Sonequa Martin-Green is Your DSC Star

I guess we know who dies in TWD when it returns.

I never liked her acting on TWD. Hopefully she's better on Discovery.
I never watched The Walking Dead. How is she in it?

Ethnic women as the lead. I like that. Seems exactly like what Fuller wanted to do a few years ago, when he imagined a Trek series (set on the Reliant) with Angela Basset as the lead. Now we seem to get substitute-Angela Basset :P
Considering current political climate I would have liked a "brownish" (read: arab or mexican) lead even more than an african-american one. But that's secondary. Primary concern is: Can she act?
I have never heard her name or seen her face before. I hope her character is good and that she is a great actor.
Just as a reminder, the character's name - until they tell us otherwise at some future date (within the course of the season) - is Number One.

She's a great actor, i enjoyed her on The Walking Dead.

That should be "I enjoy her on The Walking Dead", since she's not going anywhere right now.
My first reaction to this news was one of disappointment. She's been one of my least favourite performers on The Walking Dead these past few years.

Upon deeper thought, maybe it's just the writing of her character that I'm not a fan of, rather than how she's playing her. She certainly can act, at least.

Just an all round interesting choice, and very interesting choice. I can't say I ever thought she could command the screen like off of the previous Trek show leads have. Looking forward to being surprised though!
I didn't initially connect the dots that she was Tamara on OUaT, but I liked what she brought to that role, so it should be interesting to see her as (presumably) a Starfleet officer.
Fun fact: a while back I started a fanfic about a Lt Cmdr being made XO of a ship command by a Captain Raintree.

Never published any of it but that's still an amusing coincidence.

She looks lovely but I've never watched The Walking Dead. I'll trust the producers here.