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    Hey there. If you're looking for a fun Trek Writing experience, then Vanguard is probably for you. we are a new community with three sims open and looking to expand slowly. We favor quality over quantity, and good storytelling over everything else. I've been a part of some great sim sites in the past, and some no so great ones, as I'm sure we can all relate to. What I'm trying to do here, is take everything that I've learned and creat an environment where a bunch of trekkies can get together and tell their stories without having to worry about things like OOC drama or ranks or task forces. I simply want to write some trek. At Vanguard that's what we're going to do.

    As far as organization, it's going to be really simple. There is an Admin or two. What that means is that we update the site and keep things running. on that end. We also set things up for potential sim leaders. Then of course there are sim leaders. They facilitate the sims. And then there are members. They write. There isn't a hierarchy here. Just because a member happens to be a sim leader doesn't make him or her superior to a member. Same with admins. The goal here is to have a site where everyone contributes and plays as equals. No hidden forums... No Admiralty..no cliques... no drama. Just fun.

    Speaking of no Admiralty, when you create a wikidot account (You'll need it to edit bio pages, create articles, and post on the forums), I encourage you to register with your real name or a nickname of your choosing if you'd like. You can always register with your character name too, it's your choice. There is always room in the signature area for multiple character signature banners.

    OOC that's pretty much it. Got a great idea for a character? Want to run a sim? Just want to join another community for Trekkies and Trekkers? Check us out. we have alot of open spots for crew on one of the sims, or for a new startup sim, as well as an area for independant character development. I can also tell you that as a sim leader your only responsibilities would be to facilitate your story. No website, no SMS, Nova or any of that. We keep everything on one forum. All the ship's information will be housed on it's wikidot page or pages as the crew sees fit.

    So there is the OOC pitch. We're new. We're a little different. Come check us out!
    Now for the story.....

    The Zulu Sector is an area of space in the Gamma Quadrant that is home to dozens of species. It's a densely populated area that remains largely unexplored by the Federation. This is about to change. The 2nd Expeditionary Fleet, commanded by Admiral Teron Gav of Trill has been assigned to explore the region and set up a base of operations. The Chara Confederacy, led by the Allixi are wary of the Federation's presence. One of the member races however, the outgoing Arielians have allowed Starfleet to set up an outpost in their area of space. A nomadic group of traders lacking the powerful ships of their Chara Brethren, they have much to gain from a strong Starfleet presence in the area.

    In addition to the Allixi and the Arielians, there are dozens of other races in the sector, many of them pre warp. Starfleet's mandate here is to explore, and establish good relations with the Chara Confederacy and the other unaligned people in the region.


    Interested? Interested in running a sim in a stress free simming environment? Check us out!


    or you can hit me up at

    MSM - jerichoholic42@hotmail.com
    AIM - swagger456
    YIM - justin.ballard79@yahoo.com

    Thanks for reading! Hope to write with you soon!
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    Tired of the same old ship and starbase sims, actually like engineering, science or just into treknobabble? If the answer to any of these is yes then why not have a look a new sim, Starbase 332, Cerberus Station.

    This sim is just getting off the ground, so far we have 3 really experienced players and are looking for others to join us for creative character writing and interesting story lines that don't revolve around fighting the alien of the week.

    The station itself is under the command of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers so if you want to grab a hyperspanner or are more of a dab hand with a electron microscope then check us out. Questions and queries are welcome :)

    Cerberus Station can be found at http://cerberus.rophf.com/index.php/main/index

    Hope to hear from you soon
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    Hello everyone, let me introduce myself. I am Lieutenant Commander Kilan Nu Commanding Officer of the USS Jericho an Ambassador-class Starship apart of Task Force 86. Your probably thinking why is this ship going to be different then any other ship out their? I tell you what will set us apart......it will be a fun adventure that will be filled with all sorts of missions ranging from somewhat mellow klingons all the way to the more not so friendly foe out their. Granted she is new, but you can shape her future. Make her grow and become a good sim in Bravo Fleet. If your interested please feel free to check out our website at http://ussjericho.byethost4.com

    We are a PBF based simulation (using Nova as a main website) with a 17+ age rating simulation.

