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    Are the twins given the assignments they seem to have? Certainly they are not random choices like humans make.

    Dahj is admitted to the Daystrom institute - why? The people who built her (Maddox) don’t need anything from them to build a synth.

    Soji has a multi year role at the Artifact... why? What’s there that they need?

    Related: where is the “nest” of AIs - how do the Romulans know it exists? Or know there are synths at all around?

    My thoughts:
    What’s at Daystrom - the B4 body. They wanted to rescue it, perhaps repair it / bring it up to specs / rehabilitate the synths by reproducing Data.

    At the artifact: Romulans discover Soji is a synth first (1-2 weeks before the show starts) and track down her twin on earth. We see it in reverse order. What does the “synth nest” want at the artifact? Not clear to me. Borg tech? Move the damaged Romulans to synth bodies? Rehabbing Borg is similar to rehabbing synths (former enemies now accepted)? Take over the artifact as a home?

    Theories appreciated.
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    Good questions. Who or what is the driving force behind the heroine twins? Are they being drawn to Daystrom because Jurati has nefarious designs on them? Or are they infiltrating the institute because somebody else has designs on Jurati? The researcher is a suspicious character at the moment, apparently easing herself into Picard's posse under false pretenses after discussions with Commodore Oh. But if the chain extends from Jurati through Oh to the Evil Romulans, then it's all part of the anti-Synth cabal, apparently, and Jurati wants to kill or capture Soji, whose life choices then are the doing of some opposing faction.

    Nothing is too obvious yet. Might be the twins have little or nothing to do with the less advanced Synths or their apparent rebellion. Might be they are active players on their own, despite so many hints that they are being led on a leash and controlled via the fake Mother. But getting them into their respective positions was apparently in preparation for something, and this something would require or follow from Activation. Sounds like the work of a controlling faction - but any number of factions would wish to act against Evil Romulans, and any number of them could have the muscle to go against an organization weakened by a supernova blast.

    It's nice that nothing is being semaphored yet...

    Timo Saloniemi
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    Speculation: Maddox is dead, but he created a small group of the bio-synths before he died. However, they aren't able to replicate his work. They need a fresh source of Data's neurons (which could only be found in B-4, since Data went foom - this must've been Maddox' original source too) and something - likely not tech - from the Borg. Soji is looking for the reason the Borg ship underwent a submatrix collapse. This might be something the biosynths themselves are prone to? Despite what Picard said, they must be at least partly tech based unless Maddox worked out how to simulate positronic connections using biological neurons...

    Or, like the Cylons, are they trying to find ways to reproduce? What would the advantage of a biological synth be except the ability to procreate naturally?
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    Is there, in fact, a whole 'nest of abominations', or have the Romulans got completely the wrong end of the stick and these two are the only ones after all?

    So many questions...and the whole of the rest of the show to await answers!