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    Over the decades, I've done regular research on the actors from all the various Star Trek incarnations to see who has passed away and have documented such with year of death, what one character they played and one episode they played a part in. I do not track producers, directors, construction crew other than Gene Roddenberry himself. There are many actors who left Hollywood and acting behind and there is no trace of them online or in print anywhere I can find. I will someday only be able to guess their status.

    Classic Star Trek has lost 265 actors as of September 2017.
    ST:TNG has lost 106 actors.
    ST:DSN has lost 39.
    ST: Voyager has lost 28
    ST: Enterprise has lost 8
    From the various movies, we've lost 53
    From the new generation movies, we've lost 2.

    For a total of 501 so far....
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    Jul 31, 2001
    My mansion on Qo'noS
    Very thorough. There have been several just in the last couple of years.

    And why are you still just a cadet after being here for so many years? :p ;)

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    Oct 1, 2011
    Well... I got involved in many other interests for many years and only got back involved in Trek around 2010. Many of the sites I visited in my 40's were forgot about, died off, were lost in various shuffles of stuff or I lost interest. Just today, I learned that Lal, (Alan Bergmann) of 'The Empath' died in August, making 266. The news media don't report the passings of actors of lesser fame. Even Imdb or the various Star Trek sites don't update very often, sometimes months or years pass and with Mr. Bergmann, only one site had reported his passing. Truly a sad state of affairs.
    A cadet, you say? Well, within fandom, I'm technically an Admiral as I ran the worldwide 'Klingon Strike Force' fanclub from 1984 to the end of 1995. I co-authored the successful manual 'Klingon Covert Operations Manual'. I co-designed a weapon that was mentioned in a first season episode of ST:TNG by Wesley Crusher. I created the first Klingon text font for the computer back before the internet was around, based off of John Ford's novels. I put on a Klingon convention in the north of England where I was crowned Emperor by the fans and made the front page of the London Times newspaper. I'm also an award-winning costumer and appear as a Klingon on occasion, my most well-known appearance was being hired to appear for the Grand Opening of the Museum of Science & Industry's traveling Star Trek exhibit out of Portland, Oregon. I've written 60 Star Trek book reviews for the Library of Congress. Odd, your user name is 'Kor'. That was my superior officer's name and contributor to the Covert Manual. I once upstaged William Shatner when he was speaking here in Seattle and I drew almost all his audience away when I showed up. He had to ask staff to ask me to disappear while he finished speaking. In my day, I was quite well known within fandom and in the press, both locally and nationally.
    Thought-Admiral Keel epetai K'ta-ri, ret.
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    Oct 1, 2011
    Kor, are you in the Seattle area? If so, we should get together and share stories and things....
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    Oct 1, 2011
    Update to Star Trek passings.....
    Sometimes it takes months to get notices published of an actor's passing.
    Classic Star Trek has lost 265 actors as of September 2017.
    ST:TNG has lost 106 actors.
    ST:DSN has lost 39.
    ST: Voyager has lost 29 - increase of 1
    ST: Enterprise has lost 9 - increase of 1
    From the various movies, we've lost 53
    From the new generation movies, we've lost 2.

    For a total of 503 so far....
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    Dec 19, 2010
    So, you're like the most interesting person in the world, then. I very much remember the OMSI Star Trek exhibit. A highlight of my childhood. Saw it back when OMSI was next to the zoo, then again in Pittsburgh.
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    Thanks, I guess. Yeah, the president of OMSI hired ME over an actor from Paramount who was coming up in a Klingon costume and she paid me $200 for my appearance and to act as her security during the Grand Opening. I stood on stage with her during her speech and then was invited to appear for a professional photo shoot, pictures of which hung in a gallery in Tacoma, Wa for several months after. The OMSI Star Trek exhibit was MUCH more interesting then Seattle's Star Trek exhibit, which I've always thought was rather lame.
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    Oct 1, 2011
    [SIZE=6]Actor's name Yr/death character/episode[/SIZE]
    TOS - The Original series 268 deaths updated 7/2018

