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    Jan 30, 2018
    I think Seven would've treated him the way she treated Icheb when they were on board the Voyager together:

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    That's always a risk, for sure, but who knows, or can control, what people complain about? How much of an outcry was there that things didn't go quite the same way with Pike and the Enterprise crew in Discovery Season 2, as they did in David Mack's Desperate Hours novel? And did that completely stop anyone from enjoying either the novel or Discovery Season 2, or enough so that it hurt the ratings, subscription numbers, or even novel sales? I liked aspects of both. I preferred the novel's take on the Burnham-Spock relationship, whereas I liked the show's depiction of Pike better. I do wish the show had kept the friendship between Saru and Number One.

    As a fan I would like to get a hint of where CBS All Access might envision where the TNG (etc.) characters would be at this time in galactic history, especially if for the moment there are no plans on using them at some point (and of course I understand that plans do change).

    And while I've enjoyed some of Kirsten Beyer's writing for Voyager and also some of her work on Discovery (the show and the comics), I'm not assuming anything until I see the Picard show that she, or anyone else, involved with that show know what they are doing pertaining to that show.
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    FWIW, the Tal Shiar becomes the only functioning institution of the Romulan Star Empire post-Hobus. Sela is Empress and rules through the Tal Shiar. Every military officer and ship is automatically Tal Shiar.

    Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the KGB pretty quickly reorganised into the new Russian intelligence service.
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    I'm concerned about Geordi if Mars is attacked.

    I'm wondering if we'll see (in the comic) Nog as captain of the Enterprise-E, and the ship is destroyed.

    Do you have a copy of the script?
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    I like the idea of including Nog in the comic, or being mentioned on the show. Though not for captain of the Enterprise-E, F, etc. I think it would be cool if some nods were made to the DS9 Season 8 conjectural first episode from the What We Left Behind documentary,
    although with a different fate for Nog.
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    We might see it (or hear about it) in the show. Why is this sad? The Tal Shiar was always interesting.
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    It's a hoax invented by the Chinese. ;-)