    The USS Jericho is looking for the following positions to be filled.

    Chief Positions

    Executive Officer
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Chief Strategic Operations Officer
    Chief Security/Tactical Officer
    Chief Operations Officer
    Chief Engineering Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Medical Officer
    Chief Counselor
    Chief Intelligence Officer
    Chief Diplomatic Officer
    Marine Commanding Officer
    Group Commander-Starfighter Wing

    Along with all Assistant Positions. If your not interested in either Chief or Assistant Positions we have other positions available for you to apply for. Again check us out and if your interested please feel free to join.
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    Aug 17, 2011
    Captain Eastman, a veteran of a Borg invasion and the Dominion War. Someone that has seen the bitterness, grit, and darkness in some of the Federation's living memory. For years he served Starfleet proud, from war to exploration, and now it was his time to retire, his time to forget the horrors of war and death and reflect only on the glories of past exploration and discoveries. But, this wasn't what fate had in store for him. In the far off Galaxy of M90, an Iconian Gateway flashed to life as the first Federation explorers came through to see the wonders of another whole galaxy. What these intrepid explorers don't know is in the M90 galaxy, a race, divinely destined to rule, rules with an iron first and now, they will soon know about the Milky Way galaxy and the billions of lives that need the divine protection of the Divine Alliance, weather they want that protection or not...

    This is the world of Star Trek: Dallas, which follows the adventures of the USS Dallas an Excelsior Class starship that has been thrust into the M90 galaxy. It's mission is to explore the M90 galaxy, to protect the Federation, and to bring hope and light to those who live in the shadow of an uncaring and brutal empire. The year is 2387, the place is the USS Dallas, your doorway to adventure today!

    Visit Us Here: http://ussdallas.minusb.com
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    May 8, 2011
    Re: Section 31 Roleplay

    Dear Users of TrekBBS

    My name is Richard Evans and I am a representative of Section 31 Roleplay. We are a Roleplaying group, that specilized in Star Trek Elite Force 1 mod RPG-X. You might be thinking that you must have Elite Force 1 to play with our group. Wrong. There are many new programs and files that will allow you to join us in a roleplay in a matter of minutes.

    Don't be put off by the fact that we play RPG-X, because that's not the only thing we play. We are also expanding into Star Trek Online, Star Trek Infinite Space and other games as well.

    Not only that, we are currently in the process of transfering to vBulletin forum software. This is a brand new and excited move we have decided to take, and we are very excited to launch it. So, please come by and visit us, as we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and we can help you get started with us.

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    Jan 11, 2009

    The USS Leviathan is a Defiant class heavy escort with orders to Patrol the Post-War Cardassian space.
    We have a great crew of 6, but are always looking for more players to fill the ranks.
    Join us as we start Season 2, where new adventure a wait, be sure to join early so you can take part of the entire season.
    New to the Leviathan is our Awards and Commendations program where your character can earn awards through your amount of activity in the group.
    Awards are given each season for the most solo posts written, the most joint posts started, for the most activity in the group, for wounds received in the line of duty and much more.
    As part of the Awards and Commendations program, you will also have a chance to have your character spot lighted in your very own USS Leviathan promotional YouTube Commercial!
    Join the Adventure today at www.ussleviathan.net

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    U.S.S. Leviathan PBEM RPG Looking for some good players


    The USS Leviathan is a Defiant class heavy escort with orders to Patrol the Post-War Cardassian space.
    We have a great crew of 6, but are always looking for more players to fill the ranks.
    Join us as we start Season 2, where new adventures a wait, be sure to join early so you can take part of the entire season.
    New to the Leviathan is our Awards and Commendations program where your character can earn awards through your activity in the group.
    Awards are given each season for the most solo posts written, the most joint posts started, for the most activity in the group, for wounds received in the line of duty and much more.
    As part of the Awards and Commendations program, you will also have a chance to have your character spot lighted in your very own USS Leviathan promotional YouTube Commercial!
    Join the Adventure today at www.ussleviathan.net

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    Are you looking for a simm that has some backstory or are you looking for one that takes place on a starbase? Starbase Majestic has just that as our history began with the USS Horizon, but the crew moved on. Some stayed and continued on with Starbase Majestic, while others went their own direction.