    John Abbott 1996 Ayelborne/Errand of Mercy
    Stanley Adams 1977 Cyrano Jones/The Trouble w Tribbles
    Keith Andes 2005 Akuta/The Apple
    Alyce Andrece 2005 Alice robot/I, Mudd
    Rhae Andrece 2009 Alice robot/I, Mudd
    Tige Andrews 2006 Kras/Friday's Child
    Michael Ansara 2013 Kang/Day of the Dove
    Richard Anthony 2015 rider/Spectre of the Gun
    David Armstrong 2017 Kartan/Operation: Annihilate!
    Barry Atwater 1978 Surak/Savage Curtain
    Jerry Ayres 2013 Ensign O’Herlihy/Arena
    Ed Bakey 1988 fop 1/All Our Yesterdays
    Jeanne Bal 1996 Nancy Crater/The Man Trap
    ------ Barker Talosian
    Majel Barrett 2008 nurse Chapel
    Carolyne Barry/Shelyne 2015 Metron/Arena
    Bobby Bass 2001 guard/Space Seed
    Arthur Batanides 2000 Lt. D’amato/That Which Survives
    Paul Baxley 2011 Black Knight/Shore Leave
    Hal Baylor 1998 officer/City on the Edge of Tomorrow
    Hagan Beggs 2016 Lt. Hansen/various
    Eli Behar 1992 therapist/Dagger of the Mind
    Melvin Belli 1996 gorgon/And the Children Shall Lead
    Lee Bergere 2006 Lincoln/The Savage Curtain
    Alan Bergmann 2017 Lal/The Empath
    Arthur Bernard 2001 Apella/A Private Little War
    Joseph Bernard 2006 Tark/Wolf in the Fold
    Whit Bissell 1996 Mr. Lurry/The Trouble with Tribbles
    John Blower 2004 Eminian secretary/A Taste of Armageddon
    Cal Bolder 2005 Keel/Friday's Child
    Gail Bonney 1984 witch 2/Catspaw
    John Boyer 2012 Guard/Turnabout Intruder
    Booker Bradshaw 2003 Dr. M’Benga/A Private Little War
    William Bramley 1985 policeman/Bread and Circuses
    David Brian 1993 John Gill/Patterns of Force
    Peter Brocco 1992 Claymare/Errand of Mercy
    Stephen Brooks 1999 Ens. Garrovick/Obsession
    Kathie Browne 2003 Queen Deela/Wink of an Eye
    Karl Bruck 1987 King Duncan/Conscience of the King
    John Burnside 2010 Eminiar guard/A Taste of Armageddon
    William Campbell 2011 Trelane/Squire of Gothos
    Peter Canon 2017 Gestapo Lt./Patterns of Force
    Richard Carlyle 2009 Lt. Karl Jaeger/Squire of Gothos
    Roger C. Carmel 1986 Mudd/Mudd’s Women
    Paul Carr 2006 Lee Kelso/Where No Man has Gone Before
    Fred Carson 2001 #1 denevan/Operation Annihilate
    Anthony Caruso 2003 Bela Oxmyx/A Piece of the Action
    Ted Cassidy 1979 Ruk/What are Little Girls Made of?
    Jerry E. Catron 2017 Montgomery/Operation: Annihilate!
    Albert Cavens 1985 fop #2/All our Yesterdays
    Robert Chadwick 1997 Romulan/Balance of Terror
    Rhodie Cogan 2000 witch/Catspaw
    John Colicos 2000 Kor/Errand of Mercy
    Paul Comi 2016 Lt. Stiles/Balance of Terror
    Richard Compton 2007 Washburn/Doomsday Machine
    Bart Conrad Cpt. Krasnovsky/Court-Martial
    Elisha Cook 1995 Sam Cogley/Court Martial
    Glenn Corbett 1993 Cochrane/Metamorphosis
    Jeff Corey 2002 Plasus/The Cloud Minders
    Charles Courtney 2000 Davod/Patterns of Force
    Yvonne Craig 2015 Marta/Whom Gods Destroy
    John Crawford 2010 Commissioner Ferris/Galileo 7
    Dick Crockett 1979 Andorian/Gamesters of Triskelion
    Howard Culver 1984 drunk/City on the Edge of Tomorrow
    Billy Curtis 1988 alien ambassador/Journey to Babel
    James Daly 1978 Flint/Requiem for Methuselah
    Marc Daniels 1989 Jackson Roykirk/The Changeling
    Frank da Vinci 2013 litter bearer/Amok Time
    Walt Davis 1981 Klingon/Errand of Mercy
    Vince Deadrick 2017 uncredited/Balance of Terror as Romulan
    Mark Dempsey 1994 Captain/Tomorrow is Yesterday
    Lincoln Demyan 1991 Sgt. Lipton/Assignment: Earth
    Maryesther Denver 1980 witch 3/Catspaw
    Richard Derr 1992 Cmdr. Barstow/Alternative Factor
    Dick Dial 1992 Sam/Devil in the Dark
    James Doohan 2005 Scotty
    Michael Dugan 2002 Kalar warrior/The Cage
    Phyllis Douglas 2010 yeoman Mears/Galileo 7
    Gary Downey 1979 Tellarite/Whom Gods Destroy
    Charles Drake 1994 Commodore Stocker/Deadly years
    James Drake 1976 sickbay tech/The Way to Eden
    Michael Dunn 1973 Alexander/Plato’s Stepchildren
    Dick Durock 2009 Guard/Elaan of Troyius
    Peter Duryea 2013 Lt. Jose Tyler/The Cage
    Lou Elias 2017 Troglyte/The Cloud Minders
    Biff Elliot 2012 Schmitter/Devil in the Dark
    Kay Elliott 1982 Stella Mudd/I, Mudd
    Jason Evers 2005 Rael/Wink of an Eye
    Morgan Farley 1988 yang scholar/Omega Glory
    John Fiedler 2005 Commissioner Hengist/Wolf in the Fold
    Paul Fix 1983 Dr. Piper/Where No Man Has Gone Before
