Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman to star in Deadpool III (2024)

gutless? Bringing him back was a risk because of Logan.

I think it would of done well even without him.

It most certainly wouldn't. Just like No Way Home shouldn't have bothered with Tobey and Andrew and the older villains, but their presence caused all the people who only love the older movies and have no interest in modern CBMs to come in.
Forming stories around ways to make more money. What will they think of next?

Well, folks keep complaining about how there's nothing but sequels and prequels and remakes and nothing original...

....And then it's shown that gutless things like this always triumph over anything original and smart.
Not liking most of MU FOX films outside of X2. They took waaay too much liberty with the reboot. I actually enjoyed the first two DP's. But anyone who read the comics knows Colossus was never a friend of Deadpools. Cable was the straight man to DPs oddball self. They even had a buddy comic together, but I liked DP s portrayal enough. They were fun films.
Variety interview with Kevin Feige.

Highlights include the yellow suit, the truth of the line in the trailer about forbidding them to show cocaine use and his reaction to the leaked footage, which was apparently shot with drones.

Two bits from Feige stuck out to me...

  • "But we were talking about everybody being afraid of Disney-fying things. This is the biggest entertainment company in the entire world for a hundred years. You should be so lucky as to Disney-fy everything."
And regarding the "R"rating...

  • "That comes down to parental guidance. It may seem strange to say, but it is an immensely wholesome movie -- with a lot of bad words and gore."

My wish for the third act that probably won't come true.

I want there to be an Endgame style portal scene with both X-Men and Avengers characters coming through the portals. Given the Paul Rudd joke, one of them has to be Ant-Man.
Am I the only one who thinks Lady Deadpool isn't going to be Taylor Swift or anyone famous and will just be Ryan's head CGI'd onto some random extra's body?
Definitely won't be Taylor Swift since they've already confirmed she's not in it (and her playing Dazzler was the popular theory/fancasting).

As for Lady Deadpool, I'm sure you're not the only person to think it'll just be Ryan Reynolds (CGI or just a wig). Doesn't really matter to me.