    We are looking for people to join Starbase Majestic to continue creating history on the borders of Klingon and Romulan space.

    Positions, we are looking to fill are:
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Chief Operations Officer/Chief Engineer
    Chief Tactical Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Assistant Chief Medical Officer
    Civilian Positions

    If there is a position not listed, feel free to ask. We are a Nova Based Simm.
    To apply, go to http://www.starbasemajestic.com
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    Jun 30, 2008
    USS Hammerhead NX-30062008

    Prometheus Fleet, a new but very active and open simm fleet is looking for new players!

    Our newest ship: The U.S.S. Hyperion (NCC-4742-C), an Arrogant-class starship. This simm, like the rest of the fleet, is set in 2388, but we do not accept anything in the Abramsverse or Star Trek Online as canon. Also, we're an exploratory/diplomatic-style simm, more like the Next Generation, so if you're looking to get to blow up lots of stuff and aren't really looking for character development and interesting plots, you'd be joining the wrong simm.

    But for all those of you who do wish to write meaningful dialogues, three-dimensional characters and intricate subplots, this is the simm for you.

    We are also very open in the way we run it OOC, so if you have plot ideas, or even ideas for story arcs, feel free to submit them to the CO for consideration. Subplots are up to the individual simmers anyway, so long as they don't interfere with the main plot.

    For your information: Our simm is 15+, so we do allow mild suggestive content, drug use, and violence, and we don't want any junior high school-type drama. If you are found to be younger than 15, you will be removed without chance of appeal.

    We are looking for:

    - Chief Operations Officer
    - Chief Security & Tactical Officer
    - Chief Science Officer
    - Chief Diplomatic Officer
    - Chief Flight Control Officer
    - Fighter Pilots
    - Intelligence Officer (part of Sec/Tac Dept)
    - Strategic Operations Officer (part of Sec/Tac Dept)

    We do NOT incorporate the Starfleet Marines.

    Apply now and you get a virtual, imaginary cookie! :)
  10. Alexandria

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    Aug 20, 2011
    Starbase Majestic is under the Command of Captain Alexandria Taylor. Located on the Borders of Romulan and Klingon space, Starbase Majestic is the center of Science and Medical research in the area. We are equipped with the state of the art technology and if you need help, feel free to call upon us. If you think you have what it takes to be part of this fine base, feel free to apply.

    We are a NOVA based simm and am rated PG-17.

    Positions we are looking to fill are:
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Chief Operations Officer
    Chief Security Officer
    Chief Tactical Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Medical Officer
    Chief Counselor

    We also have civilian positions available.

  11. James Finnigan

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    Sep 11, 2011

    The USS-Magellan is looking for crew. Having just been cleared the Captain and Executive officer still have a few open positions.

    Currently the magellan is in drydock ready to start her system and weapon drills and then will start her assignment on a geological survey.

    The Magellan is an intrepid class ship which uses Nova 1.2. The current openings are:

    Chief Flight control officer
    Originally known as helm, or Flight Control Officer, CONN incorporates two job, Navigation and flight control. A Flight Control Officer must always be present on the bridge of a starship. S/he plots courses, supervises the computers piloting, corrects any flight deviations and pilots the ship manually when needed.

    The Chief Operations Officer
    has the primary responsibility of ensuring that ship functions, such as the use of the lateral sensor array, do not interfere with one and another. S/he must prioritize resource allocations, so that the most critical activities can have every chance of success. If so required, s/he can curtail shipboard functions if s/he thinks they will interfere with the ship's current mission or routine operations.

    The Chief Operations Officer oversees the Operations department, and is a member of the senior staff.

    Chief engineer
    The Chief Engineer is responsible for the condition of all systems and equipment on board a Starfleet ship or facility. S/he oversees maintenance, repairs and upgrades of all equipment. S/he is also responsible for the many repair teams during crisis situations.

    The Chief Engineer is not only the department head but also a senior officer, responsible for all the crew members in her/his department and maintenance of the duty rosters.

    The Chief Strategic Operations Officer
    is responsible for coordinating all Starfleet and allied assets in within their designated area of space, as well as tactical analysis (in the absence of a dedicated tactical department) and intelligence gathering (in the absence of a dedicated intelligence department).

