Spoilers Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 2x08 - "Under the Cloak of War"

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Well tensions need to rise again for the next war that happens (and ends) in Errand of Mercy.
General Chang: Chancellor, a Federation starship recently dropped off a bunch of people on Ceti Alpha 5, near Klingon space.

Chancellor: Did you scan them with a cloaked ship?

General Chang: We even contacted them via subspace radio and they asked for asylum in the Klingon Empire. We were going to consider it but our scans showed they were augments. Likely it was a trap by the Federation to infect the entire Empire into smooth-headed augment virus victims and finish what they started a century ago. We told their leader "Revenge is a dish best served cold" and denied his request to leave the planet.

Chancellor: A federation plot to infect all of us! We're going to war! And replace all Klingon armed forces with augment virus victims. They can't infect us if our frontline soldiers are aleady infected!