    Robert Fortier 2005 Tomar/By Any Other Name
    Ben Gage 1978 Akaar/Friday’s Child
    Buddy Garion 2013 Karf/A Piece of the ActionRichard/
    Dick Geary 2000 andorian inmate/Whom Gods Destroy
    Ted Gehring 2000 policeman #2/Assignment: Earth
    Robert Gentile 2001 romulan tech/Enterprise Incident
    Sam Gilman 1985 doc Holiday/Specter of the Gun
    Seamon Glass 2016 Benton/Mudd’s Women
    Jim Goodwin 2004 John Ferrell/Enemy Within
    Frank Gorshin 2005 Bele/Let that be your last Battlefield
    Gilbert Green 1984 SS major/Patterns of Force
    James Gregory 2002 Dr. Tristan Adams/Dagger of the Mind
    Richard Hale 1981 Goro/The Paradise Syndrome
    John Harmon 1985 Tepo/A Piece of the Action
    Johnny Haymer 1989 constable/All our Yesterdays
    Lloyd Haynes 1986 Lt. Alden/Where No Man Has Gone Before
    Eddie Hice 2015 security guard/Wink of an Eye
    Skip Homeier 2017 Melakon/Patterns of Force
    Mike Howden 2010 Lt. Rowe /I, MuddRobert/
    Bob Hoy 2010 Sam the miner/Devil in the Dark
    Clegg Hoyt 1967 Chief Pitcairn/The Cage & The Menagerie
    John Hoyt 1991 Dr. Boyce/The Cage
    David Hughes 1974 Trefayne/Errand of Mercy
    Jeffrey Hunter 1969 captain of enterprise/The Cage
    Bruce Hyde 2015 Kevin Riley/The Naked Time
    Steve Ihnat 1972 Garth/Whom Gods Destroy
    Jill Ireland 1990 Leila Kalomi/The Side of Paradise
    Roy Jenson 2007 Cloud William/The Omega Glory
    Lois Jewell 2014 Drusilla/Bread and Circuses
    Anthony Jochim 1978 3rd survivor/The Cage
    Morgan Jones 2012 Nesvig/Assignment: Earth
    Anna Karen 2009 Sarpeidon mort/All Our Yesterdays
    Don Keefer 2014 Director Cromwell/Assignment: Earth
    Pete Kellett 1982 Farrell/Mirror, Mirror
    Deforest Kelley 1999 Dr. McCoy
    Hubert Kerns, Sr. 1999 Klingon crewman/Day of the Dove
    Lloyd Kino 2012 Wu/Omega Glory
    John Kowal 2003 Herm Gossett/Mudd’s Women
    Harry Landers 2017 Dr. Coleman/Turnabout Intruder
    Robert Lansing 1994 Gary 7/Assignment Earth
    Bart LaRue 1990 newscaster/By any Other Name
    Mark Lenard 1996 Sarek
    Felix Locher 1969 Robert Johnson/The Deadly Years
    Carey Loftin 1997 truck driver/City on the Edge of Forever
    Ed Long 2015 Midro/The Cloud-Minders
    Perry Lopez 2008 Lt. Rodrigquez/Shore Leave
    Jon Lormer 1986 Tamar/For the World is Hollow
    Celia Lovsky 1979 T’pau/Amok Time
    Keye Luke 1991 Donald Cory/Whom Gods Destroy
    Victor Lundin 2013 Klingon lieutenant/Errand of Mercy
    Hal Lynch 2006 police Sergeant/Tomorrow is Yesterday
    Ken Lynch 1990 Chief Vanderberg/Devil in the Dark
    Gene Lyons 1974 Amb. Fox/A Taste of Armageddon
    Charles Macaulay 1999 Jarvis/Wolf in the Fold
    Janet MacLachlan 2010 Charlene Masters/Alternative Factor
    Buck Maffei 1982 anthropoid/The Galileo Seven
    Blaisdell Makee 1988 Lt. Spinelli/Space Seed
    Johnny Mandell 1994 guard/Mirror, Mirror
    Theo Marcuse 1967 Korob/Catspaw
    Peter Marko 2013 Lt. Gaetano/The Galileo Seven
    Jerry Maren 2018 delegate/Journey to Babel
    Don Marshall 2016 Lt. Boma/The Galileo Seven
    Joan Marshall 1992 Lt. Areel Shaw/Court Martial
    Sarah Marshall 2014 Janet Wallace/The Deadly Years
    William Marshall 2003 Dr. Daystrom/Ultimate Computer
    Arlene Martel 2014 T'pring/Amok Time
    Charles Maxwell 1993 Virgil Earp/Spectre of the Gun
    Ed McCready 2002 barber/Specter of the Gun
    Oliver McGowan 1971 caretaker/Shore Leave
    William Meader 1979 Lindstrom/Court Martial
    John Megna 1995 little boy/Miri
    Joseph Mell 1977 trader/The Cage
    Robert/Bob J. Miles 2007 Klingon brawler/The Trouble with Tribbles
    Dallas Mitchell 2009 Lt. Tom Nellis/Charlie X
    Lawrence Montaigne 2017 Decius/Balance of Terror
    Ricardo Montalban 2009 Khan/Space Seed
    Byron Morrow 2006 Admiral Komack/Amok Time
    Mickey Morton 1993 Kloog/Gamesters of Triskelion
    Arnold Moss 1989 Anton Karidian/Conscience of the King
    Stewart Moss 2017 Joe Tormolen/The Naked Time
    Leonard Mudie 1965 survivor/The Cage
    Kermit Murdock 1981 prosecutor/All our Yesterdays
    Reggie Nalder 1991 Amb. Shras/Journey to Babel
    Charles Napier 2011 hippie/The Way to Eden
    Leonard Nimoy 2015 Spock
    Natalie Norwick 2007 Martha Leighton/Conscience of the King
    Susan Oliver 1990 Vina/The Cage
    David Opatoshu 1996 Anon 7/A Taste of Armageddon
    Bob Orrison 2014 Klingon/The Trouble with Tribbles
