Section 31 Control Blurb and Cover

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by The Wormhole, Oct 16, 2016.

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    I'm in Ottawa and have checked everyday since before release and I haven't seen it available. It's driving me nuts, as I have several $$$ in Chapters gift cards i want to use. IF it doesn't show up in stores this week, I'll be heading over to Amazon to order it.

    This is really weird, as my various local Chapters outlets usually have Trek books a good week or two before the end of the month when they drop online. First they took away all the brick and mortar competition, and now they are driving me to their only other real competitor left in the book buying Canadian Market. Chapters is fucking up!
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    FWIW It could also be a fuck up by S&S, as Control isn't even showing up as part of the Star Trek line on their own So if it isn't listed correctly in their catalog and chapters has a standing order for all ST novels it maybe fell through the cracks. Have you asked someone in a bookstore or contacted their website?
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    I got my copy from a Coles store in the Ottawa Valley.
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    I pre-ordered my copy from Chapters and got it a week before the release date. And I'm in Nova Scotia, which is more or less Canadian backwater.
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    I was waiting to get it from the library, but their copies are still all on order and I was given an amazon gift card so I'm going to be ordering it from there. They're listing it as in stock.
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    Thanks for the replies, all!

    You may be right... I just realized that their website lists the title for this one as Section 31: Control, whereas the previous installment was Star Trek: Section 31: Disavowed.

    I haven't asked anyone in-store yet, just because, since it hadn't shown up as in-stock, I hadn't actually made a trip to the store yet.
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    I guess I'm going to have to suck it up and read Disavowed because I want to read this one...I love David Mack and Bashir. The only reason I've been putting it off because I hate
    the mirror universe.
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    ^Even after the recent MU series? I always got a kick out of the MU, but the books starting with Glass Empires added an incredible amount of depth to it. The Sorrows of Empire is amazing.
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