    Chief Counsellor
    Because of their training in psychology, technically the ship's/facility's Counselor is considered part of Starfleet medical. The Counselor is responsible both for advising the Commanding Officer in dealing with other people and races, and in helping crew members with personal, psychological, and emotional problems.

    The Chief Counselor is considered a member of the Senior Staff. S/he is responsible for the crew in his/her department. The Chief Counselor is the Counselor with the highest rank and most experience.

    We also still have almost all assistant department heads positions open.Also a great way to start in starfleet is to try and go through the ranks and join up as an enlsited crewman and learn your job on the ship. So if your interested in a new ship with a new crew then join or if your have been around and want to work your way up then join!. Don't hesitate to sign up*.

    Hope to hear from you,

    Lieutenant James Finnigan
    Executive Officer

    * The Magellan is a part of pegasusfleet. http://www.pegasusfleet.net/. It is possible that you have to attend the academy first.
  12. kbooth

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    Sep 15, 2011
    Alliance Fleet


    Throughout history, few have had the power to control the destiny of their fellow kind. Crew Member, the blood and heartbeat of any vessel skilled hands at a moments notice. Department Head, the backbone of operations on any starship, dedication without hesitation. Commanding Officer, the calm during the storm, sacrifice and fortitude.

    In a time of unsettled disputes and mounting tensions, in an era of exploration and advancements, the vessels and stations of the Federation are the foundation, the men and women who serve within them our guardian angels.

    Alliance Fleet, the front line of the Federation, the break wall holding back the flood. War always looms, soldiers are needed. Discoveries and advancements await, explorers are created. Join the men and women of Alliance Fleet today, and be one of the few who have a say over the destiny of the Federation.

    Join the crews of...
    Deep Space 31, Starbase Sabre, USS Warden, USS Hotspur, USS Tiberius, USS Daemon, USS Ark Royal, Marsia Academy, or the SS Stormbraker.

    Alliance Fleet is also always seeking capable Commanding Officers and Crew.

    For more information about joining Alliance Fleet or one of its SIMs, please visit http://www.alliancefleet.com
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    Sep 15, 2011
    Starbase Sabre

    "Like the General said, this has been a long time coming. I used to serve under him, 12 years ago when he commanded the USS Ranger's Creed, and their mission was the same as your is now. Since I found out that he wa back in action, I've been pushing this through the channels. That time has now come. You all are to become the first of a new breed of solider's and agents of the Federation Council. I know that not everyone here works in OSP, but you all are trusted with secret of what happens here on this station and the real reason this station is here. Officially, you all are known by all as Special Tactics and Reconnaissance, Spectre for short. Now, everyone please rise."

    It was the year of fire... the year of destruction... the year we took back what was ours. It was the year of rebirth... the year of great sadness... the year of pain... and they year of joy. It was a new age. It was the end of history. It was the year everything changed. The year is 2409. The place: Starbase Sabre

    In 2409, the Federation President authorized the formation of a contingent of Elite Special Forces Soliders who answer only to the President of the Federation of Planets. Our missions and our very existence are closely guarded secrets protected by the soldiers themselves. Even our wives cannot not know the truth about our missions and they have secrets of their own. Officially, we are labled as Office of Special Projects (OSP), Project: Sabre. The Sabre is the only ship completely crewed by these Special Operations Operators.
    Starbase Sabre is currently a NOVA based game. We are based on an Immense Class Starbase located right outside the Briar Patch. We send teams out from here, to complete their missions. As a play by Nova simulation we require both an excellent written standard and keen interest in Star Trek and Science Fiction. Please feel free to browse this website and that of our parent Task Force and Fleet

    We strongly emphasize character development and interaction. Most of our players are veterans with years of simm experience, and we are happy to welcome those new to the hobby! Most of our stories are combat driven with some exploration. Our characters are ever mindful that this is an area of great strife and our presence is all that stands between peace and total chaos.

    Looking for all position EXCEPT:
    Commanding Officer
    Executive Officer
    Second Officer
    General's Aid
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Flight Control Officer
    Spec Ops XO
    Chief Sec/Tac Officer
    Sector Chief of Starfleet Medical
    Chief intelligence Officer

    Brigadier General Kal Booth
    Sabre Base, CO
    Alliance Fleet, Chief of Staff
  14. lordleno

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    Apr 24, 2010
    "And now for something completely different."