    Frank Overton 1967 Elias Sandoval/This Side of Paradise
    Gregg Palmer 2015 rancher/Spectre of the Gun
    Julie Parrish 2003 Miss Piper/The Menagerie
    Michael Pataki 2010 Korax/The Trouble with Tribbles
    Victor Paul 2011 Klingon crewman/Day of the Dove
    Ed Peck 1992 Col. Fellini/Tomorrow is Yesterday
    Gilbert Perkins 1999 slave/Bread and CircusesJack Perkins 1998 games Master/Bread and Circuses
    Vic Perrin 1989 Tharn/Mirror, Mirror
    Roger Perry 2018 Cpt. John Christopher/Tomorrow is Yesterday
    Angelique Pettyjohn 1992 Shahna/The Gamesters of Triskelion
    Phillip Pine 2006 Col. Green/The Savage Curtain
    Basil Poledouris 2006 Klingon/Errand of Mercy
    Charlene Polite 1999 Vanna/The Cloud Minders
    Janos Prohaska 1974 ape/The Devil in the Dark
    Paul Prokop 1980 guard/Mirror, Mirror
    Francine Pyne 1995 Nancy/The Man Trap
    Logan Ramsey 2000 Claudius Marcus/Bread and Circuses
    Guy Raymond 1997 bartender/The Trouble with Tribbles
    Rhodes Reason 2014 Flavius/Bread and Circuses
    Ed Reimers 2009 Adm. Fitzpatrick/The Trouble with Tribbles
    Madlyn Rhue 2003 Lt. Marla McGivers/Space Seed
    Adam Roarke 1996 CPO Garrison/The Cage
    Davis Roberts 1993 Lewis/The Devil in the Dark
    Jay Robinson 2013 Amb. Petri/Elaan of Troyius
    Darleen Roddenberry 1995 dirty-faced girl/Miri
    Gene Roddenberry 1991 producer
    Percy Rodriguez 2007 Commodore Stone/Court Martial
    Elizabeth Rogers 2004 Lt. Palmer/The Doomsday Machine
    Ned Romero 2017 Krell/A Private Little War
    Jane Ross 1985 Tamoon/The Gamesters of Triskelion
    Joseph Ruskin 2013 Galt/Gamesters of Triskelion
    Barry Russo 2003 Giotto/The Devil in the Dark
    Alfred Ryder 1995 Prof. Crater/The Man Trap
    Willard Sage 1974 Thann/Empath
    Serena Sande 2001 Talosian/The Cage
    Steve Sandor 2017 Lars/Gamesters of Triskelion
    George Sawaya 2003 Chief Humboldt/The Menagerie
    William Schallert 2016 Nilz Baris/Trouble with Tribbles
    Georgia Schmidt 1997 1st Talosian/The Cage & Menagerie
    Ted Scott 1999 Eraclitus/Plato’s Stepchildren
    Charles Seel 1980 bartender Ed/Specter of the Gun
    Pilar Seurat 2001 Sybo/Wolf in the Fold
    David Sharpe 1980 Security Officer/Day of the Dove
    Roy N. Sickner 2006 villager/A Private Little War
    Reginald Lal Singh 1970 Cpt. Chandra/Court-martial
    Kenneth L. Smith 1981 klingon/Elann of Troyius
    Ron Soble 2002 Wyatt Earp/Specter of the Gun
    Abraham Sofaer 1988 Thasian/Charlie X
    Rudy Solari 1991 Salish/Paradise Syndrome
    David Somerville 2015 Lt. Larry Matson/Conscience of the King Paul Stader 1991 slave/Bread and Circuses
    Karen Steele 1988 Eve/Mudd's Women
    Tom Steele 1990 slave/Bread and Circus's
    Warren Stevens 2012 Rojan/By any other Name
    Charles J. Stewart 2003 Cpt. Ramart/Charlie X
    Michael Strong 1980 Dr. Korby/What are Little Girls Made of?
    Liam Sullivan 1998 Parmen/Plato’s Stepchildren
    Joan Swift 2016 Aurelan Kirk/Operation - Annihilate!
    Richard Tatro 1991 Norman/I, Mudd
    Vic Tayback 1990 Krako/A Piece of the Action
    Torin Thatcher 1981 Marplon/Return of the Archons
    Garland Thompson 2014 transporter tech Wilson/The Enemy Within
    Malachi Throne 2013 Commodore Mendez/The Menagerie
    Sebastian Tom 2009 samurai/Shore Leave
    Harry Townes 2001 Reger/Return of the Archons
    Rees Vaughn 2010 Latimer/Galileo 7
    Ron Veto 2005 Lt. Harrison/The Corbomite Maneuver
    Garry Walberg 2012 Hansen/Balance of Terror
    John Warburton 1981 romulan centurion/Balance of Terror
    Bruce Watson 2009 crewman Green/The Man Trap
    Richard Webb 1993 Ben Finney/Court Martial
    Brad Weston 1999 Ed Appel/Devil in the Dark
    Arch Whiting 2007 engineer/Alternative Factor
    Grace Lee Whitney 2015 yeoman Rand
    William Windom 2012 Matt Decker/The Doomsday Machine
    Jason Wingreen 2015 Dr. Linke/The Empath
    Michael Witney 1983 Tyree/A Private Little War
    Ian Wolfe 1992 Atoz/All Our Yesterdays
    Venita Wolf 2014 Yeoman Teresa Ross/Squire of Gothos
    Laura Wood 1982 Mrs. Johnson/The Deadly Years
    Grant Woods 1968 Lt. Kelowitz/galileo 7
    Katherine Woodville 2013 Natira/For the World is Hollow
    Jane Wyatt 2006 Amanda/Journey to Babel
    Meg Wyllie 2002 keeper/The Cage & Menagerie
    Tony Young 2002 Kryton/Elann of Troyius
    Michael Zaslow 1998 Darnell/I, Mudd
    Bill Zuckert 1997 Johnny Behan/Specter of the Gun

