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    (And as the total film is only roughly 33 percent sci-fi in nature, I'm electing to place this thread in General Media/Movies).

    Having seen CLOUD ATLAS last weekend, without yet reading the book, I thought it got to an excellent start and mostly maintained its quality level for perhaps two of its three hours. Reading reviews in advance, I knew most of the actors would be playing up to six different roles, often skewing against racial and sexual boundaries. So my confusion level was possibly less than others. Going in totally cold without knowing what to expect may not be the wisest option.

    Still, the third hour seemed to climax multiple times. You often assumed certain characters were leaving the film, though just about everyone came back for extra climaxes or additional scenes. This made the film feel more than its three hours. Ambitious as it was, I feel some segments were more noteworthy than others. Each of the six major segments had one main character. The Jim Broadbent 2012 sequences were fairly entertaining, but seemed to continue into unnecessary extras. To me, the two most successful pieces were the 1973 Halle Berry thriller plotline, with the fabricant sci-fi segments a close second.

    I noticed most segments had a connective tissue of some sort, but if there was a connection between the 19th century Jim Sturgess ship segments and the 1930s drama, I'm afraid it slipped by me.

    For those of you who have also seen it, what say you?
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    Here's what I said in the Movies seen in 2012 thread, when I went to see the movie this weekend:

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    Frobisher was reading a collection of Ewing's published diaries of his voyage.