Standalone TNG Novels


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Are there any recent standalone TNG novels set during the 7 season run on TV?

It's a little confusing with the newer novels, with newer characters I'm not familar with. Like the TOS novels that tend to be set during the original 5 year mission, I'd like to pick up a TNG novel that is set during the original run of the Enterprise D and crew and just enjoy the read, like I would en episode of TNG.

I read Star Trek Destiny back in '09, and that was an excellent read but after that, every single novel afterwards picked up on the story threads from Destiny and I've not kept up at all. It's a whole new TrekLit universe of which I'm not familiar.

So, any recommendations for recent standalone TNG novels?
There haven’t been very many of those for quite s few years, but there was Shadows Have Offended by Cassandra Rose Clark a couple of years ago. And May will see the release of Pliable Truths by Dayton Ward.

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Thanks- the TrekLit guide you wrote up helps quite a bit.

I've read a few novels in the TrekLit universe, but I'm selective about it. Takedown by John Jackson Miller is one I've read. Losing the Peace is another. I try to read novels that are ship-in-a-bottle novels.

I just finished Chain of Attack by Gene DeWeese, and The Latter Fire by James Swallow. Excellent reads.

I've also read all of the Voyager relaunch novels by Beyer, save for the last one.
There's going to be anew Stand alone TNG novel coming out in May Pliable truths by Dayton Ward with Picard and Ro Laren that takes place before the Ds9 pilot the Emissary .
The timeline as laid out at the outset of CODA 1: Moments Asunder really helped me build a conceptual understanding of the timeline since the end of Berman-era trek.

It helped me pick Headlong Flight as my current read.
I've actually read Rogue Saucer twice now. It's a fun read. Genesis Wave 1 and 2 are also good reads, from the same author as Rogue Saucer.