Siddig & Robinson's The Dream Box

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    Alexander Siddig & Andrew Robinson wrote and performed this play at conventions.

    How long was it, and what was it about? Are there and transcripts/videos online?
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    I've often wondered the same thing- I dearly wish I'd been able to see it, or that some version of it (audiobook?) existed. I suppose the market for it has dried up, but Andrew Robinson had such enthusiasm for it, I'd love to see him progress it into some form of media.
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    There is a sequel to the play called "The Calling" in the Prophecy and Change anthology. One can infer certain events that may have happened in "The Dream Box" by reading it. Unfortunately, there are no plans to print the play in book form.
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    Robinson mentions the play in this online interview:

    "I'll be doing the play that Alexander Siddig and I have written called "The Dream Box." I have, however, written new material for Garak to be done as a reading in case Siddig flakes out."

    The play works as a sequel to his novel, "A Stitch in Time", which also began as a series of letters between Bashir and Garak, which Robinson used to perform at conventions. (He used to hate the idea that one day he'd be on stage and the audience would run out of questions.)