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    TNG Year of Death character/episode106 deaths
    updated 7/2018

    John Anderson 1992 Kevin Uxbridge/The Survivors
    Rosemarie Baio 2012 widow/Elementary, Dear Data
    Karin Baxter 2010 ops ensign/several
    James G. Becker 2014 Ens. Youngblood/The Offspring
    Robert V. Biggs 2010 spectator/Encounter at Farpoint
    Theodore Bikel 2015 Sergey Rozhenko/Family
    Thomas J. Booth 2006 Klingon warrior/Redemption II
    William Boyett 2004 Lt. Bell/The Big Goodbye
    Roy Brocksmith 2001 Sima Kolrami/Peak Performance
    Jacqueline Brookes 2013 Rear Adm. Brand/The First Duty
    Georgia Brown 1992 Helena Rozhenko/Family
    Ron Brown 2009 drummer/11001001
    Reg E. Cathey 2018 Klingon Cmdr. Morag/Aquiel
    Dexter L. Clay 2017 Ops Division Officer/various
    George Coe 2015 Avel Durken/First Contact
    Chris Collins/Latta 1994 Grebnedlog/Samaritan Snare
    Frank Corsentino 2007 Daimon Bok/the Battle
    Ward Costello 2009 Adm. Gregory Quinn/Home Soil
    Steven Craig 1990 Edo citizen/Justice
    Jeffrey Deacon 2009 background actor/ various
    Brian D. Demonbreun 2016 Lt. Andrew Powell/All Good Things....
    Jake Dengel 1994 Mordoc/The Last Outpost
    Lawrence Dobkin 2002 Amb. Kell/The Mind’s Eye
    Robert DoQui 2008 Noggra/Sons of Mogh
    Ellen A. Dow 2015 Felisa Howard/Sub Rosa
    Marta DuBois 2018 Ardra/Devil’s Due
    Shay Duffin 2010 Ned Quint/Sub Rosa
    Paddi Edwards 1999 Anya/The Dauphin
    Ronnie Claire Edwards 2016 Talur/Thine Own Self
    Robert Ellenstein 2010 Mr. Miller/Haven
    Bill Erwin 2010 Dr. Quaice/Remember Me
    Susan French 2003 Sev Maylor/Man of the People
    David Froman 2010 Cpt. K'nera/Heart of Glory
    Joy Garrett 1993 Annie Meyers/A Fistful of Datas
    Stefan Gierasch 2014 Dr. Hal Moseley/A Matter of Time
    Walter Gotell 1997 Kurt Mandi/Home Soil
    Bruce Gray 2017 Adm. Chekote/Gambit
    Charles Gunning 2002 miner #3/The Perfect Mate
    Kevin Peter Hall 1991 Leyor/The Price
    Lois Hall 2006 Dr. Warren/Who Watches the Watchers
    Kim Hamilton 2013 Songi/Final Mission
    John Hancock 1992 Admiral Haden/The Defector
    Anne Haney 2001 Judge Renora/Dax
    Stephen Hawking 2018 himself/Descent
    Carrie Henger 2010 Security/Brothers
    David Huddleston 2016 holo conductor/Emergence
    Wendy Hughes 2014 Lt. Cmdr. Daren/Lessons
    Michael Hungerford 2007 roughneck/Time's Arrow
    Barry Ingham 2015 Danilo Odell/Up the Long Ladde
    Graham P. Jarvis 2003 Klim Dokachin/Unification pt. 1
    Tony Jay 2006 Minister Campio/Cost of Living
    Georgann Johnson 2018 Vice Admiral Gromek/The Emissary
    Penny L. Juday 2015 civilian/Star Trek: Generations
    Stanley Kamel 2008 Lt. Kosinski/Where No One Has Gone...
    Bernard Kates 2010 Dr. Freud/Phantasms
    Andreas Katsulas 2006 Cmdr. Tomalak/The Enemy
    Wyatt Knight 2011 technician/Coming of Age
    Kay E. Kuter 2003 Cytherian/Nth Degree
    Paul Lambert 1997 Lettian/When the Bough Breaks
    Karen Landry 2015 Ajur/Captain’s Holiday
    Ed Lauter 2013 Lt. Cmdr. Albert/The First Duty
    Harriet C. Leider 2004 Amarie/Unifcation pt. II
    Marc Lawrence 2005 Volnoth/The Vengeance Factor
    Stephen Lee 2014 Chorgan/The Vengeance Factor
    Thelma Lee 2012 Kahlest/Sins of the Father
    Lance LeGault 2012 K'Temoc/The Emissary
    Mark LaMura 2017 John Doe/Transfigurations
    Benjamin Lum 2002 Asst. Eng. Jim Shimoda/The Naked Now
    Richard Lynch 2012 Arctus Baran/Gambit
    Scott Marlowe 2001 Keeve Falor/Ensign Ro
    Nan Martin 2010 Victoria Miller/Haven
    Betty H. Matsushita 2004 colonist/Silicon Avatar
    Biff Maynard 2014 Ruffian/Elementary Dear Data
    Mart McChesney 1999 Armus/Skin of Evil
    John McLiam 1994 Fento/Who Watches the Watchers?
    Richard Merson 2003 pie man/Elementary, Dear Data
    Karen Montgomery 2015 Beata/Angel One
    George Murdock 2012 Adm. Hanson/Best of Both Worlds, Pt. II
    Jack M Murdock 2001 beggar/Time's Arrow
    Carrie A. Neff 2010 security officer/Brothers
    William Newman 2015 Kalin Trose/The Host
    John Neville 2011 Isaac Newton/Descent
    Jean Marie Novak 2005 ops crewman/episode unknown
    Tim O’Connor 2018 Amb. Briam/The Perfect Mate
    David Oliver 1992 young man/Cost of Living
    Frank Orsatti 2004 colonist/The Ensigns of Command
    Nancy Parsons 2001 Marouk/The Vengeance Factor
    Christopher Pettiet 2000 boy/The High Ground
    Bernie Pock 1996 aikido fighter/Code of Honor
    John S. Ragin 2013 Dr. Christopher/Suspicions
    Thalmus Rasulala 1991 Cpt. Varley/Contagion
    John Robbins 2009 Macias/Preemptive Strike
    Denise L. Roberts 2003 terrorist/The High Ground
    Frank Salsedo 2009 tribal council member/Journey’s End
    Vincent Schiavelli 2005 peddler/Arsenal of Freedom
    Jean Simmons 2010 Adm. Satie/The Drumhead
    Madge Sinclair 1995 Cpt. Silva La Forge/Interface
    Ben Slack 2004 K'tal/Redemption
    Patricia Smith 2011 Sara Kingsley/Unnatural Selection
    David Spielberg 2016 Cmdr. Hutchinson/Starship Mine
    Jon Paul Steuer 2018 Alexander Rozhenko/Reunion
    David Ogden Stiers 2018 Dr. Timicin/Half a Life
    Albert Stratton 2011 Kushell/The Outrageous Okona
    Barbara Tarbuck 2016 Leka Trion/The Host
    Milt Tarver 2004 scientist/Time's Arrow
    Lawrence Tierney 2002 Cyrus Redblock/The Big Goodbye
    Barbara Townsend 2002 Adm. Rossa/Suddenly Human
    Roma Lee Tracy 2016 reception guest/Time's Arrow
    Nick Trisko 2014 Boraalan/Homeward
    Robin Van Sharner 2015 colonist/Silicon Avatar
    Richard Walker 2013 background actor/various
    George D Wallace 2005 Adm. Simons/Man of the People
    Ray Walston 2001 Boothby/The First Duty
    Herta Ware 2005 Picard's mother/Where No One has Gone
    Edward Wiley 2015 Gov. Vagh/The Mind’s Eye
    Noble Willingham 2004 Texas/The Royale
    Paul Winfield 2004 Cpt. Dathon/Darmok
    Margaret Wyllie 2002 The Keeper/The Cage
    Jerry Zimmer 2005 pianist/Unification pt.2

