Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 5x09 - "Lagrange Point"

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Most people aren't staring at their hot exhausts, especially in a area with a high amount of debris & crap flying by like when they're near a set of Binary Black holes. Sensors just see crap going out of your aft Impulse Exhaust Port as typical noise. Doesn't matter what gets cooked when going into the Exhausts path.

Impulse Engines are Sub-Space enhanced Fusion Rockets that propel themselves off of Plasma Exhaust out of the aft of your vessel.
I can buy that because they thought Discovery was destroyed.

Is the fusion thrust canon?
Yes, for chemical rockets as I mentioned. I kind of assumed the Breen would be past that. Although, I don't know if it was ever discussed in ST how the sub-light drives for the various species works? I assumed they weren't chemical by that far in the future, but this would seem to suggest they do.
Engines in Trek always seem to have a "matter stream" of some kind in their propulsion. And, sadly, the terminology doesn't change whether or not they are "past that" because it's still written for a 21st century audience.
Engines in Trek always seem to have a "matter stream" of some kind in their propulsion. And, sadly, the terminology doesn't change whether or not they are "past that" because it's still written for a 21st century audience.
I recall left over particles and other things that can be tracked. I don't recall hot exhaust though.

But, like I said, no big deal. Just caught my attention!
No, it's an interesting detail. One I enjoy exploring.
Agreed. Sometimes things just strike me as interesting regardless of their actual importance!

Clearly, this plot point makes complete sense to a modern audience and it worked pretty well.
Is the fusion thrust canon?

It has not been specifically mentioned, and this episode might be the 1st mention of impulse engines producing physical thrust.

The technical manuals do define impulse engines as fusion devices, and since TNG used the diagrams on screen, I would consider it quasi canon.

The problem with thrust producing engines is why the ship slows down once force is removed. One could argue that the warp nacelles anchor the ship to subspace and produce effective drag.
I just watched it. It was quite entertaining, though at the same time so shallow there's really not much to say or analyse about.

I wanted to say the show has moved quite a bit away from the seriousness and character drama of early season 1. But then again, also away again from the absolute, utter trashy schlock from late season 1. So... uh... I would say the show had somewhat found it's footing now, nearing the end?
I'm sure what I'm going to say isn't anything new by now. I thought this was a fine episode, on its own. Right off, Frakes brought an energy to it, and the pacing was pretty good throughout. But as the penultimate episode of the season, but especially, of the entire series, I found it wanting. It didn't feel like it raised the stakes enough. I wanted to feel like the crew were really in danger in this episode, like I have for several TNG, DS9, and even ENT episodes. A sense, of "oh s**t, how are they going to get out of that one?" For a quick moment though, I was wondering if they were hinting at offing Saru, and then on the Breen ship, I wondered if they would kill off Book, Rhys, or Adira. Saru is too popular to ax. I couldn't see them killing off Book because he hasn't resolved things with Moll yet, and I couldn't see them killing off Adira because I think they want to keep the family dynamic with them, Culber, and Stamets. That left Rhys to make the heroic sacrifice, but they kept him around too, which I was fine with.

I don't buy Moll as the de facto primarch. I don't think the series spent enough time building her and L'ak up to make me care about either. Maybe I could buy Moll more if this were the Emerald Chain instead of the Breen. As much as I was initially tickled that Discovery took on the Breen, they didn't need to. They could've built up the Emerald Chain more, created another enemy, though I would've been fine with them going with an even lesser-known species from Trek lore that would've given them even more freedom to play around with than even the Breen did. (I do like how DISCO has handled the Breen more than SNW have the Gorn though).

I thought the attempts to flesh out the Breen in this episode often went for comedy and also humanized them too much for my tastes. I still wish they had kept Ruhn around, or even just had his competitor already take over the Breen.

I thought Burnham having a heart-to-heart with Book on the Breen ship made no sense, but at the same time, it's such a Discovery thing to do that it didn't bother me all that much.

I liked the Rayner/Tilly dynamic in this episode, and I would be fine with seeing a spin off with Rayner as captain and Tilly as first officer instead of Starfleet Academy. I also liked the bit of banter we got on the bridge, though I still wish Owosekun and Detmer were there.

I don't know how long the series finale is, but it seems like they have a lot to get through, and I don't know if they will have the time to address all of that, especially in a satisfactory way.

I think this season started strong, but lost its way with the fifth episode, "Mirrors". I still find it more consistently entertaining than the fourth season, and I can't see it screwing up its finale as badly as the third season. I've been looking at Discovery's first season again, and I still enjoy it the most of any of the seasons. I wish they had kept the two mini arcs a season (that tied into an overarching arc or theme). I don't think they ever learned how to deliver on one massive story told over ten plus episodes. Season 5 is better than Seasons 3 and 4 in that regard, but it would've interesting to see what a Season 6 would've been like if they kept the big arc.
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A big step up from last episode, but still very light and fluffy action schlock.

I liked how Discovery tucked her nacelles for the big crash.
I thought Burnham having a heart-to-heart with Book on the Breen ship made no sense, but at the same time, it's such a Discovery thing to do that it didn't bother me all that much.
Oh I was hoping they'd be exactly the amount of time that scene took late to their target. MISSION NOW EMOTIONS LATER.

What better shows convey with a look, Discovery needs an awkward five-minute monologue.
People talking about their feelings in a dramatic long form presentation? I am shocked, shocked, I say!

Actually, more what I'm shocked by is that people still think Discovery won't have these emotional conversations. The style was set back in the premiere. Burnham managing through her emotions.
One funny observation:
Discovery seems to have entirely done away now with the trope of "redshirts". Since several season now, there haven't been some poor extras killed by monsters or bad guys to show the situation is serious. Which is good.

However... At the same time Discovery has gone down JJ Abrams route of Star Wars action. Meaning our heroes gone down waves after waves of mooks at any chance. Which somehow makes it worse!
The bad guys haven't actually killed a single person this season - yet or heroes gun down & murder them left and right.
Doesn't really feel right, really not proportional.
Discovery is the only Star Trek series where every time a bridge member is on screen I'm like, "Uh, who is this? Have I seen them before?"
I understand why people have trouble with moments like Michael and Book talking about their feelings in the middle of a crisis. It’s not rational or logical.

But then, human beings are rarely entirely driven by reason or logic. When you’re facing the heightened emotion of a life and death situation, it’s not surprising that emotion spills out, especially if you’re with an ex and/or somebody you have unresolved emotional issues with.

I’ve experienced that myself. It might seem like silly writing but it’s actually just very…human.