Spoilers Star Trek: Lower Decks 4x05 - "Empathalogical Fallacies"

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Except it's not actually true that she wears it on a different ear to everyone else. At least not at first.

In Ensign Ro, all the female Bajorans wear it on their left ear, and all the male Bajorans use the right ear.
It is rather amusing that Ro, the first Bajoran we see (IIRC) was doing wrong.
So, from alpha Gruis to Epsilon Ceti, with a detour to the Neutral Zone along the way...?
I mean isn't it canon the Romulans can and do roam it at will while the Federation can't?

Yes and I think the cloaking device probably helps with that. With cloaking, the Romulans can enter the neutral zone without being detected whereas Federation ships would be detected instantly if they entered the neutral zone.
Here's a question... if T'Ana was going to munch on a Betazoid, which one should she have gone for first?
I know others already provided the names of Wendie Malick and Rachel Dratch, but I don't think anyone mentioned the third was Janelle James (Principal Ava from "Abbott Elementary").

Brilliant casting all around on those three, I thought. Oh, let's bring them into live action! That trio could honestly support a full sitcom.

I meant to respond to this. I thought I recognized her voice. I love Abbott Elementary. Some great comic actors here. I'd watch their live action spin-off.
Actually, in the final scene with Geordi in "The Next Phase", Ro said she 'dismissed all the stories' as superstition and the recent experience made her think maybe she was arrogant to dismiss all those stories so easily.

So it's at least implied Ro was not a follower of Bajoran beliefs.

It looks like she specifically said that she didn't believe in "a life after death" in that scene. And earlier, she had said to Geordi that she had never given much thought to talk of borhyas (spirits or souls), and just thought that was superstition. She could presumably still be a believer in the Prophets without necessarily believing she would become a spirit in some type of afterlife when she passed.
Ro is a bit of a contradiction. in the very same episode she first appears in, she states that she grew up beleiving that being a bajoran was shameful because of their 'weakness', ashamed of her heritage, and makes statements regarding the bajoran refugees that expresses attitudes of the sort (and clearly seperating herself from them), yet she also goes out of her way to make statements to others in an effort to reinforce her 'bajoran-ness'. it is clear that she is supposed to be working through some fairly major emotions.

but i would assuem that since she says that she grew up considering being bajoran a shameful thing (since she was seven, according to her) i'd guess that she probably didn't give much credence to bajoran religious beliefs in general. especially since bajor had been a so centered on art, culture, and faith prior to the occupation, and those elements are likely what she would have considered part of the problem.
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It makes me wonder, if the Betazoids retained the BIA (Betzoid Intelligence Agency) while still being Full Fledged members of the UFP, does that mean every Member species of the UFP would retain their "Species Specific" Intelligence Agency while being a Member State of the UFP?

Kind of a mix of US & EU models of Federalism?

Jack Quaid's only 31 y/o, so he's not too far from his characters age.
TNG Gambit had a Vulcan intelligence officer working for Vulcan version of MI6, the V'Shar
It was kinda cool to see the Catians have a thing for Betazoids.

A lot of crisp dialogue and plot twists really add to the presentation.

Until today, only "Are you out of your Vulcan mind?" was the best double entendre ever. "You really Vulcaned it up!" doesn't overtake it, but it comes close. Only took, what, 57 years for something to get that close.

Add in the idea of conflicting telepathic species... not to mention Betazoid manipulation...

T'Lyn still excels. :luvlove::luvlove::luvlove::luvlove::luvlove:

If anything, developments on Angel One have occurred since the eponymously titled TNG episode.

9/10, easily
A lot going on at once in this one. And almost as much going on in the title as the episode.

But Caitans eating Betazoids?!?
I will point out that Caitans running amuck are nothing new. The idea wasn't new in 2x03, "We'll Always Have Tom Paris," either. The first known case of Caitans running amuck comes from TrekLit: a B-plot that ADF added to "The Slaver Weapon," in order to fill out Star Trek Log Ten. It seems that M'Ress, along with previously unseen Caitan crew members M'viore and R'leez, went into heat while Spock was off dealing with the Kzinti, the stasis box, and the Slaver weapon. And the three of them ran amuck, because (since it wasn't a treatment for a pathological condition) nobody had told McCoy about the hormonal supplement that the Caitans were supposed to get twice a year.

At any rate, I found the episode fun, but a bit disturbing in places (e.g., the aforementioned bit about Caitans eating Betazoids, that seemed like throwaway at first, only to turn into a plot point).

Captain Freeman has literally been handed a clue about the season-length(?) story arc.