    DSN 42 deaths

    Cecily Adams 2004 Ishka/Ferengi Love Songs
    Edward L. Albert 2006 Zayra/A Man Alone
    Brenan T. Baird 2013 Cardassian soldier/Things Past
    John L. Bennett 2006 Kozak/The House of Quark
    Bernie Bielawski 2000 background Ferengi
    Jack Blessing 2017 Agent Dulmar/Trials and Tribbleations
    Robert Budaska 2015 klingon guard/Apocalypse rising
    Hamilton Camp 2005 Leck/Extreme Risk
    Bernie Casey 2017 Calvin Hudson/The Maquis
    Martin Cassidy 2013 Merruk/Shadowplay
    Jeffrey Alan Chandler 2001 guardian/Facets
    John Davis Chandler 2010 Flith/Honor Among Thieves
    Lilyan Chauvin 2008 Vedek Yassim/Rocks and Shoals
    Tony Epper 2012 drunk Klingon/Apocalypse Rising
    Terrence Evans 2015 Baltrim/Progress
    William Frankfather 1998 shapeshifter/The Search
    Henry Gibson 2009 Nilva/Profit and Lace
    Albert Henderson 2004 Cos/Rivals
    Donald Hotton 2008 monk #1/Emissary
    Barry Jenner 2016 Admiral Ross/various
    Brian Keith 1997 Mullibok/Progress
    Richard Kiley 1999 Seyetik/Second Sight
    Joshua Andrew Koenig 2010 Tumak/Sanctuary
    Richard Libertini 2016 Akorem Laan/Accession
    Robert Mandan 2018 Kotan Pa’Dar/Cardassians
    Kenneth Mars 2011 Colyus/Shadow Play
    Christopher/Chip Mayer 2011 guard/Bada Bing Badda Bang
    Ralph Moratz 2016 Bajoran Vedek/The Collaborator
    Bert Remsen 1999 Kubus Oak/The Collaborator
    Matt Roe 2003 Latha/The Darkness and the Light
    Richard Ryder 1995 Bajoran deputy/Babel
    Michael Sarrazin 2011 Trevean/The Quickening
    Jimmie F. Skaggs 2004 Glinn Boheeka/The Wire
    Ted Sorel 2010 Kaval/Duet
    Robert Symonds 2007 Vedek Porta/Accession
    Ron Taylor 2002 Klingon chef/Melora
    Kenneth Tobey 2002 Rurigan/Shadowplay
    Tom Towles 2015 Hon-Tihl/Dramatis Personae
    Harvey Vernon 1996 Yolad/Equilibrium
    Tom Villard 1994 Prylar Bek/The Collaborator
    Fritz Weaver 2016 Kovat/Tribunal
    Ray Young 1999 Morka/Visionary

