Star Trek 2017 will not be set in the JJ-Verse

Discussion in 'Future of Trek' started by fyre, Nov 3, 2015.

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    From what I've read today on TBBS and other blogs and Facebook comments, the general consensus is that a post-Star Trek Beyond tv show executive produced by Kurtzman will most likely be set in JJ-Verse.

    Allow me to let the hot air out of that theory for just a moment wont you?

    This show will be produced by CBS. When Viacom and CBS divorced in 2005, the Star Trek franchise was unknowingly split up between the reformed companies. Viacom and it's subsidiary Paramount retained ownership of the movie franchise both past and future, whereas CBS held the rights to the television franchise, past, present and future.

    This is one of the reasons for the existence of the JJ-verse, an alternate timeline wholly-owned by Paramount that wouldn't require licensing of the Prime-Universe television franchise timeline.

    Which is to say that CBS will most likely set this show in the CBS-owned Prime timeline or perhaps (likely?) we will get another spin-off universe from the Prime universe, that CBS will own separate from the JJ-Verse.

    But, regardless of anything, whatever Star Trek 2017 turns out to be, rest ye weary JJ haters, Nu-Trek this will not be.

    What are your thoughts on the matter?
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    I'm not believing it. It will definately be set in the JJ-Verse or some version/branch of it. They may not directly reference stuff from it, but they also wont contradict it.
  3. Quinton O'Connor

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    I don't know. I could see this being in the Abramsverse if certain things get worked out between the various parties. There's so much behind-the-scenes-ishness that we're just totally in the dark with.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's likely. I think it's just as likely it'll be Prime or (I agree with you, this is more probable) a brand new reality. But as others have said, if an agreement could be made and there were sufficient interest, there'd be some benefits to CBS and Paramount going with the Abramsverse for both iterations somehow. Tying into one-another here and there where it suits the stories to do so is a smart move.
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    They could also set it after Enterprise, but before TOS. In that scenario, the new series could be the prime or NU Trek universe. They don't even have to explain themselves.
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    I really, really, really, REALLY hope it's set in the Prime Universe and not the Nu-Trek universe. I really want to see what the Federation is like after the Dominion War.
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    Are there really that many differences between the universes to really matter if its in the Prime or JJ-universe if its set after the Domionion war?

    Sure, Vulcan exploded. What else apart from some cosmetic changes? Vulcan could have been rebuilt at any time between explosion and end of Voyager.

    And they wont be referencing something that happened almost 20 years ago from when the series premieres. No one in the "public" remembers what happened at the end of DS9. It will be something brand new. They may reference some Great War, but nothing specific.

    How about Andromeda done right?
    Lone Starfleet ship, from TOS, TNG or any era, no need to specify, gets pushed to the future. Federation is in ruins, many planets destroyed during the War and its aftermath. One Starfleet captain has to rebuild the Federation.
  7. ChristopherPike

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    Ideally this would be the way I'd like it to go. And just to add to the increasingly unlikeliness of such a scenario - still within the lifetime of that show's characters, for the occasion reference to Admiral Archer and his (not yet missing in transport) beagle! :D
  8. RoJoHen

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    I've always wanted a new series to take place even farther in the future, the 25th or 26th Centuries. A Next Next Generation, if you will. You can give us all the familiar races, but it gives enough time to reinvent the landscape and start from scratch without needing to reference anything that came before.
  9. .:: TSN ::.

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    Mar 16, 2004
    This would be preferable to me. I dont want to go into the "past" or do yet another prequel. I want Trek to be able to go anywhere it wants without being burdened by something that comes in the future. If showrunner wants to blow up Earth then let it explode without worrying about continuity.
  10. RAMA

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    Dec 13, 1999
    The JJ universe is the most popular one right now, bringing many non-trekkers in to watch it and selling 61 million tickets for two films. Kurtzman wrote for it. It will be in the JJ universe but may have plots where they go to the prime-verse.
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  11. Campe

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    Um. The real reason the Abramsverse exists? To free it from the clutches of 700+ hours of Star Trek before it.

    I'm not saying it's not possible but I find it highly unlikely that the new series will be in the Primeverse.
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    While it's conceivable that they will have another re-reboot it for the new show, I think we can be pretty sure that this won't be the "un-boot" that some fans seem to be envisioning.

    Best case scenario for them, CBS will *say* it's in the Primeverse, but it won't bear any resemblance to what these fans are asking for, which would namely be turning back the clock to 1995. IMO
  13. Relayer1

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    I'd say it'll be in the JJverse, or at least be at pains not to be specific. That could result in some dancing around the Vulcan / Romulus being missing issue, but they could either set it before TOS or so far in the future it hardly matters. Especially if New Vulcan or New Romulus is just referred to as Vulcan or Romulus by then.

    Much as I'd like it, there's no return to the prime universe, and I doubt another reboot would go down well...
  14. Tim Walker

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    Aug 8, 2014
    A "soft reboot", then? :confused:
  15. shapeshifter

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    Wasn't there a big crap-storm this past summer over someone claiming to have been given a chance to pitch a show to CBS about a 'hyper-stargate' that would transport starships to another galaxy?

    Yes, so that is one possibility for what this will be. Fits the description given the press release very well.
  16. Quinton O'Connor

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    Apr 3, 2010
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    Heh, he specifically has us heading to Andromeda. This all feels very reminiscent of precisely what I suspect Mass Effect: Andromeda will be.

