Star Trek Original Series Set Tour

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    I just visited this place last week when on holilday. AMAZING doesn't even cover it. Loved the whole look and feel of the place. We were the only ones on the 10AM tour, so got a personal one. The chap who did it was great and knew his stuff. The attention to detail was fantastic. Highlight was being on the bridge. That's me now been on the Enterprise-D bridge at Las Vegas and now this one. Really good. Not much to do in Triconderoga town, so I recommend that you stay up in Lake Placid instead as its only 1hr away. The drive from Boston took just over 4hrs and we went past Queeche Gorge for a quick stop and Woodstock. The Engineering set, with the forced perspective Impulse drive was beautiful.

    That, combined with seeing the original film model of the Enterprise in Washington, then the real Enterprise in New York made for a heck of a New England trip. :)

    Here are some pictures. I mean, heck, just look at that bridge shot... the colours.... wow. Nerd gasm.
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