    Hello, I'm Lieutenant Colonel Frank Gentry

    » The Rangers are Special Ops
    The Starfleet Rangers are a part of Starfleet Command Special Operations Division, located within the former US Military facility at Cheyenne Mountain. The Rangers are made up of small groups of men and woman who form units of teams. Each unit is highly trained, and could be rapidly deployed to wherever they are needed.

    Each member of the unit specializes in specific skills, allowing the team as a whole to engage in a variety of conventional, and unconventional special operations and missions.

    Essential to the Rangers mission is the fact that they can be rapidly deployed from anywhere, to anywhere. This allows the Rangers to provide real time intelligence back to the fleet commanders that allows them virtually unlimited options in the face of fast paced crises across the Galaxy.

    » Rangers In The Beginning
    Shortly after the creation of the Federation in 2161, Starfleet realized there was a need for there to be something to conduct operations that could only be handled by small teams, and would strictly be off the books. While Starfleet Security was adequate at the time to maintain order within the ranks of Starfleet, and while on board the ships of the fleet, and the Marines were capable of fighting off intruders, and in large assaults, there was nothing that could fill the role that they needed. It was decided that in the tradition of the old military establishments, that they would create special operations teams, called Rangers.

    The Rangers were originally created to “range” out ahead of the front line vessels to provide intelligence data back to the fleet. From this position, not only could they provide early warning against possible attacks, but they could also help eliminate targets that could possibly cause great damage to Starfleet ships. They were also used to cover the rear as the starships moved on. In offensive ground operations, they were reconnaissance scouts and guides, locating targets for the marines to take care of when they arrived.

    » The Dominion War
    It was during the Dominion War that the Rangers really shined in a matter of speaking. While before this time the Rangers were used mostly in there traditional roles, as scouts, they were used at times to conduct special operations deep within enemy territory, to eliminate specific targets. During the Dominion War this type of operations increased. Because the Dominion was far more advanced military wise then some of there previous encounters, Starfleet started to do more jump in, take out the target, and jump out sort of missions.

    » Post Dominion War
    After the Dominion War, the Alpha, and Beta, Quadrant powers turned to rebuilding from the damage that they had sustained during the fighting. Because of this, Starfleet returned to there policy of scientific exploration. There wartime ship building, ceased, and was replaced with the building of scientific vessels. With this policy, came the belief that there was no longer a need for the wartime spending in other areas as well, such as Special units. Even though the Rangers had proved themselves time and time again, even before the Dominion War, it was determined since there was no current threat to the Federation, that there numbers would be reduced until there was a need again, if it ever was one. Units were disbanded, and as the philosophy of Starfleet changed, individual members of the remaining units started to be reassigned to different areas.

    But new threats have arisen within the Galaxy, and it is up to the Rangers to once again help Starfleet end those threats to the Federation.

    The 23rd Rangers, known as Striker, is one such unit...
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    Apr 19, 2011
    Are there any good simms available that are for causal posters? Thanks.
  16. Lizzy

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    Sep 17, 2011
    Come Join the USS Sarejevo Today!

    Greetings! I am Commander Sanaa Cytheria of the USS Sarajevo.

    The USS Sarajevo is an Achilles class Starship. She is based in the outskirts of Federation space. Her mission? To keep those who would cause harm away from those who wish to live their peaceful lives within the confines of the Federation.
    Currently, the USS Sarajevo has been sent on an undercover mission to stop a group of aliens known as the Banor, who wish to bring havoc in order to enslave and destroy what the Federation has built for all these years. Peace, tranquility and happiness. Can the Sarajevo make it in time before the Banor become too strong for them to defeat? Or will they arrive to the scene only to find disaster?

