Sleeping on the Enterprise

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    But JJ fixed this.

    Also I gotta say..


    Really, a bra can't compete.
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    If UhuraPrime ever had taken her shirt/uniform off on TOS. In the words of a certain Romulan it would be "Glorious....Glorious!" Then everyone's TV set would explode.
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    Even Alfred Hitchcock knew this. Early in Psycho, Marion Crane is in a hotel room with her lover. He's shirtless, she's wearing a bra. Hitch felt the scene was satisfactory for only half the audience.
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    ^That is not exactly what I meant :lol:
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    It's outer space, so I guess it's constantly night.
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    Or one might consider it constantly daylight.

    Vampires are said to be burned by daylight, yet the Moon can reflect enough sunlight to cast shadows at night. Why doesn't that hurt vampires? "It's a matter of intensity," one might say. Then we see scenes like Will Smith being terrorized by vampires in I AM LEGEND. It is close to sunset, and only a tiny sliver of sunlight passing between some buildings holds the demons at bay. Fire will burn people, but one can pass a hand quickly through a flame with no more damage than some singed hairs. Why couldn't the demons leap through that tiny sliver of light? And what about the light from the sky overhead?
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    I imagine they used a system similar to the Navy.

    Here's a link for more details;

    Also there was a TNG episode that mentions this. I don't know all the episode names like you guys but it was the one where Cpt Picard goes off on a mission and the Enterprise gets a new Captain. The new Captain changes the duty rotation and Riker complains to him about it going from an 8 hour shift to a 12 hour shift.
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    Stage 9 forever
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    Yes I thought they used a 12 hour watch while on a 'mission' and an 8 hour otherwise. While on something important like 'Balance of Terror' I think the main crew were probably on watch most of the time with perhaps a 6 hour sleep shift when they could. Kirk needed his main team on duty when things got critical.

    I don't think current navy ships are directly comparable to a Starship crew. With no disrespect intended I think the Starship crew would have a lot more scientists, engineers, doctors, nurses than say a regular Navy ship. A lot of tedious tasks like swabbing the deck would be automated so a 12-hour shift probably isn't necessary for a Starship crew normally.
    Also they're on a 5-year mission. They'd have to have some leisure time. Hence the luxurious boudoirs and recrooms in TNG.
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    @ BoredShipCapt'n

    Great video! :guffaw:

    Back to the OT I think "The Conscience of the King" is one episode that mostly takes place during nighttime.

    On the planet its the Leighton's Party (and the murder), McCoy drinks alcohol in the examination room (hopefully after his working shift), Kirk takes Lenore Karidian near the flight deck (lights off), Spock and McCoy walk deserted corridors, Riley appears to be watching over the engine room all by himself (this time he listens to Uhura's singing rather than delivering one of his performances :rolleyes:), Kirk visits Anton Karidian (Lenore is in her bedroom) and the Karidian players' performance also seems to take place in the evening.

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    In term of running the ship, who were the "Main Team?" Lt Palmer in terms of ability was probably interchangeable with Lt Uhura. The officers at the engineering station on the bridge switched around regularly. Sulu and Chekov weren't alway the two at helm/nav.

    Kirk and Spock might camp out on the bridge during a on-going crisis, but there no reason that the rest of the bridge crew wouldn't maintain a fairly normal shift rotation.