    Movies57 deaths

    Phillip R. Allen 2012 Cpt. Esteban/ST III The Search for Spock
    Judith Anderson 1992 priestess T’lar/ST II The Wrath of Khan
    C.J. Bau 2009 bartender/ST: First Contact
    Harve Bennett 2015 Chief of Staff/ST V:The Final Frontier
    John Berg 2007 Senator/Star Trek Nemesis
    Bibi Besch 1996 Dr. Carol Marcus/ST: Wrath of Khan
    Jessica Biscardi 2013 Vulcan maiden/S.T. III
    John Bloom 1999 behemoth alien/STVI
    Jim Boeke 2014 Klingon general/ST VI
    Jimmie Booth 2017 Klingon crewman/ST:TMP
    Greg Bronson 2017 Romulan senator/ST: Nemesis
    Enrico Bueno 2016 Ops officer/Star Trek: Insurrection
    Merritt Butrick 1989 Dr. Marcus/ST: Wrath of Khan
    David Cadiente 2010 Klingon/ST III: The Search for Spock
    Charles Cooper 2013 Gen. Korrd/ST V: The Final Frontier
    Charles Correll 2004 worker/ST III The Search for Spock
    Jay C. Crimp 2011 vulcan electrician/ST: IV The Voyage Home
    Bob Cummings 2016 Klingon gunner/ST:The Search for Spock
    Edward Donno 2014 dead chef/The Wrath of Khan
    Robert Easton 2011 Klingon judge/ST VI
    Gary T. Epper 2007 alien/First Contact
    Miguel Ferrer 2016 XO/Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
    Thaddeus Golas 1997 Controller/ST IV: The Voyage Home
    Adolphus Hankins 2010 official/ST: Generations
    Bill Hickey 2011 crewman/ST: The Motion Picture
    James Horner 2015 crewman/ST II
    John Hostetter 2016 Lt. Cmdr. Adislo/Insurrection
    Greg Karas 1995 intern/The Voyage Home
    Paul Kent 2011 Beach/S.T. II The Wrath of Khan
    Persis Khambatta 1998 Ilia/ST: The Motion Picture
    Everett Lee 2013 café owner/ST IV:The Voyage Home
    Alan Marcus 2015 Yeoman Samno/ST VI
    Joel Marstan 2012 Crew Chief/ST II: The Wrath of Khan
    Jeri McBride 2015 bridge officer/ST:TMP
    Winnie McCarthy 1986 technician/ST: The Motion Picture
    Barbara Minster 2009 crewman/ST:TMP
    John M. Miranda 2015 garbageman/ST IV The Voyage Home
    Dennis Ott 1994 Klingon/ST III The Search for Spock
    Randy Pausch 2008 cameo role/Trek 11
    Brock Peters 2005 Admiral Cartwright/ST IV
    Tom Poster 2015 Borg/First Contact
    Bill Quinn 1994 David McCoy/STV
    Nick Ramus 2007 helmsman/ST IV The Voyage Home
    Michael Rougas 2008 Lt. Cleary/ ST: The Motion Picture
    Phil Rubenstein 1992 garbageman/ST IV The Voyage Home
    Louise Schulze 2003 ST IV: The Voyage Home
    Franklyn Seales 1990 crewman/ST: The Motion Picture
    Charlie Skeen 1999 klingon crewman/ST VI
    Eve Smith 1997 elderly patient/ST VI
    Paul W. Sorensen 2008 Captain/Trek III The Search for Spock
    Carl Steven 2011 Spock age 9/Star Trek III
    Viola K. Stimpson 2008 elder tourist/ST IV The Voyage Home
    Norman Stuart 1998 Vulcan Master/ST: The Motion Picture
    Steve Susskind 2005 Pitchman/ST: V
    L. Newell Tarrant 2000 Cmdr. Rogerson/ST IV: The Voyage Home
    Teresa E. Victor 2005 usher/ST IV: The Voyage Home
    Millicent Wise 2010 crewmember/ST: The Motion Picture