    The age rating for the Sarajevo is 17+ due to mature content. We are a NOVA based simm. And we require at least one post a week. Current positions I am trying to fill are:

    Second Officer
    Chief of Security/ Tactical
    Chief Operations Officer
    Chief of Science
    Chief of Intelligence

    Visit us and sign up today! http://sarajevo.semper-exploro.org/index.php

    Thanks for viewing!
  17. David Brennon

    David Brennon Lieutenant Commander Red Shirt

    May 31, 2009
    Watchtower Station, the successor to Task Force Gamma's USS Hartington Simulation, is recruiting Officers, Crew and Civilians for its continued exploration of the Star Trek Universe! Set in 2385, the crew of the USS Hartington find themselves nearly ten years in their future faced with a vastly different and ever-changing universe. The Gamma Quadrant has become a new beachhead for the Federation's continued expansion for resources after the Borg Invasion in Star Trek: Destiny and Watchtower Station is the center of those operations.

    We strive for a diverse crew of Officers, Enlisted personnel, Civilians and non-Federation Aliens to flesh out the stories we're telling, aiming for a deeper storytelling experience in the true vein of Star Trek. One of the goals of Task Force Gamma is to build a strong setting to help build the support structure for the Station and the side-sims such as the Dyson Sphere Research Project, The Federation Marshal Service, the Starfleet Marine Corps and the JAG Team.

    Now in our third year, Task Force Gamma Simulations is a member of the Ninth Fleet, a loose organization of independent minded simmers who put the game first, not fleet politics, giving the gamers control over the game.
    We accept simmers of all experience levels, from veterans in the gaming community to newcomers who've only just discovered simming. If you're willing to play, we will find a place for you!

    We're looking for:

    Watchtower Station

    Judge Advocate
    Support Craft Pilot
    Chief Science Officer
    Science Specialists and Officers
    Civilian Scientists
    Security Specialists and Officers
    Chief Medical Officer
    Medical Officer (M.D.)
    Head Nurse
    Civilian Physicians
    IME (Interspecies Medical Exchange) Physician (May be non-Federation)
    Starfleet Corps of Engineers Team Members
    Federation Envoy
    Deputy Federation Marshal
    Members of the Klingon Delegation (Civilian or Military)
    Members of the Cardassian Delegation (Civilian or Military)
    Members of the Romulan Delegation (Civilian or Military)
    Members of the Ferengi Delegation (Civilian or Military)
    Civilian Residents
    Starfleet Merchant Marine Crew
    Orion Syndicate Operative

    Starfleet Marine Corps, Eigth Division, Second Brigade, First Regiment

    Marines, both Officer and Enlisted

    Dyson Sphere Research Project

    Starfleet Liaison Officer (Second in Command of Dyson Base)
    Chief of Project Operations
    Operations Team Member (Civilian) and Officer (Starfleet)
    Project Security Officer (Starfleet or Marine)
    Science Team Member (Civilian) and Officer (Starfleet)
    Chief of Project Medical (Civilian or Starfleet)
    Medical Team Member (Civilian) or Officer (Starfleet)

    Some positions may only be obtained as secondary posts until more non-standard characters arrive in-game. As our player-base grows we can offer more play time to non-standard characters. As we grow, we will also be looking for players with a fresh outlook on the game to help brainstorm new stories and help tell them. Yes, that means that we're looking for players interested in taking the lead moving forward!

    You can visit our gameplay forums at http://www.taskforcegamma.com/tfgforums to see how we play. To join, visit our Nova site (still under construction) at http://www.taskforcegamma.com/gqstarbase or contact the Commanding Officer at admiraldavidbrennon@taskforcegamma.com for more information!

    We hope to hear from you soon!
  18. Mechanic

    Mechanic Guest



    Mature / PG15+

    Hell's-Gate Station
    Starbase 666
    (Alexandria-Class U.F.P. Outpost/Fleetyard)

    (12 July 2376)


    Formerly known as Empok Nor, Starfleet felt they needed additional early warning / listening posts to serve the A.Q. Alliance. So, Empok Nor was chosen, and towed from the Trivas Sector for refurbishing as the Corps of Engineers newest peacetime pet-project in the Likara Sector. Dominion and Borg detritus helped Starfleet to realize how best to serve its interests. A station built to handle the overflow from DS9, a jumping-off point to the Gamma and Delta Quadrants, and the Federation.

