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  1. Trevor Oldak

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    Nov 6, 2019
    Disclaimer: Yes, this is my site. No, I don't make any money off of it currently, so hopefully you can forgive me for self-promoting my won hard work. No, I'm not spamming every site with this. I'm a guy at a keyboard typing this by hand.

    For the past 3 years I've been working on a convention tracker. It includes tracking of conventions by story universe, including Star Trek: https://comiconomicon.com/universe/3/Star_Trek
    I've also got individual trackers for each of the mythos is you prefer one over the others:

    I've seen that T'Bonz has been doing some convention tracking here: https://www.trektoday.com/content/tags/conventions/ and thought maybe my site could be of use

    I've only recently gotten my tracker to a point where I was comfortable sharing it with others, but I'd welcome any feedback you guys might have. I'm admittedly more of a BSG person but I know fan conventions wouldn't exist if it weren't for the support and initiative of Star Trek fans, so thank you guys for doing what you do.

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  2. Trevor Oldak

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    Nov 6, 2019
    So quiet..... was there another place I should have posted this?
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    This board doesn't really allow advertising for your sites. This place is ok because posters are allowed to share websites they've created, but make sure you're participating elsewhere and aren't just here to advertise.

    That being said, this place is pretty low volume. You can put a link in your signature so people can see it when you post elsewhere.
  4. Trevor Oldak

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    Nov 6, 2019
    Ok, thanks for the heads up!