Shada - Again!

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    Apr 29, 2012
    Apparently they cribbed some of Carey's lines from his Traken appearance.

    Shame they didn't use audio from his role in Timelash:

    Chronotis: "You may be wondering how i learnt of your treason."

    Doctor: "Whaaat?"
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    Jun 7, 2011
    It's very nicely done. The focus is very much not on making something aimed at the real hadcore fans (the ones who cheerfully watch recons of missing stories and wouldn't find the format shifts odd), there's a real attempt here to make something that will work for folk who just like Tom Baker and/or Douglas Adams. Most notably with a new scene being added to make the first transition to animation as smooth as possible.

    Plus the editing on the live action footage has been tightened up considerably, not so anything's cut in terms of dialogue, but it zips along much more than previous releases or indeed what it would have been like had it gone out in 1979. Previously the scenes I'd found flat and badly performed are improved tenfold.

    the animation itself, whilst clearly not Disney level, is still up a level from Power of the Daleks and does the job nicely, and all the reunited actors slip into their parts well. I think Christopher Neame may actually be even better than he was before. The decision not to recast K9 or Professor Chronotis does mean some cut scenes and rejigging, but if anything the reveal of the Professor's secret is handled better here than in the script where he just comes out with it at the worst possible moment (ironically the novelisation changes that moment for that very reason).

    It's not perfect, Shada as both a production and a script never was (the various changes Adams made for the first Dirk Gently book--like having only one student sidekick instead of two--are all improvements). But for the first time the original works as a piece of entertainment rather than an historical curio.

    And having Tom Baker film the final scene was a brilliant idea. You're so used to the switch between young Tom and drawn Tom him suddenly being old Tom doesn't take you out of the drama, and the discussion of what people will think of him in 200 years is perfect for a moment like that. It's tremendously heart warming. And the season 17 console room they cobbled together from the Experience version looked great!
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    There's a difference? Depends on your point of view.
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    I Watched it this weekend and really enjoyed it, the animation fitted in nicely and old Tom staring into the camera at the end felt like a nice link to the caretaker.
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    I watched it a bit ago and I concur. Well done and enjoyable. The last time I had seen it was on the VHS with Tom's linking narration. It was much better this way! I enjoyed all the specials on the disc as well.