Set a course for Earth maximum warp....

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    Hi I ran across the teaser trailer for First Contact and the movie trailer. 1 of the differences that you see in the 2 different trailers is when Capt. Picard says the line must be drawn here, but I have a question. There is another line that Capt. Picard says that also seems to be different on both trailers. He says Set a course for Earth, maximum warp. Is it just me, or are they different takes on the same line. I know that movies do that, but I wanted another opinion about them. I have 1 more question. Why was it so easy for the Starfleet to defeat the Borg cube? Did the Borg all of a sudden not be able to adapt to weapons? Thanks everyone!
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    Picard told them where to shoot. Having been Locutus, he knew the Borg's weak spot.
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    More specifically, having been Locutus he was lucky enough to be exposed to the Collective's internal communications and pick up them discussing a weak spot that existed at that point in time.