    Voyager33 Deaths

    Ian Abercrombie 2012 Abbot/Someone to Watch Over Me
    Parley Baer 2002 old man/Sacred Ground
    Joseph Campanella 2018 UFP Arbitrator/Author, Author
    David Clover 2007 Vhnori attendant/Emanations
    Booth Colman 2014 old man/Nemesis
    Keene Curtis 2002 old man/Sacred Ground
    Lou DeGrado 2008 Alsaurian citizen/Resistance
    Peter Dennis 2009 Isaac Newton/Death Wish
    Bairbre Dowling 2016 Edith Mulchaey/Spirit Folk
    Larry Drake 2016 Chellick/Critical Care
    Ron Glass 2016 Loken/Nightingale
    David Graf 2001 Fred Noonan/The 37’s
    Basil Langton 2003 banjo man/Caretaker
    Jay M. Leggett 2013 Phlox of the Hierarchy/Tinker Tenor Doctor
    Terry Lester 2003 Heron/Maneuvers
    Earl Maddox 2013 Uxali/Friendship One
    Ken Magee 2015 Controller Emck/Night
    Bob Mascagno 2003 accordion player/various
    Lynn Meneses 2014 Sikarian/Prime Factors
    Angela Paton 2016 Aunt Adah/Caretaker
    Olaf Pooley 2015 Cleric/Blink of an Eye
    Harve Presnell 2009 Col. Q/Q and the Grey
    Eugene Roche 2004 Jor Brel/Remember
    Charles Rocket 2005 Jippeq/The Disease
    Susan Rossitto 2013 transwarp human/Threshold
    Robin Sachs 2013 Gen. Valen/The Void
    Jerry Sherman 2008 Vori elder/Nemesis
    Keely Sims 2013 farmer’s daughter/Caretaker
    Susie Stillwell 2016 klingon/various
    Barton Tinapp 2017 Vidiian guard/Faces
    Kellie Waymire 2003 Lanya/Muse
    Nicholas Worth 2007 Lonzak/Bride of Chaotica
    Richard J. Zobel 2005 Gauman/The Raven

    Enterprise11 deaths

    James Avery 2014 K'Vagh/Affliction
    Joe Billingiere 2017 Enolian prisoner/Canamar
    Dominic Calandra 2015 background actor/various
    Mary Carver 2013 Bernadette Fuller/Terra Nova
    Joe Geletko 2013 Suliban prisoner/Detained
    Kim R. Koscki 2014 andorian/Babel One
    Jillana Neiman 2011 Suliban prisoner/Detained
    David Richards 2009 dockmaster/The Seventh
    Mark Watson 2017 civilian/Broken Bow
    Scott Workman 2013 Klingon/Borderland
    Brett Weir 2004

    New movies3

    Jen Oda 2015 female Ayt/Star Trek into Darkness
    Lee Reherman 2016 Sector 31 operative/Star Trek into Darkness
    Anton Yelchin 2016 Chekov/Star Trek Beyond
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  10. Bry_Sinclair

    Bry_Sinclair Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Sep 28, 2009
    What about Kellie Waymire (Crewman Cutler)? She was a rather prominent loss during ENT.
  11. keel

    keel Lieutenant Commander Red Shirt

    Oct 1, 2011
    She's listed under Voyager since she had also appeared in that series.
  12. FormerLurker

    FormerLurker Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    May 17, 2009
    "His name was Adam."
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  13. keel

    keel Lieutenant Commander Red Shirt

    Oct 1, 2011
    He also played a General in DSN episode 'little green men'.
  14. keel

    keel Lieutenant Commander Red Shirt

    Oct 1, 2011
    Found a new source for information and found 16 additional actors that have passed.

    Joan Swift classic Trek 2016 Operation Annihilate
    John Blower classic Trek 2004 Taste of Armageddon - total from TOS - 269

    Carrie Henger TNG 2010 Brothers
    Nick Trisko TNG 2014 Homeward
    Robin Van Sharner TNG 2015 Silicon Avatar
    Robert J. Biggs TNG 2010 Encounter at Farpoint - total from TNG - 110

    Ralph Moratz DSN 2016 Collaborators - total from DSN - 40

    Lou DeGrado Voy 2008 Resistance
    Bob Mascagno Voy 2003 Various episodes
    Jerry Sherman Voy 2008 Nemesis - total from Voyager - 32

    Joe Geletko Ent 2013 Detained
    Jilliana Neiman Ent 2011 Detained - total from Enterprise - 11

    Adolphus Hankins 2010 ST:Generations
    Greg Bronson 2017 ST:Nemesis
    Barbara Minster 2009 ST:TMP - total from the various classic movies - 56

    Lee Reherman 2016 Star Trek into Darkness - total from new movies - 3
  15. J.T.B.

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    Jun 14, 2005
    I see this is on Wikipedia but can't find it anywhere else. Anyone have confirmation?
  16. keel

    keel Lieutenant Commander Red Shirt

    Oct 1, 2011
    Yes, Stewart Moss passed away in 2017, age of 79.
  17. J.T.B.

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    Jun 14, 2005
    But my question was about confirmation. The Wikipedia entry cites no source, IMDB doesn't have it, and I can't find any online obits.
  18. David Weller

    David Weller Commander Red Shirt

    Oct 14, 2017
    Not even his own website mentions his death.

    However, I did find a reference to a ‘Stewart Moss’ dying on September 13 2011.

    Maybe someone got confused.
  19. keel

    keel Lieutenant Commander Red Shirt

    Oct 1, 2011
    Imdb doesn't accept a death notice from just anyone or any source. You have to go through a convoluted and long process to get vetted before you can submit a notice and even then, Imdb will confirm your information before posting. The various Star Trek websites are often up to date with their notices but can be months and sometimes years behind with their posts. I've found four online sources that state Mr. Moss has died. As far as his official site, it's been less than two months since he died and his site may not be ready or capable to update. Wikipedia now lists his death.
  20. Six of Twelve

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    Apr 22, 2016
    Unimatrix 58
    I was surprised to read just yesterday that Norman Lloyd, who played Professor Galen in TNG's "The Chase", is still with us at the age of 103.
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