Star Trek eBooks...Why are they late?

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by JWolf, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. JWolf

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    Oct 9, 2005
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    Why is it Star Trek eBooks cannot come out when the pBooks do? is there any good reason for this? On S&S's website you can add Gods of Night to the cart bt there is no sign of the eBook edition. Is it really that hard for S&S to get the eBook done in time to coincide with the pBook release? I've seen other companies have simultaneous releases witht he pBook & eBook. Who runs the eBook department and is this person asleep all day?
  2. Dimesdan

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    Oct 12, 2007
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    Can't you directly ask the people involved in releasing the ebook lines and not harass the writers all the bloody time as they have told you time after time, after time, they have no say nor influence on the matter what so ever which I'm sure KRAD or Marco will say if they feel the need to tell you again.
  3. Dayton Ward

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    May 22, 2000
    I can't speak for anybody else, but I just checked, and I still don't have any influence or control over the e-Book releases.

    I may, however, already be a winner in the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. It's also possible that I can earn a sweet fee, just for giving some guy in Nigeria my name and bank account info.
  4. Newspaper Taxi

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    I think that there's a slight delay as the S&S people lament about all of the trees they could be killing. Once they get all of those tree-killing fantasies out of the way they put the eBooks up online.
  5. William Leisner

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    No, JWolf. They do it solely for the purpose of pissing you off.

    Just like you post this goddamned question here over and over because you want to annoy the fucking shit out of the rest of us. (That's got to be the reason, since you've told repeatedly nobody here can do a thing about it, right?)