De Souza, the Ranger welcomes onboard a new Second Officer, Jyr Kelon, who shares an interesting past with Commander Palmer.

    5. Enter The Maelstrom
    A distress call from deep with the Maelstrom, a deadly radioactive nebula, sees the Ranger risking life and limb to assist a stricken crew.
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