    In any case, I've always loved that pitch. If any of it endures in this iteration I'll be pleased. I feel like the fellow shares a great deal in common with me with regard to what a modern Trek needs to be.
  17. Squiggy

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    That you're wrong?

    1. Everyone knew that the movies would be Paramount (as they always have been) and the series would be CBS "controlled" due to mergers over the past 50 years.

    2. CBS owns "Star Trek". They license the franchise to Paramount. Paramount can't do anything with the name unless CBS signs off on it.

    3. JJ blowing up the Prime Timeline isn't because he couldn't do a movie in that setting, it's because it was bogged down and honestly, sucked towards the end. If he wanted to do a movie involving Voyager, he would've. CBS would've let him. Paramount would've let him. It would've sucked. But he could've done it.

    4. The guy who was personally involved creating nuTrek is also personally involved in creating the new series. You think he would still be behind it if CBS forced him to go back to Prime? Hell no.

    So, in short. "No."

    A longer answer is "CBS owns Trek. Full stop. It can be in any setting they wish as long as they pay the the appropriate royalties."
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  18. Ryan8bit

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    What is the key determining factor on whether it's one or the other? Pretty much it's just Vulcan. None of the particulars about Khan or any of Enterprise's missions have much bearing on anything at all. Maybe some of the technology, but that could be done like it was handled in the prime: forgotten about.

    The other part would be the ship/uniform designs. But I'm guessing we might get an overhaul there too.

    And also, it really depends on the time and setting of the show whether or not such continuity will even matter. Maybe we won't even be in the same 23rd century. If it's in the 22nd, none of it matters. If it's in the 24th, it might not matter. If it's in the 30th it might not matter.

    It's really just too hard to say at this point where it will be. If it was up to me, it would be neither. I would invent a new continuity that contained broad strokes of all of the best of Star Trek, and threw away all of the minutiae, and possibly invented some new things. I hope Kurtzman does the same.
  19. Rahul

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    Nov 2, 2014
    Here is one reason I think it might be in the prime-timeline:

    The release date.

    It's 2017.

    It would be much smarter to bring out a new series in 2016, for it's 50th anniversary. So why put it in 2017? I got the sense the reboot was originally planed as an entire new continuity, with new shows set in it and all of it. 2016 is the third installement of the reboot movies in cinema. There was probably a contract, that if they were to produce a new series in the timeframe of the 3 abrams movies, bad robot needed to be involved. Instead. A 4th movie is already announced, but as you saw, all contracts needed to be re-negotiated (that's why it was announced so ig that Pine and Quinto would appear in the new movies). It's likely CBS will wait until 2017 to be allowed to make the series without bad robot, but put it as soon as possible (january) for general audiences to still rember the big anniversary.

    Other thoughts:
    - Seriously, bad robot is not involved. Which means, JJ abrams is not involved. And those are the guys that have the rights to the JJverse
    - There are practical reasons to put it in the new timeline, namely:
    i) the JJverse spaceships are much to big. They need giant sets, and props (like shuttles/torpedoes) are enormeous. The old continuity is much more television-conform
    ii) Kurtzman seems to be the only one involved from the JJ-crew. And he's the guy already working for CBS. So for CBS it would be a smart move to put him in charge of a new series, that would look and feel like the reboot, without being officially part of it and the need to negotiate with Paramount over license fees
    iii) There's a fourth movie planned. Which means a new television series would need to be heavily synchronized with the movie staff, to not contradict themselves. If it's all under one parent company (like Marvel over different mediums) it would be possibly. But the series is produced by Kurtzmann's own production company. The only alternative would be to put the series in the JJverse in tha past (which would be a prequel, unlikely), or in the far future a la TNG. And then there would be no benefit to put it in the same continuity and be heavily bound by events of upcoming movies
    iv) The JJverse offers nothing new: warp drive, shields, beaming, klingons, vulcans, phaser are the same in both continuitys. The only addition of the JJverse canon-wise are stupid things like "transwarp-beaming"
    v) The JJverse is not long-time sustainable. It's basis are Kirk and Spock. Maybe after the 4th there's a 5th movie. But after that, they need to either re-cast or re-boot again (because they will NEVER EVER make a summer blockbuster with a new crew originally from television). So why set it in the new verse when nobody know how it will end, and you have all creative freedom to go on in the old?

    So, all in all:
    I hope it's not set in the JJverse. What will happen instead?

    It will look like it's set in the JJverse. In the first few seasons, they will probably leave all possibilities open. It will be set on new worlds, and neither Vulcan nor Romulus will be mentioned specifically. That means: It won't be a sequel to the TNG-timeline either. No mentioning of the Dominion War and stuff apart from side remarks. Although it is possible to have guest appereances by old actors, like Patrick Steward or Jery Ryan. But don't expect them until the series stands firmly on it's own foot.

    All in all: Probably, hopefully, set in the prime timeline. But it will resemble the prime-timeline as much as TNG resembled TOS.
  20. F. King Daniel

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    The exact wording is:

    The new television series is not related to the upcoming feature film Star Trek Beyond which is scheduled to be distributed by Paramount Pictures in summer 2016.

    I read that to mean the series and movie aren't the same production. So people won't think the movie's been cancelled and replaced with the series. I don't think it has any meaning with regard to in-universe timelines.