    Also, a headquarters to Starfleet's transport command (circa 2375). Home away from home for tired colonial militias and their suppliers, in addition to supporting a massive hub for restoring confidence in basic civilian tourism throughout the Alpha Quadrant Alliance. The Alexandria-Class features several underslung "Suez Canal-Class" (Nem-type) maintenance berths docked and enveloped within a Nor-Class station's original shield perimeter, allowing for vessels large, medium, and small while enjoying the benefit of a Regula-Class science station's minimal tactical profile and Ournal-Class starbase's facilities and firepower.

    There's a number of roles available.


    RPG Characters Wanted And Available:

    • Maquis / Mercenaries
    • Bordello Operator & "Adult Entertainers"
    • "Katrina's" Nightclub Operator
    • Pets (Dogs, Cats, Other)
    • Civilians / Family Members
    • Starfleet Intelligence
    • Section 31
    • Department Of Temporal Investigations
    • Promenade Merchant
    • Starbase Command Staff
    • Merchant Marines Group
    • Defense (Starship) Fleet
    • Starfighters / Search & Rescue
    • Colony Governor & Staff Members

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  19. Dark Future

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    Oct 24, 2011
    Star Trek - Dark Future.

    Q has seen the end... He has seen something that will annihilate or corrupt the alpha quadrant so drastically that he has made an attempt to start again by heading back through time, giving the races a chance to overcome the coming darkness... Aboard a neutral station known as serenity created by Q most of the alpha quadrant are able to meet and wage a war of words or form alliances or engage in simple banter, but in this Dark Future nothing is like it should be and at some point the Galaxy may have to unite... but against who and on what side the players will take is as yet unknown.

    In this roleplay/strategy game you take control of one of 13 currently available empires. Engage in galactic conquest, colonization and empire building as you expand and meet the races from the Star trek universe. Become a force of starships to be feared or engage in peacekeeping and exploration, perhaps secretive intelligence gathering and sabotage is your empires driving motivation or become a powerful trading empire, whichever they are watch your borders as the other star trek empires are prowling the stars and are controlled by other star trek fans.

    Combined with a forum for roleplaying aboard a Neutral space station known as Serenity, you can discuss galactic events, bribe or intimidate other delegates or engage in any form of roleplay as your races leader or delegate.

    This game is loosely based on the computer game Birth of the federation and is a empire building game. However we are promoting roleplaying of your characters within the forum and we are willing to listen and expand the game based on player interaction and the game while fully operational slight modifications are still underway.

    We hope you will visit this interesting spin on Star trek roleplaying and bring your own unique flavor to its setting.

  20. Unum

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    Feb 9, 2011
    Re: UFOP: StarBase 118, a Star Trek PBEM RPG

    An Interview with Michael Okuda

    I can vividly remember my first Star Trek convention in the late 80s where James Doohan was one of the guest stars. Star Trek: The Next Generation was received by fans as a long-awaited return of the beloved world of Gene Roddenberry to television. Long before Amazon.com or any other online retailers, getting your hands on Star Trek memorabilia was a little more challenging than it is today. You could purchase the items at conventions or through catalogs, and for me, the convention I attended was the first time I’d seen a large manual with a beautiful cover and incredible illustrations inside. That book was titled Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual published by Pocket Books. I’d seen Michael Okuda’s name in the credits of The Next Generation episodes, but I’d never learned much about him. When I purchased the technical manual, my eyes were opened to the genius of Mr. Okuda’s vision of the future and to his major contributions to Star Trek.

    As I read through the manual and saw Mr. Okuda’s name more and more over the years, it became apparent that he was a true pioneer. Along with his wife, Denise, they went on to write numerous Star Trek stories and serve as advisors for the subsequent television series Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. More recently, Mr. Okuda has been involved with the remastering of the original series on DVD to enhance the special effects, as an advisor to the MMORPG Star Trek Online in its initial stages, and designing logos for NASA.

    His most famous contributions to Star Trek include the graphical user interface for the LCARS computer system used on the Enterprise-D and other Starfleet vessels. In appreciation for his contributions in this area, the visual style of the LCARS was named “okudagrams”.

    Want to learn more about Mr. Okuda and his memories of working on Star Trek? Read the Michael Okuda interview at UFOP: Starbase 118.