Spoilers Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 2x08 - "Under the Cloak of War"

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"Captain Pike and his crew welcome a Klingon defector aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, but his presence triggers the revelation of some shocking secrets." - TrekMovie.com

That poster first reminded me of Sherlock Holmes for some reason, and then it reminded me of the Aliens from TNG's Time's Arrow. I would love to see a Buddy M'Benga and Chapel episode solving crimes and such.
I have a feeling this episode will definitely have ramifications for the galaxy. don't forget we're three years out of the Klingon War. and 7 years away from the one day war that breaks out in Errand of Mercy.
The only shocking secrets I could imagine is some "this human was actually a Klingon" stuff, or perhaps even something about the different head types :D
It's up on the app earlier than usual, not including last Saturday.

They showed a clip for the first episodes of Discovery in the recap.