Spoilers Star Trek: Picard 1x05 - "Stardust City Rag"

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Owner of the damaged BOP or Owner of FREECLOUD?


Looks like an Alien Crime Boss to me ... I'd say Club Owner.

I feel like he should have a cigar in his mouth, a fedora, and a tommy gun.
Brian Brophy hasn't done anything as far as acting since 2014.

Perhaps he no longer considers Acting as his profession (or has Retired) and no longer has an Agent.

Exactly. But some people feel the need to interpret Brophy saying that he has no idea what people are talking about with some sort of NDA about his role like it’s some huge conspiracy. You know, maybe, just maybe, he really doesn’t know what people are talking about.
Whine over a recasting of a one-time side character from three-plus decades ago?

I mean, I'd understand that if the original character gave the performance of a lifetime. But it's Maddox we're talking here. A character I only remember eixsted, because I prepared myself for PIC. From an episode that normaly fell under the 'skip it' category when it came to TNG rewatches. (even though, I hear, some people actually like it)